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Mine Lady | Chapter 6

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Location: Tori’s house (drawing room)

Tori: Migyaaah!?

Yuzuru: .....!? What happened, bocchama? Aah, I apologize for taking my eyes off of you; did you burn yourself while pouring tea!?

Tori: N-no! I, um, was hungry so I nibbled on a madeleine, but.... It was really spicy!

Like the stuff Yuuta always eats!

Yuzuru: Did you say nibbled?

Tori: Ah, no! Don’t worry, a noble wouldn’t do such a thing!

But right now, I’m a servant; I took a madeleine because there was a letter that said, “Dear Servants, please enjoy this together ♪”~!?

Yuzuru: Please calm down, bocchama. I do not understand what you are saying

(Hm.... A prank to make the servants eat incredibly spicy madeleines

How elaborate; there are traps set up all around the house

Anzu-san was making so many mistakes because of these sorts of traps

As far as I know... There was lubricating oil on the dishes that Anzu-san broke, so they were easy to drop, and

The grass in the yard was knotted together so it was easy to trip

This was why even someone like Anzu-san made mistake after mistake

Well, these are just silly pranks, but it does seem like things have gone a bit too far

Goodness..... Imouto-gimi certainly is troublesome. She probably intends to chase Anzu-san out with these pranks, but

It is not as if I do not understand her feelings. At one point, I too boiled with anger at how bocchama was so attached to Anzu-san

But one must not cause trouble for others. People will question the dignity of the Himemiyas.

I will get in touch with imouto-gimi’s direct servant, and have them admonish her)

Tori: Yu-Yuzuru~? Don’t get lost in your thoughts; give me some water! I feel like I’m going to breathe fire!

Yuzuru: You were punished for small-mindedly nibbling on the food lying around. Reflect on your actions, Tori

Tori: Wh-why am I being scolded? I’m a victim!

Damn it~, I don’t know who’s responsible for this, but I’m mad! I’m going to find the culprit and make them pay!

Yuzuru: I will deal with that problem, so.....

Bocchama, make sure to properly serve Anzu-san; you ought to complete the tasks that you yourself decided to take on

Tori: I-I get it~. Uu, I embarrassed myself in front of Anzu

Tsukasa: Hello? Hello~, is anyone home?

Tori: Nn? This voice is.... Geh, Tsukasa!?

Tsukasa: What do you mean, “Geh;” I suppose this is the pinnacle of vulgarity

Ah, or perhaps it was my mistake to expect proper manners from a nouveau riche

Tori: You piss me off with every word~! Where’d you come from, you moldy family of antiques!

Tsukasa: What? Do you intend to insult my family? I generously let it slide up till now, thinking it was merely childish nonsense, but....

This is the last straw; I challenge you to a duel

Yuzuru: Oh my.... I apologize for rudely failing to welcoming you. Do you have business with this family, Suou’s bocchama?

Tsukasa: Why, thank you for your greeting. I do wish you would stop calling me Suou’s bocchama, but. I have said this several times already, so I will not repeat myself

Persistently nagging about small details would bring my magnanimity into question, after all

Tori: Hh~mph ♪ You say that even though you repeat the same thing every time you meet him~, you say that even though you’re sooo frustrated! Trying to keep up appearances, huh, stu~pid, stu~pid ☆

Tsukasa: ...Fushimi-senpai, may I end the Himemiya family here?

Yuzuru: Please calm down, Suou’s bocchama

Even if you get rid of Tori, there is still his imouto-gimi; furthermore, it is inelegant to act on the spur of the moment

In truth, I feel the same way once in a while, but... A true gentleman suppresses his anger

Tsukasa: Guh.... I suppose it cannot be helped; I will show deference to my club’s senpai

Fufu. I have no plans until tonight, so I thought I might as well come see onee-sama.....

I came all the way to this distasteful nouveau riche mansion just for that ♪

Tori: Yuzuru~, bring me Papa’s hunting gun! I’m going to put an end to this line of ancients that pathetically survived till now!

Tsukasa: Claiming that you can do what you cannot is proof that you are a fool

Suou is a military family; we are not a bloodline that can be ended by a fattened-up pig

Tori: Hah? Your antiquity is all you can boast~; dinosaurs have gone extinct, you know!

Yuzuru: (Ah... I had enough of a headache already, but things have gotten even more chaotic

What shall I do. I am already quite tired of everything)

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