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Daikagura! Celebratory New Year’s Live | Stars of Hope - 5

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Location: Daikagura stage

Subaru: “Ahaha ☆ Hello there everyone, hello!

I said it already, but happy things ought to be said many times! Happy New Year~ ☆ Please take care of us this year too!

Well, let’s leave the greetings at that! Now, we’d like to show you a Lion Dance1 to celebrate and express our delightful fortune in meeting you!

Here he is, Sari~kun performing the Lion Dance ♪”

Mao: “♪~♪~♪

A Happy New Yea~r to you all ☆

If you’re bitten by the lion, it’ll ward off evil things and make you healthy; but we couldn’t possibly bite our precious audience, so!

Instead, we’ll present you with a song! Please, let our singing voices bite you from all directions, and become healthy! Become happy~.... ☆

We wish you a happy New Year! Chomp chomp ♪”

Keito: (Hm, I see... This is certainly not against the rules)

(I intended to only dance and sing during the time allocated for dancing and singing, and only perform “party tricks” during the time allocated for party tricks)

(Because I assumed that was what we should do.... And that is why we took great pains to improve and perfect our dance and song independently from our “party tricks”)

(But you found a loophole in the rules. You’ve always been like that. Your ideas are free, unconventional, and almost terrifying)

(Ah, I am currently fighting “Trickstar”)

(Those who revolutionized Yumenosaki Academy; children to be feared. They have the name of narrators2; stars that have an almost infuriating amount of passion and potential)

Mao: “♪~♪~♪”

Keito: (To think that they would sing and dance during the time allocated for “party tricks”....)

(You’re right; songs and dance are the greatest weapons of us idols. You did not cast those aside)

(Because you understood their value better than anyone else did. That is why you were once able to stand at the peak of Yumenosaki Academy....)

(You were able to become the greatest idols because you understood the meaning of your existence)

(We, “Akatsuki,” have polished our “party trick” performances to the level where even professionals would be put to shame)

(We tried to compete solely with our “party tricks” because that was possible for us)

(You must have gone through a lot of trouble. If you compared the skill levels of your “party tricks” to ours, you would have no chance against us, “Akatsuki”)

(You must have concluded thus during our joint practices, and changed your way of thinking)

(Your “party tricks” are no match for ours; that is precisely why you incorporated dance and song to increase the impact of your performance)

(“Trickstar,” they are able to accomplish such a task)

(Traditional performing arts are our main axis; we built a solid status based on that stability)

(That is why we cannot easily change. Because we built an impregnable fort by stacking up one stone at a time)

(But “Trickstar” easily changes their main headquarters while waging guerrilla warfare)

(They casually cast aside the weapons they were using yesterday, and create new tactics one after another)

(I knew that much. The bitter defeat we suffered because of the foul, surprise attack is still fresh in my mind--enough to give me nightmares to this day)

(But they are evolving even further)

(Right now, the dance and song they are performing along with their “party trick,” the Lion Dance...)

(I’ve never seen those before; they must have worked hard to keep them secret during our joint practices)

(They worked hard--as if they were going to cough up blood--to polish those at home, or somewhere where we could not see)

(In order to win. You were always like that, weren’t you)

(Did you not consider losing to show deference to your senpai, to those standing above you, as a New Year’s celebration!?)

(You won’t survive this modern society unless you show some service once in a while; but you’re fine the way you are!)

(Right now, in this very moment, a shot was fired from outside our consciousness. They risked their lives for that one shot)

(I expected to be caught by surprise, and yet, I still received that blow)

(How incorrigible. Yet, at the same time, fascinating....! You must be idiots, how are you so earnest!)

(You must have thought so hard! I’m happy; you’re watching this, aren’t you, Eichi!)

(You, too, must be doubling over with laughter; you must be giving them your lavish applause and cheer!)

(We always wished for guys like these to appear!)

(Within this stiffened, rotting, Yumenosaki Academy! For so, so long!)

(We were waiting for you; we wanted to meet you!)

(It’s boring for everything to play out upon one’s palm; instead, usher in a fresh breeze! Push the era forward and forward!)

(Aren’t we happy, Eichi! Our dream has come true!)

Souma: What is the matter, Hasumi-dono? You seem to be in good spirits. It’s true that it’s quite an entertaining trick...

I thought I had gotten tired of watching Lion Dances, but what they are doing is somehow new ♪

Keito: Fufu. Well, it’s but the shallow cleverness of some unruly children... It was somewhat unexpected, but we can’t be surprised by something like this

Judging from the way they are, they’ve probably got one or two more tricks up their sleeves

Kuro: Haha. So, should we return the favor, danna? They’re picking a fight with us, aren’t they?

This is kinda nostalgic, they were always like this... They’re here to win with everything they’ve got

Keito: Of course, we intend to win as well. That’s precisely why we don’t have to match their ways

If we play a game of surprise attacks or guerrilla warfare, “Trickstar” will have the advantage

They’re trying to make us panic; they intend to provoke us and drag us into their battlefield

There’s no reason to respond to that; we should just stand stro~ng and bounce their challenge back

If we play normally, we’re stronger. If we sweat it, we lose, Kiryu

We’ve practiced longer, we carry heavier burdens upon our backs.... Our experience, our skill are different

So of course, we will win this time, just as usual. We will play normally, and win normally

Kuro: Haha, you sure are lively, danna. It’s true, this is really fun ♪

Souma: Yes. I don’t understand difficult things, but my blood is boiling even more than usual ♪

Keito: Yes. It seems like this year will be an even more joyous one than I expected.....♪

Stars of Hope - 4 << | index | >> Stars of Hope - 6

1. “Shishi-mai,” the
Japanese variation of a new year’s Lion Dance
2. The word that Keito uses for “narrators” is “kyogen-mawashi,” a term that originated in kyogen theater, now used to describe characters who inform the audience of what will take place, but are not necessarily the “main characters” of the tale. Some use the term interchangeably with the “trickster” who brings about unexpected change in a narrative; likely Keito is drawing this reference to “Trickstar.”

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