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A Sun in the Palm of Your Hand | Chapter 2

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Location: Student Council Room

Kuro: Is that a no, no matter what, Hasumi-no-danna?

Keito: It’s a no. I can’t acknowledge the “Ryuuousen” as an official DreamFes. It seems you’ve reworked the proposal several times, with Anzu’s help, too, but

Upon checking and evaluating the contents, I can’t say anything but “no.” It’s unfortunate, but that’s my answer

You probably know this, but I don’t spoil people just because we’re associates

Kuro: I understand. But, is that really a no..... danna. I’ll be cautious about safety; we’ll definitely avoid accidents

Keito: You say “definitely,” but are there any grounds for that? I’m telling you to show me, Kiryu. As of now, what you’re saying is nothing but wishful thinking

I can’t acknowledge the basic concept of the “Ryuuousen,” which approves of violent acts, and allows idols to physically fight each other on stage

It’s too late for regret after there’s an accident, Kiryu

Rather, I have a question: why are you so attached to something like the “Ryuuousen” now?

That is one of the dark spots of Yumenosaki Academy’s history; if you touch it thoughtlessly, you might as well be picking up chestnuts in a fire1

I won’t tell you to forget and entomb everything in darkness. Nothing will be resolved like that. But there should be no need for you to bear this cross upon your back, and have stones thrown at you

.....I don’t want to see you get hurt, Kiryu

Kuro: I know. That’s why you interrupted the “Ryuuousen” that we held in the spring, right?

At the time, I thought you were just meddling, but now, I understand why you did it, and I’m grateful

We’re close to graduating; if I cause a problem now... I’ll be troubling both you and “Akatsuki.” But I promise I won’t cause trouble

Please trust me; once a man makes a promise, he keeps it. I’m begging you, Hasumi

The “Ryuuousen” held in the spring was one that Tetsu had planned

Around that time, he’d failed the entrance examination for “Akatsuki,” and was feeling pretty let down....

Seems like he’d never experienced failure until then; it must’ve shocked him a lot

Yet, his eyes were shining for the first time in a while

When he said, “There’s something like the ‘Ryuuousen’? Taishou, why didn’t you tell me~!” He was all excited, like an idiot

If the “Ryuuousen” had succeeded, he would have been able to move forward, past his setback

I think he would’ve been able to stand prouder, after experiencing success

Thanks to Morisawa and everyone else, he’s growing up properly and healthily

But he tripped on his first step, and it took time for him to get back up; I feel like I made him take an unnecessarily roundabout path

I’ve always regretted that

Before I graduate, I want him to bury the memory of that mistake with something more sparkling. It’s a selfish wish of mine—no, it’s my regret, isn’t it

The “Ryuuousen” is part of a dark history; it’s a crime that we committed. But it’s about time I tell him what truly happened

If it’s the current him, I’m sure he’ll accept it

Keito: ....No. No matter how many times you ask, I’ll say “no.” That’s the end of this conversation, Kiryu. Anyhow, I’d like to consult you about the upcoming “Repayment Fes”

Kuro: I can’t think about two things at once. You know that, don’t you—I’m stupid, after all

Keito: If you were merely a vulgar “blockhead,” I would never have made you my associate

....If we could have been thoughtless idiots, we probably both would’ve spent more peaceful days

You won’t listen to me; so you’re probably going to hold the “Ryuuousen” as a “B1,” but....

I’m in a position where I can’t ignore that; I’ll stop you, no matter what. Even if you resent me for it

Kuro: I won’t say I’ve never resented you

But if you were nothing but a hard-headed, overly serious glasses dude, we wouldn’t have managed to hang out for this long

Koga: Shitty glasses! You here? There’s something I wanna ask you about~?

Keito: Ogami... What is this, all of a sudden. You’re noisy

Koga: Haah? Oh, excuuuuuse me; the Vice President is a goody-two-shoes as always!

What’s wrong with being loud; rock ’n’ roll is all about making the world shake at max volume....!

Keito: They say that weak dogs bark the most

I’ve given up on fixing that foul mouth of yours; it’s probably impossible. But I cannot overlook the expression “shitty glasses”

Don’t add the word “shitty” to “glasses.” Fools who insult glasses are antagonizing half the human race

Koga: Glasses, glasses, you’re so nois~y! If you love glasses that much, then get married to them!

Keito: I decided that they were my partner for life a long time ago

Tetora: Um~......? I heard that taishou was here, but?

Kuro: Tetsu. Um, you have business with me?

Tetora: Yes..... Taishou didn’t show up at club practice, so I asked Ogami-senpai to track your scent

Ogami-senpai agreed to help, because it’s relevant to him as well

Kuro: ....Could it be related to the “Ryuuousen”?

Tetora: Ossu2. Yesterday, I happened to meet Ogami-senpai at the game center... and heard that we were holding the “Ryuuousen” again

I couldn’t understand what was going on, and.... I’m confused. Why didn’t taishou tell me about it?

I can’t be satisfied until you explain yourself to me

Kuro: ...Is that so. Of course that makes sense

Then, for now, let’s get out of here

We’re gonna talk about things we wouldn’t want others to hear; also, it’d be bad to get in the way of “Vice President-san’s” work, you know

Chapter 1 << | index | >> Chapter 3

1. “Picking up chestnuts in a fire” means to put yourself in unnecessary danger
2. “Ossu” is Tetora’s affirmative statement, often used among sports club members

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