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Mine Lady | Chapter 2

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Location: Tori’s House (outside)

Yuzuru: Good morning, Anzu-san

Thank you for coming by. We warmly welcome you; were you able to find your way without trouble? Fufu, I am glad to hear that ♪

But you are here quite a bit earlier than expected. I was a little surprised; we are not yet done with preparations

Fufu. “Producer” work requires you to act thirty minutes ahead of time?

I think clocks lose their meaning if you act too much ahead of time, but

I do think it’s very Japanese, but I am dissatisfied with how acting precisely according to schedule is treated as being “late!”

Or rather, it is a little confusing

Oh, I sound like I’m whining... It’s no good; I talk too much

I am the chaperone of a difficult bocchama, after all; it seems like fault-finding has become a habit ♪

Fufu. You seem to be full of enthusiasm and in great shape... excellent

Today will likely be a long day, but let us get along ♪

Tori: Huh, Anzu! It’s Anzu~! Good morning, good morning, good morning~☆

Hugsss....♪ Ehehe, I’m happy to see Anzu in the morning ☆

Yuzuru: My, bocchama. What in the world are you thinking, greeting our guest with such a dirty appearance?

Tori: I’m not dirty, right!? I-I did trip during our walk, so I’m covered in mud, but~?

It’s not my fault, it’s because King was fooling around!

Yuzuru: Regardless, I cannot approve of you casually hugging a lady like that

Tori: It’s fine, Anzu is probably happy too! Because she always adores me! Ehehe~....♪

Yuzuru: Goodness. You’re forever acting like an infant, bocchama

Tori: You’re noisy~. But Yuzuru, why is Anzu here?

Are you going to become a child of this household? You’re super welcome here, I’ll make sure that you’re happy forever ♪

Yuzuru: Hm. It is difficult to explain, but. Starting today... Anzu-san will be working at this mansion for a while

Her work includes cleaning the house and washing the dishes—those sorts of things. In other words, she’s a housekeeper

Tori: Eh, that’s Yuzuru’s job, right? Why is Anzu....?

Ah..... Yuzuru, you were so rude to me that you got fired, right?

That’s why I always told you to be nicer to me!

Um.... Should I ask Papa and Mama, “Don’t fire Yuzuru~” for you?

Yuzuru: That is not what is going on. Do not worry; I am permanently hired by this household, so....

I will be by bocchama’s side forevermore—even in the grave ♪

Tori: I-is that so... Gee~z, and I thought I could finally get rid of this noisy, scolding guy

But, then, why are we hiring Anzu as a housekeeper?

We have enough workers right now, don’t we? Though of course we can always afford to increase our staff

Anzu, could it be that you’re in need of money? It’s all right! You don’t have to work—I’ll support you forever ♪

Yuzuru: Fufu. From what I have heard, it seems to be a part-time job that combines hobby and profit

It is spring break, after all; Anzu-san has a bit of time on her hands because there is no school

It seems she is in need of some money, because of issues at home

But it is nothing too serious—that is why I suggested that she work at this house

As you know, there is going to be a party soon. The annual event where dignitaries from the business world gather.... I am incredibly busy with preparations for that, so

It would be helpful if someone else could take care of small tasks and the like

Anzu-san is reliable, too, so, it was like finding a ship right when I needed to cross a river... or should I say, our aims coincided

There is something else I have asked of her, but... Well, that is currently unrelated to bocchama

Tori: There you go again.... Whatever; if she’s a housekeeper, does that mean she’s going to live in?

I get to be with Anzu through all of spring break? Yaaay ♪

Yuzuru: No, I have asked her to commute. Anzu-san seems rather busy, after all, so her work hours are set short

But we will have her do substantial work

Tori: Hmm. Is that so; I guess we won’t be able to nap1 together, then?

That’s fine—you’re going to eat with us, right? That’s enough to make me happy~, Anzu ♪

Papa and Mama are still abroad for work, after all. I think they’ll be back for the party, but I was a little lonely because there weren’t many people in this mansion

Yuzuru: I am here, bocchama. And your imouto-gimi2....♪

Tori: Ah, I’ll introduce you to my little sister! You haven’t met her yet, right, Anzu?

My little sister asks lots of questions about Anzu~... For some reason, she seems really interested in you ♪

Ehehe. Please be friendly with her, even if it’s just for the time you’re working as a housekeeper

Maybe it’s because she’s a little hard to please, but she doesn’t have many friends her age

Yuzuru: Fufu. She is similar to bocchama in that way; I wonder if it is the blood of the Himemiya family

Tori: I have friends! After entering Yumenosaki Academy, I made lots and lots of close friends!

Muh... Well, whatever, I’m getting excited! Come this way, Anzu! I’ll guide you through the mansion; let’s hold hands and walk ♪

Ehehe. Today seems like it’s going to be a wonderful day....☆

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1. The word he uses for “nap” is “お寝んね,” which is how you might say “bedtime” when talking to a baby
2. The term Yuzuru uses for “younger sister” is “妹君,” “imouto-gimi,” in which “-gimi” is a polite way of addressing someone