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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Chapter 6

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Location: Student Council Room

Tori: President!

Eichi: A blue sea and a blue sky! Putting on a swimsuit and swimming around; lying down on the sand and getting suntanned sounds nice too

In the end, those are the stories of dreams, though. It’s taboo for idols to get suntanned, though it’s not as if there haven’t been idols who made that part of their appeal

But there are very few of them; and, in my case, before getting suntanned, I might collapse from heat stroke. Even if I swim in the sea, my stamina won’t last long

Splish-splashing my legs by the coast is the most that I can do

That’s why I use my imagination—just as our audiences do with us. Idols might be unreachable to them

But there is still space for imagination, for fantasy

It’s no stretch to say that imagination is what truly brings out the greatest power in people

Tori: P-President~? You’re livelier than I expected, but aren’t you overstraining yourself~? Are you okay~?

Eichi: Oh, Tori. I didn’t realize that you entered the room; how long have you been there?

Tori: Since around, “A blue sea and a blue sky”~, I think. Long-hair told me President was tripping, so I got flustered and rushed all the way here

Long-hair, you tricked me~!

Eichi: No, Wataru is right. I opened up a trip magazine and got lost in my fantasies

I didn’t even realize that Wataru left the Student Council room. It’s no good when I get excited—I lose track of my surroundings

Tori, I’m sorry for making you worry. As you can see, I’m in good shape

My condition is surprisingly stable [today]; I even purchased a magazine at the school store and enjoyed being on a trip one step ahead of everyone else ♪

Tori: I didn’t know they sold this sort of thing at the school store. President, show me~. Tell me about it ☆

Eichi: Fufufu. Tori sure likes being spoiled

This isn’t a fairy tale that begins with “once upon a time;” this sort of thing ought to be looked at and enjoyed

This page is especially wonderful. A beautiful sea, printed across two pages. Looking at this sort of thing makes you want to go there, doesn’t it?

There was a pamphlet, so I got one of those, too

Apparently you can decide your whole schedule with just this; they’ve even planned out the places to visit in advance, how efficient...♪

Tori: President, you look like you’re having fun~♪ There is an ocean right by the school, but it’s all gloomy in the winter, after all

A~ah. Now I really want to go on an overseas trip with President

If it’s Guam, we can go there in a day—I wonder if we can say that we’re visiting to get a feel for the “Dream Travel” live?

Eichi: It’s been decided that the next Student Council President is Mao, but I would feel bad making him do all the work. Keito is also working hard—working himself to the bone

It’s not the kind of atmosphere where we can say, “We’re going on a little trip.” Ever since we established the “S3,” proposals have come flying in at every moment

Even in the brief span of time that I was concentrating on this trip magazine, new proposals were carried in and piled up. I assume they’re all “S3” proposals

“B1” are unofficial battles; even if I personally encouraged them, as the Student Council, we cannot be allowed to recognize them

If we find them, we crack down on them. But that means dissatisfaction will continue to grow

Free-spirited DreamFes performances will truly enliven Yumenosaki Academy. That is why we established “S3,” and are observing how things go

We still don’t know how things will turn out. But the fact that proposals are constantly sent in suggests that everyone really welcomes “S3”

Chapter 5 << | index | >> Chapter 7

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