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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Epilogue - 3

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Location: Setsubun Stage

Yuuta: Hey, so..... Why do I have to change outfits as well?

Actually, what is this outfit for? It’s gorgeous, but doesn’t seem really setsubun-like, you know?

Hinata: Hm, it’s apparently a “plum spirit”! Another setsubun motif~; it’s not just demons and beans, huh? We learned something new ♪

Yuuta: We somehow get to wear a lot of fantastical outfits like this one, don’t we....

Well, mystique is “2wink’s” selling point, so it’s fine

More importantly, I was completely on the staff side, so I haven’t practiced for the live or anything

From what I heard, our outfits are different, but the songs are the same, so.... Things should be fine, but

We wind up doing things without rehearsal all the time... spare me that next time, okay, aniki?

Hinata: Oh, you’re back to calling me “aniki”.... It was kinda refreshing and fun to be called “Hinata-kun”

How disappointing~, “onii-chan” is so mean!

Yuuta: Old habits die hard, “Hinata-kun.” No matter how skillful we are

Hinata: That’s true. Well, let’s slowly... one by one, overcome our trials

First step: let’s joyfully and beautifully carry out our performance on this “Setsubun Festival” stage ♪

“2wink” is a unit that’s complete when Yuuta-kun and I are both here, so... It’s probably a pain, but stand on stage with me, okay?

Yuuta: It’s not a pain. I prefer dancing and singing on stage as an idol over “part time jobs at school”

Because so long as we’re on stage, nobody looks at us strangely

No. It’s because we’re strange that people like us; it’s a mysterious place to belong, and I’m grateful for it. I hope the two of us can stand in this place forever

Hinata: If you wish it, then I will be here forever, Yuuta-kun

Yuuta: Then that means we’ll be here until the world ends, Hinata-kun

Rei: Fufu. They get along well; I am envious. We should have that sort of conversation, too, Ritsu

“We’ll be together forever ♪” “I love you ♪”; that sort of thing—how about it?

Ritsu: Could you either shut your mouth or die~......?

You know, I have a job with “Knights” after this. There’s still a bit of time, but I don’t want to tire myself out for no reason before a live

Rei: Don’t say that. You made all sorts of efforts for the sake of my beloved children today, so.....

This is your reward; let us wear gorgeous outfits and dance and sing upon the grand stage ♪

Ritsu: It’s not a reward at all...... What a pain....

Can I advertise for “Knights’” live after this, then; that way, there will at least be a reason to stand on stage

Rei: Do not ask me. The leading role of this stage belongs to Hinata-kun.... No, to “2wink,” so

How about it, Hinata-kun? Would it be OK to advertise?

Actually, was it all right for me to stand on stage, too?

As you know, Ritsu knocked me out of the competition lovingly with a machine-gunning from a heavy firearm~?

Hinata: Of course. Please, sing together with us.... Sakuma-senpai

Yuuta: Yes, yes. This time, it seems like you really arranged everything for our sake, so.....

We want to repay you; truly, thank you very much

Epilogue - 2 << | index | >> Epilogue - 4

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