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A Sun in the Palm of Your Hand | Chapter 1

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Location: Game Center

Tetora: Muh, mugugugugu...!?

Hinata: There, is that all you’ve got! You’re running out of energy~, is defending yourself all that you can manage!?

Tetsu-kun is a strong child, right; if you’re a boy, retaliate!

Tetora: Uga~h! Aah, geez, stop running around so restlessly!

Hinata: Hey now, don’t hit the machine! Look, it says on that poster that if you punch the machine, you’ll be banned?

Tetora: Uu, uuu~....?

Hinata: Now’s my cha~nce! You idiot; it’s a suicidal move to avert your eyes during a match, Tetsu-kun! This is the final blow, dieeeeee.....☆

Tetora: Aa~h, aa~....!? A KO loss! Agh, why can’t I win?

Hinata: Hohoho ♪ You aren’t focused enough, you novice; also, Tetsu-kun, you’re basically clumsy, so you tend to push the wrong buttons, you know?

I’m super skilled at catching people off-guard when they make mistakes ♪

Tetora: Uu~, I’m frustrated! I’m no good when there’s a clutter of buttons; I am good at whack-a-mole, though?

Also, if we’re actually fighting, instead of playing fighting games, I definitely won’t lose to Hinata-kun!

Hinata: I wonder~? I’m pretty strong at fighting, too? Well, I can’t imagine fighting Tetsu-kun, who belongs to the Karate club, upfront, though ♪

More importantly, Tetsu-kun, you lost, so go buy me some juice ♪ There, go on, no~w, make it a sweet one, please!

Tetora: Woah, please don’t throw the coins. Hinata-kun, you actually have pretty poor manners....

Martial arts begin and end with a bow, you know, geez

Hinata: We’re not talking about martial arts, but fighting games~; winners are winners ☆

Tetora: Well, that is also true....

Next time, I want to challenge you to a different game; I’m not really used to playing, so my eyes are getting all “dry1

Hinata: Sure thing~, if it’s Tetsu-kun, I guess you’d like a game that involves moving your body? Do you want to play a dance game?

I’ll go ahead, pick one that seems fun, and start playing, so hurry and buy me some juice, okay ♪

Tetora: Ye~ssir. Uum, the vending machine is~....?

Koga: ...........

Tetora: Huh? Ogami-senpai, chi~ssu2!

Koga: Oh? Ah, it’s you; what are you doing at a place like this?

Tetora: That’s my line~. I have today off, so I’m playing at the game center. “Ryuseitai” just finished a job, so we’re in our resting period

Is it the same for you, Ogami-senpai?

Koga: No, I have a job after this. We often perform lives around midnight at an underground stage in this neighborhood, but

There were no club activities today, so I have some extra time

I just wa~ndered into the game center to kill some time before the live

But I’m no good with these sorts of places.... It’s frickin’ loud; my ears are gonna go numb. Do they allow smoking here? The air ki~nda smells like smoke

Hinata: Oh my~, Tetsu-kun is getting harassed by a delinquent ♪

Tetsu-kun, leave this guy to me, and run! Come on, you thug! Hiyah~☆

Koga: Hey there, Hinata. Don’t be all playful, you’re such a pain~.... You guys were hanging out together, huh; you get along, don’t you?

Hinata: We’re in the same class, after all; Tetsu-kun and I some~how really get along ♪

Koga: That so. ...Take good care of your friends, Hinata

Hinata: Ahaha! This is amusing; Ogami-senpai is acting like a senpai~♪

Koga: Haah? You got a problem with that..... I am your senpai from the same club; show some respect, you bastard3!

Hinata: Gya~h!? Stop, don’t rub my head4 like that!

Koga: Anyway. You’re not with Yuuta today? Lately, you guys have really been moving around separately, huh?

Are you sti~ll fighting? It seemed like that Vampire guy showed some extra-nosy concern during the “Setsubun Festival,” so....

I thought you were all right, but [was I wrong]?

Hinata: No, I don’t think we’re fighting....? We’re still a little unstable, but we’re both kind of looking around and trying to figure out what the best shape for us is?

Koga: Hmm..... Well, I won’t butt in about familial problems, but if anything comes up, ask me for help

Everyone needs to stop dumping their problems on just that Vampire guy

More importantly. Oi, Tetsu-kun is it all right for you to be wasting time at a place like this?

Tetora: Hmm? What do you mean? I said this earlier, but we “Ryuseitai” have the day off...?

Koga: Huh? N~... Judging from your words, it seems like you’re not involved with “that” thing?

I assumed you planned it this time too?

Tetora: Huh? What’s “that”?

Actually, I’m not the leader of “Ryuseitai” yet, so I’m not in a position to submit DreamFes proposals, like for the “S3,” you know?

Koga: No, “that” thing won’t pass as an official DreamFes. It’s probably gonna be a “B1,” like last time

Tetora: No, so, what in the world is “that”.....?

Koga: The “Ryuuousen5,” you know

You’re gonna do it again, aren’t you? The one held in the springtime was interrupted by the Student Council, so...

You’re gonna hold it again to decide the winner of that fight—this time, for real, right?

The Karate club manages the “Ryuuousen.” Have you really not heard anything from the “Taishou-san of the Monkey Mountain6” of yours?

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1. Actually, his “dry eyes” are “blinking repeatedly”; “pashi-pashi” is the onomatopoeia for blinking
2. “Chi~ssu” is Tetora's characteristic way of saying “hello”
3. “Bastard”: there's really no equivalent to what Koga calls Hinata in English, so the translation probably comes off as a little more rude than intended. “Kono yarou” mostly means “you (this dude)”
4. “Guriguri” is the sound of Koga rubbing his knuckles on Hinata’s head—in other words, a noogie
5. You may have seen “Ryuuousen” translated as “Dragon King Competition”
6. “Saruyama no taishou,” likely a play on “king of the mountain” using “taishou,” which is what Tetora calls Kuro

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