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A Sun in the Palm of Your Hand | Epilogue 1

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Location: Outdoor stage

Hinata: “Bow to the altar1! Bow to each other!

Get ready, get ready~! Hakkeyoi, nokotta2

Now now, the “Ryuuousen” has begun! It’s almost Valentine’s day, and yet, here we have a fight between men without a shred of appeal!

Honestly, I don’t think anyone wants to watch guys throwing punches!

Our sole audience member is Anzu-san, making a bitter expression that makes you want to say, “If you don’t want to watch, you shouldn’t~”

The only ones thrilled about this are the idols on stage; what a dreary scene!

But you would dishonor your manliness if you ran away now, so show off, and hit each other to the fullest~☆”

Kuro: You’re right; our audience is so small that it’s almost unnatural. As a performance, this is a huge failure; we won’t make back any of the funds spent on preparations

Well, I’m not gonna hold back because of that... There’s meaning in participating

Let’s put an end to this, Ogami. You shouldn’t leave behind any regrets; say everything you wanna say while I’m still in front of you

You too, Tetsu... that’s what this “Ryuuousen” is for

Koga: Then, guess I’ll say this... Kiryu-senpai

I think you should know why there’s no audience, after all

Kuro: Aah? You sound like you know what’s going on.

Koga: It’s just a guess, but. I was thinking, if I have work for “UNDEAD” today, I won’t be able to participate in the “Ryuuousen”~.....

So I checked my schedule, just in case

Then, guess what? I found out that most of Yumenosaki Academy’s students, including that Vampire guy, on the same day, at the same time....

At this very moment, are participating in a different DreamFes somewhere else

Seems like the Student Council is officially funding some huge project

It involves individual participation—a social event with the fans, mostly for the third years who are about to graduate

All the public guests and students are participating in that. That’s why there’s no one in sight at Yumenosaki Academy

You understand what that means, right?

Kuro: ....Hasumi took care of things, huh. He’s officially not allowed to overlook the “Ryuuousen,” a field battle, but

Because he’s hosting and participating in a separate event somewhere else, he’s incredibly busy, so he couldn’t notice....

He’s gonna make that sort of excuse, and let us off the hook

Haha. Of course, he’s gonna lecture me later, with a nonchalant look, saying, “Why did you participate in an unofficial battle!”

He’s not honest—or should I say, he’s a tiresome guy

Koga: It’s not just shitty glasses

That Vampire dude is also involved—no, most of the third years at Yumenosaki Academy.... The second years and first years are also in on it; they arranged beforehand to get the story straight

You won’t ask why, right? It’s for your sake, Kiryu-senpai

Nobody wants to get in the way of what you “want to do”

Everyone feels indebted to you. Everyone loves you

You always made nice outfits and the like, giving it your all.... Aside from that, you also took care of us in an incredible number of ways

Everyone wants to return the favor to you

You probably planned on losing to me during this “Ryuuousen”.....

So that I could feel elated and proud of my victory, and move forward, but

I can’t be satisfied by just receiving favors, you know

Kuro: ....Is that so. Haha, I’m grateful

Actually, I’m surprised, Ogami. I didn’t know you liked me this much

Koga: I don’t like you at all, you’re nothing but an enemy, you enemy!

I’m saying this now, but if you go easy on me, I’ll kill you! Get serious; that’s the only way I’ll have no regrets!

We aren’t “frail” babies who’ll die if you pat our heads a little

You guys were the ones who trained us; I’m gonna make sure you get that

No, please believe in that. You don’t have to believe in me, but... at least believe in “him,” who you trained constantly for a whole year

Jeez, there are a lotta guys who need to realize that gently caring for someone and protecting them isn’t the only form of affection

Kuro: You sure yap on. Sakuma scolded you over and over for that, you know... We’re on stage. Let’s put aside our chit chat for later, and fulfill our roles

Koga: Of course! I won’t leave a single piece of meat behind; you’re all my prey! Gyahahaha ☆

Kuro: (I see.... If the me who had just entered Yumenosaki Academy heard this, he would be surprised)

(I was a man who had only just stopped being a delinquent; violence was my only worth. I just couldn’t get used to this school meant for idols, and I acted all isolated and proud)

(I lived my life wondering and regretting, “What am I doing at a place like this?”)

(I didn’t have a single goal, and nothing was fun)

(Before I knew it, things changed, huh)

(I met Hasumi, and as I followed his orders.... I became a part of Yumenosaki Academy, and fully enjoyed my youth there)

(With everyone else... I have a dream in sight, just like those sparkling guys)

(I held hands, and sewed outfits that everyone wanted, with these fists that were only useful for hitting others.... That was allowed, that was welcomed, and people felt grateful)

(I see, so that’s how it was)

(Kaa-chan. I wonder if it’s all right now. I don’t need to be forgiven for not being by your side when you died, but can I forget for just a moment)

(Can I at least enjoy myself, and feel that I’m happy)

(The fun, hilarious days that I spend laughing with these guys I love....)

(Is it all right for me to accept that—something kaa-chan can never feel again—without feeling guilty?)

Tetora: ......

Kuro: (....Yep. I understand; there’s still something left for me to do)

(After all, kaa-chan got mad when I didn’t properly put away the things I used, like dishes and sewing materials)

(I’ll put away all my regrets at the end, and then move forward)

Chapter 7 << | index | >> Epilogue 2

1. In a Japanese martial arts dojo, there is almost always a kamidana, a Shinto altar for the gods
2. This is what a referee says before a sumo match (or during a match when both participants have stopped moving because they're in gridlock)