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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Suspicion and Fears - 4

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Location: Secret Room

Rei: I suppose I shall summarize the outline of the “Setsubun Festival” once more

The theme is setsubun, the rank is “S3”.... However, because of several factors, the scale has grown to one greater than a “S2”

The number of participants, the amount of funds, and the popularity of this event are all extraordinary

Well, it falls short of a “S1,” but as a “S3” it should be the greatest.... A festival of an unprecedented scale

You might never see this sort of chaotic merrymaking again

That is why you should get fired up; each and every one of you should be happy and lively

Anyhow. It has been decided that the “Setsubun Festival” will be broadcasted to the entire school as a “In-School TV program”

That is why we won’t just do our usual lives

It is going to include elements from variety shows, so to speak

In this day and age, idols need to do more than just sing and dance to get by

There must be a lot of participants who are interested in such areas, or who want to gain experience in them

If it’s just a live, you will not stand a chance against powerful “units,” but if there are other factors, perhaps....

Looks like we have gathered many lively fellows who think like that—aiming for an upset win

We specified this on the program guide, but let me promise once again. We will give the“Setsubun Festival” victor the right to perform a live on the special stage established on the school grounds

The other participants will enliven the show as back-up dancers or the like

They will become the flowers that color and decorate the grand stage for the victorious champions of the “Setsubun Festival”

Standing in the center, performing a live as the champion of the “Setsubun Festival”.... Do you understand the significance of this?

It means that even those who have been inconspicuous and forgotten can become the protagonists—whether they like it or not

For the oldest students, this should be a good opportunity to bloom brilliantly1 before graduation; meanwhile, for the younger students, this can be a springboard to progress in their activities for the next school year

In other words, this is a perfect opportunity to sell your name and leave real results

Those who have struggled to improve, buried under the shadows of other “units”....

Those who plan to proudly blossom, watching vigilantly for an opportunity....

Hinata: .........

Natsume: .........

Rei: Kukuku. This “Setsubun Festival” is a suitable stage for such hot-blooded fellows

This will be the gateway to success for those who were unable to rise because of unfortunate circumstances

You’re boys, aren’t you; you ought to grasp what you want with your own hands, even if it requires force ♪

However. Everything is more out of line than usual; please, do not lose control.... Be careful, so that you do not hurt yourselves

The proceedings of this “Setsubun Festival” are a little rough, after all

Basically, the “Setsubun Festival” is structured like a variety show. Or rather, what are those called—it’s like... a survival game

No, rather, it’s a game of tag. Child’s play; how delightful ♪

We, the idols participating in the “Setsubun Festival,” will run around the school as “demons2

It’s setsubun, so of course... the other fellows will all throw beans at the “demons”

By the way, the ones throwing the beans are the program staff

It would be sad if fans chased us off by throwing beans at us, and this way, we can better avoid unhappy accidents... you know

Well, they are just beans, so even if they do hit you, you would probably just go “ow!” and that would be it, but

If they hit you in the eye, you might lose your eyesight; there is also the risk of stepping on beans and slipping

We were thorough about safety precautions. So, you should go wild within that reasonable scope

That being said, “demons” are not allowed to attack; all they can do is run around

Within the regulated hours, we, the “demons,” will run around the school

The areas we may enter are strictly limited; basically, places like the idol department building, outside... the school yard and the front of the fountain

We distributed maps to everyone, so please reference those

If you step foot into the areas that are out-of-bounds, you will be disqualified immediately, so be careful

Yumenosaki Academy is spacious; the chances that this large number of “demons” will all be caught is low, but...

Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy; be aware that if you are careless, you will be exterminated

The devices distributed beforehand have this thing called a GPS installed in them, so the staff members have a grasp over the “demons’” locations

It will be tremendously difficult to run away until the end

It is also against the rules to throw away these devices. There are loopholes, but, because I too will be participating in the “Setsubun Festival”....

I won’t easily reveal them to my rivals ♪

By the way, the moment they’re struck by a bean, “demons” will be exorcised by something pure in the fukumame. That is the sort of set-up we have here

The purified “demons” will join the staff side, and become figures who hunt us “demons,” saying “out with demons~”

As time goes by, and more and more “demons” are exterminated.... The number of people chasing after us will also increase; this is the arrangement

It is something like, you know, a zombie film. The defeated will become the enemy; the hunted will become the hunters

Moment by moment, the surviving “demons” will decrease in number and be forced into a corner

Now, this is an important point: there is no way to differentiate between us “demons” and the human staff members

Because we are all wearing this uniform “Setsubun Festival” outfit

You think someone is also a “demon,” casually get close to them, and get struck by beans.... This sort of thing might happen

If you want to survive, the best thing to do is to trust and approach nobody

Participants in the “Setsubun Festival” enter not as “units” but as individuals. Know that you can only trust yourself; you ought to throw away your spoiled and weak feelings

It is the survival of the fittest; the weak will disappear first

In order to obtain the right to perform a showy live—which will help you succeed as an idol...

In order to stand in the spotlight on a grand stage, you must toil

This is a cruel race of survival. Well, you won’t actually die, so you should have fun

Out with the demons, in with fortune. I wonder which of us here will be left standing, embracing happiness within ourselves. I look forward to this; my blood is boiling with excitement for the first time in a while

Suspicion and Fears - 3 << | index | >> Suspicion and Fears - 5

1. The nuance of the phrase "[一]花を咲かせる" is "to crown your career" (it means, "to blossom [once]"), but the flower imagery is definitely intentional, so I kept it this way
2. "Tag" is actually called "oni-gokko" (which means, “demon-play”); in a typical game of "oni-gokko", the person chasing after everyone is called the "oni." This Setsubun game that Rei has planned therefore involves a role-reversal: it combines this "game of tag" with "mamemaki" and makes the "oni" run from the staff members, instead of chasing after everyone

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