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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Chapter 7

Chapter 6 << | index | >> Chapter 8

Location: Student Council Room

Eichi: The issue is the Student Council staff... It would also be a problem if “S3” took the place of “S2”

If we put all our funds into the free-spirited “S3,” and the scale of the “S2” was downsized as a result, we’d be getting our priorities wrong

We’ll probably start seeing other bigger and smaller problems as well

Not everything is going to work out from the start; repeated trial and error are what sublimate things to become better

Mao will probably have to work hard dealing with all that

Yuzuru is an excellent helper, and I think he will support Tori well

Tori: I’ll need Saru to be a sturdy link, carrying on the Student Council that President built until I become President

When my turn comes, I’m going to make the Student Council so amazing that President will praise me, “as expected of Tori”~♪

Eichi: Thank you, Tori. Now I feel like I have to live long no matter what

The secret to a long life is to look forward to things; perhaps I will become an exception within my family, just like my grandfather and great-grandfather

Wataru: Eichi, excuse me

Eichi: Oh, how rare for Wataru to enter the room normally. Whatever brought that on?

Wataru: Even I can make a normal entrance every once in a while

I met Anzu-san on my way here, too, so I couldn’t possibly make an entrance through the window

Eichi: Fufu, I see. Anzu-chan, welcome to the Student Council. I was waiting for you to arrive; please, sit down. Let me brew you some warm tea ♪

Tori: Eh? President~, does that mean you have business with Anzu, too?

I don’t care for Long-hair, but Anzu is totally welcome! You’ve been super busy since the new year started, right? Enjoy yourself here

Wataru: What a passionate welcome~; I’m almost jealous ☆

Eichi, relaxing and drinking tea is fine and all, but Anzu-san looks quite uncomfortable

Her expression says that she can’t relax because she doesn’t know why she was called here

Eichi: You can read someone’s thoughts just by looking at their face? How frightening; it seems impossible to keep secrets from you

Wataru: Anzu-san is just easy to read. More importantly, Eichi, you didn’t call Anzu-san here to lecture her, right?

Eichi: You’re right. As a “producer,” you’re working plenty hard—no, you’re working too hard

You also know that the “S3” was established, right? “Everything is super busy because that’s currently in progress”....?

You’re right. “S3” can only be planned by the “producer” or the individual “unit” leaders

So it makes sense that you’d be overburdened with work

And I’m about to ask Anzu-chan to do yet another job. Watch me make a completely unreasonable demand and make you wary of me

Chapter 6 << | index | >> Chapter 8

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