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A Sun in the Palm of Your Hand | Chapter 3

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Location: Dojo

Hinata: Ah! Welcome back, Tetsu-ku~n ☆

Would you like dinner? Would you like to take a bath? Or would you like me1?

Tetora: Sorry, Hinata-kun. I can’t afford to joke around with you right now

Hinata: Eh~? Boo boo, Tetsu-kun, you can never afford to do anything!

Koga: ....Hinata. Come over here for a second

Hinata: Woah, don’t grab me by the scruff of my neck! What is this~; everyone looks so gloomy, what’s going on? Cheer up!

All right, let me perform an entertaining trick ☆

Koga: Take a hint... There’s something I want you to help with. Come with me; we’ve already boarded this ship2

Hinata: Ooh, Ogami-senpai is using fancy idioms~ ♪

N~.... I’m worried about Tetsu-kun, but it seems like he wants to talk about something important with Kiryu-senpai

So I guess it can’t be helped; I’ll take care of Ogami-senpai ♪

Koga: Yup. You know a martial artist, don’t you? Introduce me to them. I wanna get ready for the “Ryuuousen,” which allows violence

I’m gonna prepare my ultimate moves and stuff by the day of the event ♪

Hinata: By martial artist, do you mean my master at the Chinese restaurant? That person is a kung fu master that I admire, but?

During this time of year, he’s often in poor health, so don’t force him too much, okay~?

He loves looking after children, so he’ll probably cooperate

Koga: Is that so. Then, let’s go; I’ll go talk to that Vampire guy while we’re at it

Judging from his attitude in the Student Council room, shitty glasses seems like he won’t approve the “Ryuuousen,” so~

Let’s have that Vampire guy reason with that hard-headed guy. I don’t like this sort of behind-the-scenes negotiation, but this time, it can’t be helped, right

Hinata: Eh, you’re going to consult Sakuma-senpai? Do Sakuma-senpai and Vice President... Hasumi-senpai get along, or something?

They were enemies during the “S1” in the spring, so I thought they disliked each other~?

Koga: Yeah, I think they get along needlessly well. I forget the reason, but~, the story is that they were friends before they entered this school

While we’re at it, let’s talk to Anzu, and rework the “Ryuuousen” proposal one more time. If the proposal passed through normally, that’d be awesome

Hinata: Understood~. I want to consult Anzu-san about “2wink’s” future, anyway, so....

I want to talk to her lots; though that person is also probably super busy during this period

Koga: That’s the situation, so. I think the “Ryuuousen” will be held properly, so, don’t look so down, all right.... Karate club?

Unless you get fired up, I’m gonna KO you with one punch!

Kuro: Yeah. Sorry for causing you trouble, Ogami. Prepare yourself3; this time, I’ll give it my all for sure

Tetora: ........

Kuro: Now then, Tetsu. Sit down there. I’ll teach you the details of the “Ryuuousen”

Tetora: O, ossu. But taishou~, I might sound like a sissy4, but.... That’s not what’s bothering me

I’m asking why taishou went ahead and made all sorts of plans without saying a word to me

Of course, I’m not taishou’s family member or friend, so I don’t have any right to know absolutely everything, but

You’re being stand-offish, taishou. No, I’m actually kinda shocked

Am I that insignificant to taishou?

Am I a little chick who can only handle things that you’ve already crushed with your teeth, things easy to swallow?

You spoil me, you’re considerate of me, and you treasure me..... But just that makes me lonely

I’m frustrated; of course, I’m still inexperienced, and I’m no match for the incredible taishou, but

I’ve trained hard for a whole year in the Karate club, too!

I think I’ve grown from all sorts of experiences in “Ryuseitai,” too; I don’t want you to treat me like a kid too much, you know....!

Kuro: You’re getting it wrong, Tetsu. Don’t get all riled up and raise your voice; it’s making you look more childish

....No, I’m wrong. It’s true, it’s just as you say

I made light of you, decided that you were still half-fledged, and didn’t share any heavy or bitter things with you

But that’s definitely not because I’m making a fool of you

It’s because you’re important to me, Tetsu. You followed someone like me with all your might, your eyes shining.....

You saved me, and healed my wounds. I didn’t want to cloud that face of yours

I wanted to show off; I didn’t want you to be disappointed in me

But that’s... You’re right, it’s just as you say—I am being stand-offish. You’re always correct, Tetsu

If you’re gonna be troubled and look down regardless of whether or not I tell you.... It’s “better” for me to strengthen my resolve, and tell you everything

But truth be told, I think of you proudly, like you’re my only son

So of course I’m gonna treat you like a kid; I wouldn’t wanna show my pathetic side to my own child

But you’re fully grown man now, aren’t you. You’ll be all right, even if I don’t support you and carry you on my back

I thought I understood that, but you were just so adorable that.... I put it off for this long. I’m a coward, aren’t I

I’m not a man among men; I was the sissy

Tetora: That’s not true. I always admired taishou; you’re my ideal

Kuro: Thanks, Tetsu.... I’m sorry for making you uneasy

Haha. Sitting and chatting idly isn’t our style; since we’re in the dojo, let’s practice. Go change into your karate uniform; I’ll change too

Let’s talk fist-to-fist, like real men. It’ll be good practice for the “Ryuuousen” as well

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1. This is a joke about what newlywed wives say to their husbands who have just come home from work. (Nobody actually says it... I think.) Hinata uses “アタイ” here, which is a feminine pronoun for "me"
2. I used the literal translation of this idiom, as it makes sense with Hinata's response. The meaning is, "we're already involved, so it's too late to turn back"
3. The literal translation of this idiom is, “wash your neck and wait,” a reference to warriors washing their necks before execution
4. We don’t like this word either...but Tetora uses “女々しい,” which contains the character for “woman” and basically means girly, effeminate, etc