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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Chapter 5

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Location: 1-B Classroom

Mitsuru: Wapuh!? I bumped into something! I’m sorry, are you hurt~?

Wataru: Fufufu, an adorable little rabbit has come flying into me ☆ Full of energy, full of dreams!

I will shine like the sun today too, it is your Hibiki Wataru....☆

Mitsuru: Ah, it’s the hentai-kamen-nii~chan! Tomo-chan often talks about you, nii-chan, you guys get along well~♪

Wataru: Oh my, but Tomoya-kun stubbornly refuses me, saying “I don’t want people to think we know each other!”~?

Well, we did get all excited talking about movies together, so I wonder if he feels closer to me now

This makes me happy~, let me sing a song. Amazing....☆

Tori: Stop it, Long-hair. Mitsuru, you too. Don’t be so attached to him, calling him the “hentai-kamen-nii~chan,” geez~?

Though I agree that he is a weirdo

He’ll casually do insane things to make you “transcend the limits of the physical body”

Even if I cry and shout that I’m in pain, he’ll say, “so long as there’s love, you can overcome this,” and assign terrifying training; I can’t believe it~!

Wataru: But thanks to that training, you are who you are today, Himegimi. You have made the impossible possible with the power of love; humans are indeed incredible....!

A greedy spirit of inquiry is the ultimate spice that makes people grow ☆

Tori: Saying such self-important things.... Talking to Long-hair makes me feel like I’m going mad; it’s the end of the road if something like this takes a liking to you

Do your best to watch out, okay~?

Mitsuru: But I like hentai-kamen-nii~chan. Tomo-chan also says he doesn’t like being “hentai-kamen’s target,” but it doesn’t seem like he dislikes him

What was it, “people hate what they really love”~?

Wataru: Fufufu, your words certainly make me happy. I love children like you, too: you’re pure and innocent, and your behavioral principles are easy to understand

What’s “fun” is “fun,” what makes you “happy” makes you “happy”; you are rich in emotions

I will pray that you will not become an adult who—after yearning for more and more—throws it all aside in the end

Little rabbit, little rabbit. Let me show you something entertaining. There’s no secret trick to this—let me deliver some Amazing to you....☆

What I have pulled out is a paper airplane! Now, let me crumple this up with both my hands, and oh, what’s this? A little rabbit has shown its face. Bravo~☆

Mitsuru: Clap clap! Hentai-kamen-nii~chan, you’re amazing! A paper airplane really became a rabbit. I’m impressed~♪

Wataru: Yes, I’ve just received 1 Amazing! Once this becomes 10 Amazings, the world shall be enveloped in surprises and love. Love and Peace1....☆

Now, what shall I perform next~? If you have any requests, I’m listening

You don’t need to say it in a loud voice, for my ears won’t miss even the smallest of sounds

Mitsuru: Uwawah, your ear grew all big! C-can I touch it? Won’t it come off?

Wataru: Go on, go on, feel free~☆ Shall I make this other ear big, too? Look look, Dumbo ♪

Mitsuru: Kyakya, it’s real! Hentai-kamen-nii~chan, teach me how to do that! I want to master it and surprise nii~chan and the others!

Wataru: Certainly~. You are Tomoya-kun’s friend, after all; I will teach you every single kind of Amazing!

Tori: .........

Wataru: Oh my, Himegimi. You’ve got a sulky face—you’re pouting because you’ve been left out, right?

I understand; it’s sad to be ignored! If I performed a magic trick and somebody ignored me, my tears wouldn’t stop flowing!

Tori: I-I’m not pouting, I’m just pitying him because he’s been poisoned by hentai-kamen!

Anyway, Long-hair. Did you come to my class with no purpose at all? Just because you’ve got free time during our lunch break doesn’t mean you should casually drop by—you’re a nuisance!

Wataru: Fufufu, you make it sound as if I have no friends. I do have friends

We aren’t the type to happily chat around a desk, though, so it seems like each of us are enjoying lunch break freely, in our own ways

It makes me sad to hear “don’t drop by unless you have a purpose.” Himegimi and I have a good relationship, let us get along well for many years to come ♪

Tori: No way; you lack common sense. Every time something comes up, you distort it by saying Amazing.....

If you really just came here to play, go back to your classroom. There should be at least one person there who will hang out with you, you know?

Wataru: Unfortunately, I didn’t just drop by Himegimi’s classroom because I was bored

You see, Eichi sent a message, so I arrived to call you ☆

Tori: Eh, say that sort of thing sooner.... I wasted time talking to Long-hair

Do you think it’s okay to make President wait? He’s going to be disappointed that you can’t even send a simple message, you know

Wataru: Himegimi, you’re a good child for worrying about me. But do not worry. Eichi is tripping in the Student Council room

Tori: Eeh!? What does that mean! You’re not talking about that kind of tripping, are you; I’m worried~. Why didn’t you stop him, Long-hair!

Wataru: Excuse me, I didn’t explain well enough~. Eichi is on a trip... he’s taking a trip to the land of dreams

He made no response whatsoever when I called out to him, so he must be absorbed in a truly entertaining fantasy

Tori: Don’t say things that make me even more worried! You said he was in the Student Council room, right? I need to hurry up and check on him!

Wataru: Himegimi, you shouldn’t run in the hallways~? Hm, he’s already out of sight

I hope he doesn’t fall and hurt himself; if Butler-san finds out, he’ll probably interrogate me with the look of a demon

Mitsuru: Hentai-kamen-nii~chan, shouldn’t you chase after Hime-chan?

Hime-chan looked worried. He’ll probably be reckless, I’m the same, so I understand

Wataru: Himegimi is a huge fan of Eichi, after all. Just because they’re in the same “unit,” it doesn’t mean his feelings of admiration will diminish

It’s better for him to see for himself than listen to hearsay. The moment Himegimi sees Eichi, he will realize that his fears were groundless

He is the “Emperor,” but he is also a human2; how splendid. This world is indeed overflowing with surprises.....☆

Chapter 4 << | index | >> Chapter 6

1. In English
2. Literally, “a person’s child”

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