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Mine Lady | Chapter 4

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Location: Tori’s house (drawing room)

Tori: Leave it to me. I’ll show Anzu all the ways of a servant

She’s always giving to me, so I want to give back by teaching her ♪

Please, Yuzuru? Let me do what I want, once in a while...?

Yuzuru: H~mm... Well, I suppose it is fine. You might be pouring oil onto the flames, but things might actually work out better this way

Tori: ? What do you mean?

Yuzuru: Do not mind me. This is not your problem

Well then, what should we do.... Do you really intend to do a servant’s work, bocchama?

Tori: Yup. You always seem to have fun, Yuzuru, so I was a little interested

Ehehe. I’m going to serve you lots and lots today... Anzu ♪

Location: Tori’s house (outside)

Eichi: ........

Fufu. Things are getting rather amusing

Yuzuru: I am glad you seem to be enjoying yourself... President-sama

Eichi: Oh. Please don’t approach me from behind like that—I couldn’t sense your presence. It’s a bad habit of yours, Yuzuru. I thought my heart would stop and rise away to heaven from the surprise ♪

Yuzuru: If it bothers you, I will fix it. But only if you will fix your bad habit of making morbid jokes like that, President-sama

Eichi: I guess we’re faced with the same predicament, then. Fufu.... But I’m no longer the Student Council President, so you shouldn’t call me “President-sama”

I’ve retired from my job as president and given the title to Mao

We’ve been through a lot together this past year1. I want you to be frank with me—just call me Eichi

Yuzuru: Then I shall call you Eichi-sama. This might be contemptuous of me, but... I am not in a position where I can treat the heir to the Tenshouin family like a casual friend

Eichi: I understand. But, well, things have certainly taken an unexpected turn

To think that proud Tori would say something like, “I’m going to act like a servant”

That child has also changed quite a bit this past year. He has grown—powerfully, beautifully, and elegantly

Yuzuru: Our bocchama is still a poorly-trained, selfish child

Eichi: You just want to think so, right?

Well, that’s fine... More importantly, could you stop looking on so carefreely and help me out? It seems I’ve stepped on a landmine

Why is there a landmine buried around this mansion? It’s a little too amusing to be a burglary countermeasure, you know?

Yuzuru: ....It is probably his imouto-gimi’s jest. Because she has a weak constitution, she tends to use her wits to push her selfish demands

Eichi: Hm, that reminds me of a certain somebody. Though I never set up the sorts of pranks that would leave behind evidence...

Or rather, I never did anything that couldn’t be laughed off and forgiven

I was a coward, after all. Ah, no matter the era, women are always more brave and cruel than men. I like her—Tori’s imouto-chan

She looks a lot like Tori, so it’s fun watching her—she’s like a “Tori who hates me”

I do want us to get along; after all, considering our social standings... there’s the possibility that we might get engaged

Yuzuru: Fufu. That will never happen; this is not an era for political marriages. Unless there is love, marriage will not be sealed

And imouto-gimi is the last person who would love Eichi-sama. After all, you are the one who distanced her “beloved onii-sama” from the mansion, stealing him away

Eichi: You make me sound like a kidnapper. Tori was the one who admired me and followed me—I wonder if saying something like that is insincere...

I do recall beckoning to him, so I suppose I had it coming

Here we go..... Ah, just as I thought, the landmine is merely for show

Imouto-chan truly loves Tori; she can’t set a trap that would actually kill someone he’s attached to

If I die, Tori will grieve. That’s why imouto-chan can’t kill me. It’s a perfect example of how love can make humans both strong and weak

Yuzuru, can I have this landmine? I want to set it up on Keito’s jogging course ♪

Yuzuru: Feel free to take it. I will keep you updated on the situation, and... I will send you the video I am filming, but if you have any instructions, do inform me

Eichi: Yes. I’ll take good care of the video and preserve it; I’m going to watch it when I’m exhausted from work ♪

Yuzuru: Is that so... Personally, I wish you would avoid such voyeuristic acts of bad taste

We would welcome you as a guest if you would just enter through the front door

Eichi: It’s fine—I’m just killing time. There are things I need to do anyway; I’ll let you deal with Tori and Anzu-chan

First, I’ll go lecture imouto-chan, who’s gone a bit too far

I’m going to climb the tree and approach her window to perform a tryst like Romeo and Juliet ♪

Yuzuru: I am truly glad that you seem to be enjoying yourself exceedingly....

If imouto-gimi happens to kick you down from the widow, I will not be able to help you, so please take responsibility for your actions

Chapter 3 << | index | >> Chapter 5

1. This idiom goes, “we ate from the same bowl/pot/kettle”—we lived close to one another, like family

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