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A Sun in the Palm of Your Hand | Chapter 6

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Location: Outdoor Stage

Hinata: Anzu-sa~n, this way, this way ♪

Hello! Today’s the day of the “Ryuuousen”; did you come to watch too, Anzu-san?

Or did you come to supervise the site as the “producer”?

In the end, it seems like the “Ryuuousen” proposal didn’t pass~

But that’s no surprise; it’s a rough DreamFes, after all. It’d be troublesome if someone got hurt

There’s almost no reason to host an unofficial battle during this awkward time of year, right before graduation

If you think about it logically, it’s absolute nonse~nse ♪

But. I want to cheer them on; if our senpai have regrets, they can’t graduate satisfied

A bird taking flight doesn’t dirty the water1; we want them to resolve their regrets before they leave the nest, right?

Kiryu-senpai is risking his position to leave something behind for us—his kouhai. Just like Sakuma-senpai during the “Setsubun Festival”

Then, I want to properly accept that. Well, this time, I’m not really involved, or rather, I’m a third party—a lighthearted position, but

Yep. This time, I’m the “moderator” for this “Ryuuousen

I’m gonna keep my distance, so I won’t get involved in the fighting, and I’ll liven up the atmosphere so it’ll be entertaining and funny~♪

It’s almost the “Chocolat Fes,” after all

A huge event, which pretty much every “unit” in Yumenosaki Academy takes part in.... I don’t want to get hurt because of a fight before that

Yup. I’m having Yuuta-kun deal with that side of things

“Chocolat Fes” preparation is in its final stages now, right? We’re busy with procedures and stuff, so

We’re also doing lessons separately. Actually, lately, we’re always acting separately

But when we get home, we share and bounce our ideas off of each other

What each of us experienced and practiced—those sorts of things

Of course, we also make sure to stay in touch throughout the day using our smartphones—just like you told us, Anzu-san. So we know where the other is, and what they’re doing

Things are still a little awkward, but... This distance feels surprisingly “just right”

If we always try to be together, we’ll bump into each other, and wear each other down

Fufu. This is ki~nd of like a married couple, isn’t it.....♪

Woah, don’t pat my head~.... Huh, “if something is bothering you, consult me”~?

I understand. Make use of anybody at hand—even if they’re your parents. I’ll take full advantage of your help, “Producer”-san ♪

Koga: .........

Hinata: Hm? Ah, “Ogami-senpai looks worn out, but what happened?” H~m, well, we were training at my master’s place until today, but~?

Ogami-senpai is a serious guy, so it seems like he didn’t take a break from “UNDEAD’s” work—or take it easy, either

He trained on top of that, so he’s probably exhausted from it all, you know?

I think he’s getting his priorities wrong if he’s worn out before getting on stage, though.... My, my, you’re still inexperienced, hohoho ♪

Koga: You’re noi~sy.... I wanna recover before the real thing, even if it’s just a little, so don’t go yapping around next to me

When my surroundings are hectic, it makes my nerves all “irritated,” so I don’t feel at rest

Hm? Yup, hello... Anzu. I get it, I won’t force myself, so don’t worry. I trained so that I wouldn’t get hurt, after all

Stay far away from the stage during the “Ryuuousen.” You don’t know what kinda accidents might happen—also, it’s not something a girl would really enjoy watching, right?

Yup. Whatever you do, don’t get in the way. We’re gonna be punching each other with adrenaline at full-throttle—we don’t know what we might do when we’re all riled up

You don’t wanna get stepped on again, do you?

Hm? “It’s fine. This time, I’ll dodge”? Haha, you also got pretty strong....♪

Tetora: Ossu! Please take care of me today!

Koga: Oh. Hey, Tetsu-kun, you showed up all proper. Wearing your karate uniform and all.... Are you going to enter the “Ryuuousen” as well?

Hinata: Nn? Is that so, Tetsu-kun?

Tetora: Ossu. That is what I’m planning to do. To be honest, I’m still a little hesitant—or should I say, I’m confused, but. I’m no good at worrying about this and that, so

I’m going to lay my heart bare on my fist, and strike taishou with it. And I hope that will let me grasp something... that’s the plan

I feel like taishou will get mad at me, saying, “don’t act so spoiled,” but

Hinata: Wait, but, the “Ryuuousen” is an individual match, right?

I thought Ogami-senpai and Kiryu-senpai were going to fight a one-on-one, just like they did in the competition in spring~?

Koga: Haha, we can fight a tag battle, too. The two of you—the Karate club—should fight us; I’ll pair up with Hinata

Judging from our training, this guy seems like he can fight, too

Hinata: Eh~? I’m the moderator, you know

Actually, saying, “we’re gonna do a tag battle~” at the last minute is just troublesome. There are procedures, Ogami-senpai

Well, it’s a field battle with no need for rules, so “anything goes,” but

Tetora: No, there’s no point in doing things that way. If I pair up with taishou, he’s just going to spoil me and distance himself again

I’ll end up protected by taishou, without suffering a single scratch

If the “Ryuuousen” has to be an individual match, no matter what.....

Then, I’ll knock down Ogami-senpai before the real match begins, and grab the right to enter

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1. This is a saying that means, “you shouldn't leave a mess when you're departing”—just as the water after a bird takes flight is clean. I left it this way because Hinata says “leave the nest” (meaning “go into the world”) in the second half of the sentence.