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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Prologue

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Location: Student Council Room

Yuzuru: Bocchama, let us do our best today, too ♪

We must start off with the work that piled up during winter break. The “Geishun! Festival of Party Tricks ☆”... or rather, the “Daikagura” was hosted immediately after the New Year, so

Perhaps it is the organization of the documents related to that event, or the influence of the recently established “S3.” It seems like new proposals are being submitted to the Student Council every day

Truth be told, we are so busy that we would even welcome the help of a cat1. But we cannot assign Student Council work to outside people, so

I will humbly assist you to the best of my ability ♪

Tori: Uu~......

Yuzuru: “Uu~...” is not the proper response. Goodness, New Year’s break is long over, you know?

Have you forgotten that “fine” was also supposed to enter in the “Daikagura,” but we had everyone in “Akatsuki” take over for us?

Perhaps the long break made you slovenly; how lamentable

I tried to keep you busy to prevent you from lounging around at home; that was why I took you out to hatsumoude2 and such in place of your parents, who were away at work, but....

I wonder if the exchange at the social function is still affecting you

I told you to stay at home, because I was the only one who was called

But bocchama, you stubbornly insisted, “I’ll go too!”

Many of us servants, including myself, were on vacation around the New Year

I could not help but nod and say yes when you whined that you would be sad to be home alone

It is partially my responsibility. If it is just organizing files, there should be no problem with me doing it

Bocchama, could you take a look at the “S3” proposals?

Tori: Sure... But first, let me defend myself. The reason I tagged along with you, Yuzuru, was not because I was sad about being left alone, okay?

I heard that President was going to be at the social function, too, so I wanted to greet him!

But President spent all his time talking to Yuzuru, and when President tried to talk, you covered my ears!

In the end, I had no idea what was going on; there was no point in making the effort to go there

My relatives will gift me money even if I don’t ask for it, so in the end I was [pointlessly] surrounded by irrelevant people who just gifted me anxiety~?

Aa~ah. I wanted to travel abroad with President during winter break, and introduce him to Papa and Mama

I’m sure Papa and Mama would have understood why I wanted to become an idol if they had met President

But even that aside, I wanted President to rest quietly in a warm place, and regain his health

....“fine” didn’t enter the “Daikagura” out of concern for the President’s health; that was the right thing to do, so I wholeheartedly agreed

But President was disappointed. “If only my body were stronger”—he was regretful

I almost want to switch places with him. I don’t have the confidence to perform “party tricks,” but I went through demonic training during “Circus,”

Long-hair trained me so hard that I wanted to exclaim, “What is this, torture!?” So “party tricks” don’t scare me

Well, it’s no use crying over something that’s done and over, but... I wonder if I can still go somewhere with President

It doesn’t have to be a trip abroad; even if it’s somewhere close, I want to hang out with President and have him spoil me... ♪

Yuzuru: Hm, bocchama, you are a lonely person, after all. For all your talk about taking a trip abroad, it seems like your goal is to stick close to President-sama

The kind of talk flying about at the social function was stuff that you should not listen to, bocchama

It is likely that President-sama also did not want bocchama to listen to such conversations

President-sama has such huge influence over the business world that there should have been no reason for him to strain his health to attend the social function

I sense some kind of ulterior motive; however, that is not something I should concern myself with

Anyhow, why don’t you try talking to the President? If it is a wish from bocchama, I think President-sama will not ignore it

Tori: I wonder.... Yeah, I’ll talk to President when he comes here!

Yuzuru: Well then, bocchama. Now that you are all riled up, let us give this work our all ♪

Tori: Eh~.... This and that are two different things, you know

This is an unusual amount of work, even considering how the newly established “S3” allows for more freedom in DreamFes ideas

I don’t even want to look at these proposals when they’re stacked up so high....

Yuruzu: A great number of students must have awaited a DreamFes they could participate in carefreely

Up till now, such DreamFes performances were held as “B1”

“B1” are unofficial battles... They have no official results, and no influence over grades

They do provide experience, but participating in them repeatedly will dry up your school-exclusive funds

Meanwhile, “S3” are officially recognized, and influence grades, so, though it is a small sum, one can receive school-exclusive funds as a reward

If the DreamFes become more lively, Yumenosaki Academy will become more lively than ever before. I welcome being busy; I could never dislike it

Bocchama, you, too, should take this opportunity to learn the joy of working...♪

Tori: And yet, if I steal your work, you’ll say, “Please, do not steal my work”~?

But, well, Yuzuru and Vice President were both super busy with Student Council work from the start of the new semester, right?

I spent all my time at club activities, and wasn’t able to help out here, so I felt bad about that

Yuzuru: Club participation is mandatory, so there’s no need for you to worry about that....

I was also participating in the Archery Club’s activities while helping manage the “Daikagura”

Tori: Oh, right, Yuzuru, you were the moderator at the “Daikagura,” weren’t you? It was pretty well-received, so maybe you’ll be requested as a moderator [again]~?

Yuzuru: Fufu, I am grateful. I was only supposed to liven up the atmosphere, but Vice President’s reactions were so amusing that I got caught up in the role

This goes for idol activities as well, but you never know where amusement might be hiding...♪

| index | >> Chapter 1

1. An idiom, translated literally
2. The first Shinto shrine visit during Japanese New Year

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