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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Deep Love - 4

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Location: Rooftop

Hinata: ..........

Yuuta: Wheeze wheeze, huff puff! I-I finally found you, aniki~!

Hinata: Oh, Yuuta-kun! Hey there~♪ How did you know I was here? Supernatural powers?

Yuuta: There’s no way I could use supernatural powers!

Sakuma-senpai told me~; that person was hit by beans, so now he’s on the staff side

Hinata: Ah, so Sakuma-senpai was defeated, after all... He sacrificed himself so that I could escape, huh; rest in peace

Yuuta: He’s not actually dead, okay. But it seems like he was damaged pretty badly, so he’s resting in the infirmary now

So it’s a mystery as to why he knew where aniki was

Hinata: N~.... Maybe Sora-kun was also hit by beans and joined the staff side?

I was moving around with that child till a moment ago, so~ he knew where I was

Aside from us, everyone else was pretty much already defeated, and there were an incredible number of pursuers, so.....

Our plan was to part ways and scatter the enemy. But I guess Sora-kun wasn’t able to run away

Sora-kun has ties to Sakasaki-senpai, and Sakasaki-senpai is, like Sakuma-senpai, one of the “Five Oddballs”

He must have spread information to his associates; that’s why Sakuma-senpai had an idea of where I was

Yuuta: That’s fine and all, aniki, but don’t move! Aniki, you’re chatting leisurely, but you’re sitting on top of the fence meant to prevent people from falling!?

If a strong wind blows and you lose your balance, you’re going to fall headfirst to the ground! What are you thinking; treasure yourself more!

Hinata: Ahaha~♪ You’re worried about me, Yuuta-kun. We’re very similar, but Yuuta-kun and I aren’t the same “me, myself”

Even if I get hurt or die, Yuuta-kun won’t feel a scratch, right?

Yuuta: Even if we aren’t the same person, we’re siblings; is it that weird to worry about your own family!? Don’t laugh so casually; it’s infuriating, always, always....!

Hinata: “Always”? Now that you mention it, this sort of thing happened before, didn’t it.....

Was it around summertime—we plotted something like a test of courage at school~

Yuuta-kun, you were half-crying as you wailed, “Aniki~!” and came running to the rooftop. Geez, you’re always such a child

No. That’s not all; you’ve been that way since long ago

No matter where I go, Yuuta-kun, crying, comes looking for me with all his might, and finds me

It’s always been like “that”; maybe that’s why I assume it will definitely be “that” way, at any time

But this time, Yuuta-kun is having quite a bit of trouble arriving at where I am

We’ve never been apart for this long, or should I say.... We’ve never acted separately for this long, after all, Yuuta-kun

Even though we always seemed like a two-in-one creature

But, you know, were there any problems? Even if we weren’t two in one, things went surprisingly smoothly, right?

Because we’re skillful, capable of everything, and more outstanding than everyone else

Of course, there’s always someone better. I came to realize that after entering this Yumenosaki Academy

But so long as we don’t aim higher, even people at our level can become pretty happy

Mother gave birth to us in that kind of a gentle, peaceful, happy world

Protecting ourselves from the evils of society, giving it our all to survive.... All the techniques that we learned allow us to live long in any kind of environment

Because their necks are long, giraffes can reach leaves in high places... they can eat their food

Because they could consume the nutrients necessary to survival, they didn’t go extinct

Those with short necks died. They then went extinct

Creatures that fail to adapt to their environment—to the world—go extinct. Only those fortunate enough to evolve can become citizens of this world

Yuuta: Um, what are you talking about? Giraffes are irrelevant right now, aren’t they?

Hinata: ....Unlike ordinary giraffes in this common era, our necks were short

Eerie atavisms; different from others. Father also called us creepy, didn’t he

But we—just the two of us in this world—gave each other food, cuddled close, warmed each other, and survived

We trained our bodies, learned techniques for survival, and grew to this age

But. Even if it’s strong, even if it survives—that [thing] is no longer a giraffe

It’s unnatural—something that couldn’t evolve, but somehow survived—an enigmatic entity

Unless we slaughter all of the other “normal giraffes,” we can’t become “normal giraffes”

We’re mutations, deformities, creatures that cannot really be understood

We tried our hardest to act like normal creatures, like we’re the same as everyone else, but....

You know, we really are fundamentally different from “everyone else”

That’s why it hurts this much. We do the same things as everyone else, and society praises us for it, but.....

They say, “You’re happy, aren’t you, congratulations, we’re jealous,” but

I’m not happy at all.... It hurts, I’m sad, it’s hard, and I hate it

Sora-kun asked me, “Are you happy?” but. I can’t lie to that child... I couldn’t say, “I’m happy”

Because I’m not happy in the slightest, not at all

I wonder why? Is something wrong with me, after all?

Teach me, Yuuta-kun. Even if nobody else understands, Yuuta-kun must understand

Because Yuuta-kun and I are “rare creatures”—only two of us exist in this world

Yuuta: .....Hinata-kun

Hinata: Eh? Ah, yes, this is Hinata-ku~n?

Wh-why did you call my name so suddenly? You surprised me~, you usually call me “aniki,” don’t you?

Yuuta: It doesn’t matter, right? Since we don’t know who’s the older brother and who’s the younger one anyway.... Can I come closer? I won’t throw beans at you

Hinata: Eh~..... I want to be at a distance where I can avoid beans if you throw them, just in case

Because if we can survive this “Setsubun Festival,” if we can win this, we can stand on a really grand stage, you know

If you care for “2wink,” Yuuta-kun has no choice but to let me go

You can’t throw beans at me; you can calculate that much, right.... “Onii-chan”?

Deep Love - 3 << | index | >> Deep Love - 5

Note: “麒麟児,” “Kirin-ji,” is a word used to describe children who show immense talent at a young age; talented prodigies. The “麒麟” part of the word in this case refers to the Qilin, a mythical creature.... But you know how Akira loves puns: “Qilin” in Japanese is pronounced the same as “kirin”—giraffe.

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