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Mine Lady | Chapter 3

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Location: Tori’s house (drawing room)

Yuzuru: ....Anzu-san

Erm. Anzu-san is unfamiliar with this sort of work, so I do not want to nag too much, but

You have broken a few too many plates

When tasked with cleaning, you damaged the walls and pillars and broke a vase; when tasked with cooking, you caused a minor fire and knocked over a garbage can....

You are practically a comedian

Ah, it is fine. You need not pay for damages.... I have some idea as to why Anzu-san is making so many mistakes, and everything is still insured

Though we will reduce your pay a little

Ah, I will clean up the broken vase shards. It would be terrible if you got hurt, Anzu-san, so please take a seat and do not do a thing

Fufu. I enjoy cleaning; please leave this to me

Tori: Hey~.... I heard something break, but is everything okay?

Yuzuru: Bocchama, you should be taking violin lessons right now; did you sneak out?

Tori: No, I asked my tutor for permission

I played my set piece perfectly and got a stamp of approval: ”Excellent! No complaints!” I’m worried about Anzu

Are you okay? Anzu, did you break a vase? Are you hurt anywhere?

Yuzuru: Bocchama. There are still shards scattered around, so you must not come close

Tori: You’re being overprotective.... Geez, stop treating me like an infant

More importantly, Anzu, what’s going on? You always do your work properly; why are you causing so much trouble at my house?

I guess a “Producer” and a housekeeper are different jobs, but....

Even so, it’s weird, this isn’t like you, Anzu. Anzu, you’re someone who can do it if you try, right?

What’s wrong? Are you having trouble sleeping because something is bothering you? Is that why you’re making so many mistakes? If you have a problem, talk to me any time, okay.....?

Yuzuru: Bocchama, you must not bother Anzu-san by hanging around her like that

Tori: You’re noisy~. Yuzuru, aren’t you just a bad teacher? You’re showing Anzu a “bad example”; that’s why she can’t do her work properly

Yuzuru: Are you dissatisfied with how I conduct my work?

Yuzuru is sad. I devote myself so earnestly and sincerely to serving you, and yet....

Bocchama, you do not recognize that. This is what they mean when they say that children do not understand the hearts of their parents

Tori: I’m not your child.... Muh~, I’m not satisfied

Anzu was supposed to serve me adorably—I thought I was going to have fun. How did things turn out this way? Who am I supposed to complain to?

Yuzuru: There is no use in complaining, bocchama

Though I, too, am concerned about this situation... At this rate, it will not be a good experience for Anzu-san, either

It is spring break—we do not want to make her anxious

I want to somehow resolve the problem at its root

Tori: Muh~.... Ah, I have a good idea ☆

Yuzuru: Hm. Then let us hear it, bocchama

Tori: Eh, why do you sound a little arrogant? You’re insolent~!

Yuzuru: Bocchama’s ideas are highly likely to be useless, after all

Tori: Hhmph, this time, it’s a good one! It’ll save Anzu, who’s being bombarded by trouble for some unknown reason, and I’ll have fun too!

Ehehe, it’s a nice idea, if I may say so myself~♪

Um, so, how does this sound? I’ll show Anzu an example ♪

Yuzuru: What do you mean? Be more specific, bocchama

Tori: Uh, why do you sound weirdly arrogant.... I’m your master, you know?

Yuzuru: I understand that. So?

Tori: Yup.... Um, I’m going to show Anzu how to work like a servant. I’m going to clean, wash the dishes, and brush King’s fur

Yuzuru: Bocchama, you are always responsible for the last one, though

Tori: That’s because you’re afraid of King, Yuzuru. My little sister is also allergic to dogs, so I end up taking care of him

Yuzuru: I am not afraid of him. And your imouto-gimi only claims that she is allergic to dogs; who knows if she really is

Anyhow... You must not do that; I will not allow it. Bocchama, you are going to be the head of the Himemiya household. It is strictly forbidden for you to act as a servant

What are you going to do if your hands get chapped after washing the dishes?

I would not know what to say to your mother and father

Tori: It’s fine; let me do it. You’re a natural servant, Yuzuru, so I think it’s actually more difficult for you to teach a beginner

You don’t know where beginners are likely to stumble, right?

Yuzuru, you were also a transfer student: remember how it took time to get used to the “common sense of idols”?

Anzu isn’t a natural servant, so

Just as it took Yuzuru time to get used to the “natural ways of idols”... I think Anzu is also having trouble figuring everything out

That’s why she keeps making mistakes. I’m not a servant; I’m a natural noble

But I’ve been watching Yuzuru ever since I was born

I know the ways of servants. I learned by watching you, so I should be able to teach Anzu~. They say you learn from your surroundings without realizing it1, after all~♪

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1. Translated literally, this phrase is: “a young boy who lives near the gates (of a temple) can read the sutras he has not learned,” i.e., “your environment influences your education without your realizing it”