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Daikagura! Celebratory New Year’s Live | Epilogue - 1

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Location: Daikagura stage

Souma: “Hai, hai, hai. Toryah….☆”

Yuzuru: “Bravo! What a wonderful “party trick” by Kanzaki-sama! He is spinning a top at the tip of his sword; what a splendid feat by an expert!

Though, not a skill necessary to an idol in any way….!”

Souma: “You speak too much

....I’ll add more tops, and there, there, there ♪

That is all! I hope you enjoyed it; I am still very inexperienced, how embarrassing ♪”

Yuzuru: “And that was an incredible “party trick” performed by “Akatsuki’s” Kanzaki-sama! Ah, he is truly skilled ♪

Now everyone, please vote~♪

Fufu. Though the party is in full swing, this is the end of all the “Daikagura” programs!

Once more, I ask you all for a warm round of applause ♪

Yes, thank you! Everyone in “Akatsuki,” please stay where you are; everyone in “Trickstar,” please come on stage!

Again, let us thank the audience that has gathered here ♪

Meanwhile, we will calculate the total votes and determine the winner

The scores will be tallied by machines, so it should not take much time

Please wait just a few moments ♪”

Mao: Muh… I always get nervous around this time. It felt like a good match, but I wo~nder. “Akatsuki” was unwavering and dignified to the end

Hokuto: We did everything that we could; even if we lose, I have no regrets. Of course, I intend to win, but. Chance plays a part in every game, and we faced a difficult enemy; we don’t know how the results will play out

Subaru: That was fun~☆ Monkey, come here; you worked hard for us, after all! You’re our comrade now~ ahaha!

Makoto: I was in charge of the “monkey dance,” but for some reason, that monkey is most attached to Akehoshi-kun….

I feel like it’s somehow making a fool of me, it stole my glasses a number of times, after all

Subaru: You’ve got to be firm against animals, or else they’ll take you lightly~... I wonder if Daikichi will hate me if I smell too much like monkey; they say dogs and monkeys don’t get along1, after all

Hokuto: Well, Daikichi-kun has a big heart, so you should be all right. More importantly, don’t lose too much focus, Akehoshi, we’re still on stage

Let us act resolutely, like idols, till the very end

Keito: Exactly. Goodness, I’m exhausted… It’s always like this when we fight you; both my mind and body are overworked

Well, though it is somehow a pleasant exhaustion

Kuro: That’s true. It really was fun

I wanna fight you like this over and over again, from now on, too….

There aren’t many who will challenge us, because we’re seen as a powerful “unit”

We’re grateful for guys like you, who bite back and fight us over and over without staying let down

Souma: Yes. From now on, too, let us be good rivals… everyone in “Torikkustaa” ♪

Kuro: Haha. In truth, they’re not opponents that you can ignore, huh, Kanzaki. You are the same age, after all

If you’re gonna continue as an idol, these guys are always gonna be close by your side

Make sure not to get swallowed; stand firm, and fight till the end

Souma: Of course. I actually think I am fortunate to have been born in the same generation as them

Keito: There there; that’s the way boys should think2… Do your best, Kanzaki

Stars of Hope - 6 << | index | >> Epilogue - 2

1. "犬猿の仲," meaning "the relationship between dog and monkey," is an idiom used to describe two people who really don't get along--think "like cats and dogs"
2. He literally says “you’re a boy,” but that doesn’t make much sense in English

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