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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Epilogue - 2

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Location: Setsubun Stage

Sora: HaHa~, making sweets is fun~♪ Hina-chan often teaches Sora when we make sweets together, so I’m good at it!

Mao: Hina-chan.... Oh, Hinata-kun; where is he, and what’s he doing right now?

Natsume: That’s a stupid questioN. That child won the “Setsubun Festival”; or rather, he survived till the end, sO.....

He should be changing into his outfiT, and preparing to get on stagE

It really does seem like “2wink’s” popularity is growinG. Apparently, a great number of fans who heard about the performance have flocked herE

Mao: ....I wonder if it’s better to avoid telling those fans about the concerns that we’re planning to air on the “In-School TV Program”

It’s a bit of a vivid tale, after all

Natsume: They’ll probably find out one daY; in this common era, with the internet flourishing, you can’t put a door on human mouthS1

I wouldn’t recommend telling them, thougH; for now, it’s best to keep it within the schooL

If they’re fans of “2wink,” it means they love them as twinS, righT?

Their synchronized performancE; their mystique as identical twins who cannot be distinguished from each otheR

But the concerns they revealed todaY.... Were sensitive2 issues, including familial discorD

If their fans find out, they’ll be shockeD; perhaps even disillusioneD

They aren’t mysterious, adorable, fairy-like beingS; they’re humans, who were worried, got lost, hurt one another, and walked their lives covered in blooD

They shouldn’t spill that blood upon their fanS

They should show only their idolized imagE; only the sparkling partS

The times might not call for iT, but those two would dislike being seen as “eerie creatures,” righT

Well, it’s not my job to decide how much information should be revealeD. This will test your capabilitY, “Producer”-chan

A complex and bizarre equation

What kind of answer will you produce? ....I look forward to watching over it

Feel free to call whenever you are in need of a magician ♪

....See yoU; I have to be on stage, so I’ll be leaving noW. Come herE, Sora ♪

Sora: Yes! When leaving, you give the appropriate greeting! BYE-BYE~♪

Mao: Bye by~e..... Huh, those guys are going to stand on stage, too?

Ah, I see. Those who participated in the “Setsubun Festival” but dropped out mid-way are supposed to be back-up dancers for the victors, right?

They also have to change and dance on stage

Eh? What’s that, Anzu? Huh.... Harukawa also quietly survived without getting hit by beans?

He pretended he was hit, mixed in with the staff members, and made his way out of trouble?

And Sakasaki fooled those around them so that nobody would suspect him. They really are good

That’s why Harukawa can also wear an exclusive uniform, and perform on stage as a main actor, huh

Oh.... His senpai from “Switch” are also going to wear matching uniforms and dance and sing with him, because it’s lonely to perform alone?

So they’re not just back-up dancers; I guess they also count as winners?

Seems like they got all the good parts. No, Sakasaki must have worked out all sorts of schemes so that things would turn out this way

For some reason, he seems to see me as a rival, but. He’s sti~ll one step ahead of me

Our grade is full of guys like him, so....... Even after I become the Student Council President, things probably won’t sail smoothly

That’s fine, though. Actually, it makes me excited; like, please look forward to next school year’s Yumenosaki Academy as well ♪

Hhmph. It’s boring to just watch the whole time; I want to jump in and dance on stage as an unofficial participant, but....

I can’t let myself do that; rules have to be followed

There’s also still a mountain-load of work left. Let’s process it efficiently as usual, Anzu ♪

Epilogue - 1 << | index | >> Epilogue - 3

1. In other words, “People will talk”
2. Natsume says “naive” in katakana, but because the borrowed word can be used differently in Japanese than in English, I chose “sensitive”

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