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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Suspicion and Fears - 5

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Location: Secret Room

Rei: Goodness gracious.... As the planner of the “Setsubun Festival,” I tried to give a speech and double-check the rules, but. That was exhausting; someone, give me tea

Sora: Here you go! Do you need sugar or milk?

Rei: Oh, black tea, huh. The “Setsubun Festival” has a rather Japanese air, so I wanted something like sencha1, but

Well, there is no use worrying about ambience when the camera is not recording anything

Sora: Do you not like it? Should I prepare a different kind of tea?

Rei: No, no. It is delicious, thank you. There there, I feel like I have a grandchild now; this makes me happy ♪

Sora: HaHa~♪ I will be gentle with grandpas!

Natsume: Don’t get all cozY. The “Setsubun Festival” has already beguN, so don’t you think it’s better for us to move as weLL?

If they intrude on us in such a small rooM, there’s no place to run, so we’ll all be exterminateD

Rei: Now, now, no need to rush.... A game of tag is harsh for a dotard like me; it would be foolish to run out of breath right at the start

We should get a handle on the situation and move when we ought to move

There is a device in this “Secret Room” which emits radio interference

The GPS signals which reveal the “demons’” location to the staff are also blocked, so we should be safe for a while

It seems like we can make calls; for some reason, only the GPS waves seem to be shut out

Actually, to be more precise, they seem to be emitting false information

In any case... It is as if a certain somebody made adjustments so that this room would become a perfect hiding place for the “Setsubun Festival” ♪

Natsume: ThiS is the “loophole” you were talking about earlier, righT, Rei-niisan

I wanted to keep this place a secreT, and hide until time was uP, you knoW

But you intruded, bringing along all those other fellowS, nii-san

If someone from that group gets struck by a bean and becomes a hunter, they will already know about this placE, and could rush iN

What a nuisancE; now I have to remake my planS

Rei: Kukuku. Youngsters should run and run; staying cooped up is bad for your health ♪

Or rather. Sakasaki-kun, you are one of my adorable beloved children, but during this “Setsubun Festival,” we are rivals

It is natural for us to crush each other’s plans, you should take pains so that only you yourself will survive

Don’t just complain; exercise your mind with the intent to cut off my head as I sleep2

Natsume: I don’t want to fight against my “Five Oddballs” nii-san, thougH. I can’t wiN, and it’s no fun if I can’t wiN~.... But, finE, if I’m going to do it, I’ll get seriouS

We will never go easY; not even when it’s a gamE. Isn’t that righT, Sora?

Sora: HiHi~♪ Yes, that’s the way of the gaming club, right~?

Natsume: HhM, we are entering the “Setsubun Festival” as individuals...

But the reward is a performance on the grand stage at the very enD. The victor may decide the contents of the performance on their own

So, if either Sora or I wiN, we can say something likE, “We invited our ‘unit’ members to perform as guests~”

Therefore, only one of us needs to survive until the enD

Let’s coordinate our actionS, Sora

The other lot will probably fight alone, like idiots, without looking into the loopholes in the rules, sO..... The two of us observing them are at an advantagE

Sora: HuHu~? Of course, Sora is always together with shisho3~♪

But. If that’s the case, senpai should have also entered with us~?

Natsume: N~. That thing is sluggish, thougH, so he’s only going to get in our waY~..... Senpai is a third year, after aLL, and it seems like he’s busy because of his career planS

But if we do wiN, I’ll have him stand on the prize stage, even if I have to force hiM

There probably won’t be that many opportunities to do a live together before senpai graduateS

....I’m not thinking something likE, if we win the “Setsubun Festival” and stand on the stagE, it will improve senpai’s school conduct report, putting him at an advantage for career advancement after graduation~, or anything, you know?

Don’t misunderstand me, okaY?

Sora: Yes, it would be nice if we could all do a live together~? I’m looking forward to it ♪

Natsume: Yes

....Well theN, we will temporarily movE. This “Secret Room” is no longer safe thanks to nii-san, so we should change our headquarters to a different hiding placE

Rei: Kukuku. It is the same no matter where you hide; if it’s about Yumenosaki Academy, I know everything, after all ♪

Natsume: Don’t take me too lightlY, still treating me like a chilD... I will play intending to wiN, so, nii-san, you should also give it your all, without going easy on uS

Rei: I understand. Yes, Sakasaki-kun looks gentle, but he’s surprisingly quite determined. That’s how boys should think4; how adorable ♪

...Now then. What are you going to do, Hinata-kun?

Hinata: .........

Rei: I am repeating myself, but: this time, participants enter as individuals. We are in the same Light Music Club, but there is no need for you to move around with me

Do as you please, because nobody will stop you

Hinata: U~mu. Even if you ask, “what are you going to do,” I don’t know what I’m supposed to do... I was only told by Sakuma-senpai, “Let’s enter the ‘Setsubun Festival’ together ♪”

Rather, what do you want me to do~? Actually, why just me? I assumed I would be together with Yuuta-kun~?

Rei: That is my line, you know. What is going on with you two.... Lately, you look like you’re in pieces5

You were so close that the two of you seemed like a single living entity

Now, the wheels of the machine aren’t just out of sync; they are creaking, cracking, and destroying each other.....

I do not want to get overly involved, but I cannot stand to watch you [when things are this bad]

If you are troubled, at least consult me

Hinata: No.... Recently, everyone is saying that, but really, we’re completely fine~

“2wink” is in unbelievably great shape; it’s like all our hard work6 is paying off

It’s true that with Yuuta-kun... Lately, we haven’t been able to talk much, but

Rei: Hm. Your success as an idol and your personal fortune are not properly linked together

That is the cause of your disharmony; though, I am partially to blame for leaving things alone until they got this twisted

I am inattentive7 when it comes to understanding human hearts, but this is no time to be saying such things

I suppose I will get off my heavy backside, and, like a senpai.... Like a captain8, perform some unnecessary nosy business9

I refuse to weep pitifully while embracing the ruins of something beloved after everything is over

It is the way of the world that history repeats itself, but nobody wishes for the revival of a tragedy

Hinata: .......?

Suspicion and Fears - 4 << | index | >> Suspicion and Fears - 6

1. Sencha is a type of Japanese green tea
2. This is literally translated; the meaning of the phrase is to catch someone by surprise or play dirty
3. “ししょ〜” = “師匠” = “master;” I left it like this because shisho~ sounds so cute
4. He literally says “you’re a boy,” but that doesn’t make much sense in English
5. "バラバラ" = scattered, in pieces, apart, not coordinated
6. "下積み" = literally, work at the lowest strata; the twins, especially Hinata, do a lot of this (e.g. Kung Fu gacha, Street Live), but he's also likely referring to their on-stage performances where they aren't the main attraction (main story, Circus, etc.)
7. Rei says he is “a lazy student”
8. “Buchou” of the Light Music Club
9. “余計な世話” = translated fairly literally here; you usually say this to someone when they go out of their way to do something for you that you don't particularly appreciate

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