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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Chapter 3

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Location: Student Council Room

Tori: Why do you look so happy—is there something wrong with your head, after all~?

You were at the social function too, right? I ended up looking at you even though I didn’t want to because every gesture of yours is so showy

Only people of the upper class were supposed to be invited, you know?

Wataru: Fufufu. To think that Himegimi would express interest in me ♪ This is love, this is Amazing, how wonderful....☆

Tori: Don’t sidle up to me, you’re a nuisance! I’m not interested in you at all, don’t misunderstand me, okay?

Gosh. It’s nice that we didn’t have to make the effort to call you here, but there’s a door, so enter the room normally. It’s bad for my heart!

Wataru: I’m sorry, but for me, “love” and “Amazing” are inseparable. “Normal” also means different things depending on the person

Sometimes, what’s “normal” to me looks “abnormal” to others

The reverse is true too; what I think is “abnormal” might be “normal” to others

That is why this world is overflowing with Amazing....☆

Tori: I’m tired of hearing your lectures on “Amazing”.... Geez, stop chatting and help clean up the pigeon feathers, it’s unsanitary, you know~?

Wataru: Hm, there seems to be no need for that

Because Butler-san is humming along and cleaning away. I’m sad that I have no role.....!

Yuzuru: ♪~♪~

Tori: Uwah, you’re right. He’s going into demonic cleaning mode, where he’s unsatisfied until he cleans every corner of the room; there might be no use talking to him

Eichi: There’s a lot of dust floating around because he’s using the broom to sweep the floor and a duster to clean the shelves. We should probably open the window to ventilate the room

Wataru: It’s not my place to say this after grandly opening the window, but shouldn’t you move closer to the heater?

You aren’t in good condition today either, are you?

Eichi: There’s no use lying to Wataru—truth be told, the mid-winter chill is making my skin shiver so much that I think I’m going to collapse any moment now

But even if I occupy the space in front of the heater to warm my body, if I go outside, it will grow cold in the blink of an eye. It’s the same as a transient dream

They say that children are happy to be outside in all kinds of weather1. My childhood is long over, but I resent how my weak body continues to get its way with me

Wataru: Is that so. I have no words to admonish someone who practices the idea that “sickness comes from the mind2

If you were forcibly tied to the bed you seem like you would try every possible means of escape

Eichi: I don’t intend to do anything too dangerous

But I don’t want you to steal my fun from me. Keito stole my fun at the start of the new year, and I’m incredibly frustrated about that....♪

Wataru: [You say that,] But you look happy. I also wanted to enter in the “Daikagura,” but we gave our role to the Right-hand person and his comrades

I feel a lot better after sending the monkey after him in revenge

Eichi: Ah, right, that. I was watching from the seats of honor, but Keito’s flustered state was incredible

Rather than getting your revenge, weren’t you just teasing him?

Wataru: Well, I wonder

More importantly, I heard that we were doing a “fine”-only live, or something, because we are frustrated that we couldn’t enter in the “Daikagura”?

Eichi: You have sharp ears, Wataru; I’m glad I won’t have to explain things again, though. If we tell stories in secret, it seems like Wataru will overhear them all....♪

Wataru: If you make your ears big, you can pick up any kind of voice

So long as I have these ears, I can hear everything—from the gossip of the cafeteria ladies to stories about the neighborhood madam’s adulterous lover....☆

Eichi: Sounds like you should switch over from being a clown to a detective. Well, do as you will—you’re multi-talented, Wataru, so if you wish it, you can probably become anything

Let’s get back on track. We’re going to perform a live with the theme “overseas trip.” The rank is “S3”

Because it’s a “fine”-only live with no opponent, there’s no need to put up our guard

You should face this live with an upbeat attitude—as if we’re going to perform a fun party like the “Daikagura

The theme is an overseas trip, so I don’t want it to have an excessively heavy atmosphere

Wataru: Hm. There’s a rooftop stage in the busy section of town; how about we do a live there?

Tori: Eh? Was there something like that in the shopping district? I don’t remember this....?

Wataru: We performed on a stage in the plaza during “Flower Fes,” did we not? There is a rooftop stage nearby there

I’ve flown over that area in my hot air balloon before, so I’m certain of it

I’ve tossed around flyers to advertise “fine’s” live there before, too

If we explain our situation, we should have no trouble renting the entire stage for ourselves

Eichi: You sure are reliable, Wataru. I’ll deal with the arrangements, so for now, let’s decide on a DreamFes title

Since “S3” is the title of the rank, and not the DreamFes

Tori, do you have any thoughts? Tori came up with the idea to begin with, so it’s best for Tori to decide

Tori: I-it’s okay if I decide?

Kaigairyokou” is too literal, so we could try making it English and call it “Overseas Travel”? Uu~, that doesn’t sound too good.....?

Yuzuru: Then, how does “Dream Travel” sound? There are many people who dream about travelling abroad

We will be pilots who guide our customers on a pleasant trip through the skies

It would be fortunate if we could create a DreamFes that both we and our customers could enjoy ♪

Tori: “Dream Travel,” huh... not bad, I guess? I’ve heard that it’s difficult for commoners to travel abroad

It’d make me happy if they could watch our live and feel close to overseas travel

Eichi: Then, I guess everyone is okay with the DreamFes title “Dream Travel”?

Unlike summer break, winter break is gone before you know it; there must be a lot of people who want to feel like they’re still on break

Let us show these people a momentary dream

I can’t use magic like a real magician, but I am at least capable of performing a miracle that looks quite similar to that...♪

Chapter 2 << | index | >> Chapter 4

1. An idiom: literally, "children (kids) are the children of the wind and high spirits"
2. "Sickness comes from the mind" is an idiom: if you feel weak, it'll make you sick, and if you feel strong, you'll be (physically) strong

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