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A Sun in the Palm of Your Hand | Epilogue 2

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Location: Outdoor stage

Koga: Ugyaaaaaaaa!?

Hinata: “Ooh, there goes Ogami-senpai—for all his big talk, he sure was blown away like an insignificant character~!

Remember practice: circular movements, circular movements! Like when you’re wiping a window!

Ah~... this is no good, he flew out of bounds! Anzu-san is there, but she keenly avoids him, as if she were waiting for this moment!

For some reason, Anzu-san looks super satisfied~! Ah, could it be that she came to watch the “Ryuuousen” just to do this~!?

Ogami-senpai is also careful to avoid Anzu-san—a spinning turn! He lands! Yep, he’s KO’d out of bounds—Ogami-senpai’s loss~!”

Koga: Shit, that’s unfair, Kiryu-senpai! I thought you were all dazed and lost in your thoughts, but you caught me off guard with a turning kick!?

Rematch! Rematch! I won’t accept this!?

Hinata: “Yes, yes! Underdogs should stay out of it~, no rules have been broken!

As everyone here knows, the “Ryuuousen” allows interruption and violence during the performance!

It’s your fault for missing when I whispered, “First up is the challenger Ogami-senpai’s performance~”!

Carelessness is your biggest enemy; go back and train with master!”

Koga: Wh-why did you whisper! Aren’t you my ally, Hinata!?

Hinata: “Sorry~.... This time, I don’t think Ogami-senpai is the main character, so could you give up your role to your adorable kouhai? Please? ♪”

Koga: Uu~.... Dammit, you’ll regret this. I’m not giving you anything on Valentine’s Day, okay, Hinata?

Hinata: “Ahaha! Truthfully, I don’t really like sweet things, so I don’t need anything~♪”

Kuro: Haha. Sorry, Ogami. I can’t give you the title of “Yumenosaki’s strongest” just yet

If you’re not satisfied, I’ll fight you man-to-man later, in a back alley or something

Tetora: That’s all right. Because I’ll defeat taishou here, and become the strongest man in Yumenosaki

Then we’ll host the “Ryuuousen” next school year too. So you can come challenge me then... Ogami-senpai ♪

Kuro: Hey now, where does all that confidence come from, Tetsu?

You never could win against me, during Karate club practice, or anything else

Don’t make promises you can’t keep; they also say that demons will laugh if you talk about tomorrow1

Tetora: N~, well, most of the time, the current me can’t beat taishou, but

I’ve knocked taishou down a couple of times, like when you were sleep deprived

If it’s just kicking you off the stage, or interrupting your performance, I can handle it, so

All I have to do is run around so that I won’t lose

From there on out, it’s a battle between idols. I think it’ll be a pretty decent match if we fight as idols—even if I’m facing taishou

Because I did work hard for one whole year in “Ryuseitai”

Kuro: Haha. I didn’t entrust you to Morisawa so that you’d learn how to talk big. Groundless bluffs are just absurd

You were always like that, huh. Since I first met you—you were a weakling who made a false show of power and tried to make yourself look big

You’re clumsy, and you make a lot of mistakes, so everyone made light of you.....

You acted defiant because you didn’t want people making a fool of you. You were a superficial, empty person

Tetora: You’re right. I’ll admit it, taishou. I understand now—I couldn’t join “Akatsuki” because you saw right through my weak self


I don’t understand the details yet, but you plotted all sorts of conspiracies, including the “Ryuuousen,” and shouldered the dark history of Yumenosaki Academy, right?

I didn’t have the capacity to carry that weight on my back

The me back then.... Even if I had joined “Akatsuki,” I was a weakling—I couldn’t have handled it; I would have gotten crushed

Yumenosaki Academy’s incredibly powerful No. 2 “unit”.....

It’s really difficult to be a member—you can never lose, and you have to hold your head high, even when the students loathe and fear you

I only looked at the surface, without knowing the burdens taishou carried.... And I just copied appearances, by dying my hair and such

I’m an empty person. Because I’m hollow, I can’t bear the pressure, and I’ll collapse

You distanced me to protect me—so that I would first fulfill myself from the inside

Taishou, the battlefield you stood on, with bullets flying.... You let me escape that, and protected me with your body

I didn’t realize that, even though your back was covered in blood..... I just saw your beautiful appearance from the front, and admired it like an idiot

“You’re so cool, taishou, I want to be like you~”

But that’s coming to an end. No, I’m out of time

Taishou is going to graduate soon. The thick wall that protected me up till now is getting torn down

That’s why I’m going to resolve myself. I don’t need this egg shell anymore

The creature born from this egg won’t be a dragon, like taishou

It’s an ugly, inexperienced creature that can’t even walk on its own. It looks like an adorable little kitten

Yet taishou, you protected this creature, even though it didn’t have any resemblance to you—you cuddled it close, and raised it within a beautiful nest

So to repay you for that, I’ll show you how I’ve grown

I can’t become a dragon like taishou, who soars high through the sky, but, just like my name ... even if I’m ugly and covered in dirt, I’ll become a tiger who won’t lose to anyone

I’ll become a proud, strong creature who won’t be embarrassed to confront taishou

“Karate” is written as “empty hand”—you don’t hold a weapon. It’s a pure, gentle sport. You were the one who taught me that, taishou

The palm of your hand is empty, so you can grasp anything! The sun, or even the moon!

If it seems like my hand still can’t reach; “It can’t be helped”—please laugh at me like that!

I can’t fly through the sky, but I’ll jump as many times as it takes for me to grasp it!

Karate club first year, Nagumo Tetora! I’m standing on the battlefield today to grab you by the collar and shout into your ear, “Thank you for taking care of me this whole year”...!

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1. “Demons will laugh if you talk about tomorrow,” because you never know what the future may hold

“Karate” is written “空手”—when Tetora refers to “empty hand,” he’s talking about these kanji