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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Chapter 10

Chapter 9 << | index | >> Epilogue 1

Location: Shopping district

Yuzuru: Thank you for waiting; I will gift you these ♪

Shinobu: Yaaay! I had to return the ninja outfit I wore during “Fuun Emaki” when the stage was over, so I’ve been wanting my own outfit ♪

Hajime: So this is a ninja outfit~. Ehehe, does it suit me?

Mitsuru: Shinobu-chan, Hajime-chan, we got outfits, so let’s pretend to be ninjas! Let’s go to the park, dash dash~♪

Oh, before that, I have to say my thanks! Yuzu-chan-senpai, thank you! I’ll take good care of it. Da~sh ☆

Hajime: Wah, Mitsuru-kun, wait a moment~. Um, Fushimi-senpai, thank you. I’m sorry for all the commotion, excuse us, please!

Shinobu: Fushimi-dono, I will not forget this kindness ♪ Mitsuru-kun, Shino-dono. I will go with you too, don’t leave me behind~!

Yuzuru: Fufu, it is best for children to be lively

If bocchama were here, it would have been a good opportunity for him to grow close with his schoolmates; I am sorry that he is not

Eichi: Ah, that was delicious....♪ The black tea at this store really is superb; I want to drink it every day

Keito, you should have been less reserved and asked for more

It’s too good to drink just one cup; even when I recommended it, saying, “it’s delicious,” you made a sullen face. Do you dislike black tea?

Keito: I just came along to look after you. You drank ceaselessly and took in too much caffeine

Eichi, you haven’t forgotten that your doctor restricted your caffeine consumption, have you?

Eichi: I remember just fine. I intended to do whatever I wanted while the demon was away1, but for some reason, you just tagged along, Keito

A lot of Student Council work has accumulated, right. Thank you for working your day off

I said I’d help, too, but you were all, “There’s nothing for you to do. Just rest at home”

You complain that because I established the “S3,” “there aren’t enough hands to go around,” and yet

When I try to help, you say, “I’ll do it, there’s no need for you to lend a hand,” and try to distance me from work

You’re so mean, Keito. You’re stealing my fun; you should at least forgive this little self-indulgence of mine

Keito: What if that self-indulgence threatens your lif.......

Hm? Fushimi, is that you there? If you noticed us, you could have greeted us

Yuzuru: I am sorry. I did not think it was appropriate to interrupt your idle conversation. Well then, President-sama. Vice President-sama. Good morning

Keito: It’s not the right time of day to say “good morning,” but polite greetings do feel good. Good morning, Fushimi

You’re also wearing your school uniform; why don’t you at least take a break on your day off... that’s not something I should be saying, but

Yuzuru: Thank you for your hard work as well, Vice President-sama. Work is happiness; my heart leaps with joy because I am able to work on my day off

You need a hobby to live a charming life, after all

Eichi: Did you hear that, Keito? Drinking tea is like a hobby for me; if you take that away, my life will cease to be charming

If someone took away your art supplies, you would lose your guidepost in life, wouldn’t you?

Keito: It’s nothing that extreme. Drawing manga isn’t my hobby, and I’ve neglected it ever since Student Council work got busy

I recently downloaded some illustration software onto my computer to get used to digital art, but at most, I fumble around with it before going to sleep

It’s nice that it doesn’t require screentones like traditional art does, but you have to save frequently, and

It feels unfamiliar to me because I’m so used to inking with a pen

Eichi: Fufufu...♪

Keito: What are you laughing about; I don’t recall saying anything that would make you laugh

Eichi: Don’t you realize, Keito? You said it wasn’t a hobby, but you just pretty much acknowledged that it is one

No matter how busy you are, you spend time on your hobbies. After all, that’s what gives life its charm; without it, life would be the same as a barren wasteland with no vegetation

I’m grateful that you care for me, but we’re friends, right?

We could drag everyone into another childish fight of ours2, but it’s no good for the Student Council to focus their attention on a “B1” when the “S3” has been established

“B1” might become lively once again

Even though we’re encouraging the DreamFes to be free-spirited in nature, violent DreamFes performances like the “Ryuuousen” won’t pass... or rather, we can’t let them pass

Keito: I understand. I apologize for treating you like a child. I really am overly worrisome

You’re going to host “Dream Travel,” right? I could lecture you over whether it’s appropriate for you to be performing an outdoors live when your condition is unstable

But when you say that you’re “carrying this out in order to find points of improvement for the ‘S3,’” I can’t object

There were no faults in the proposal, either, so all I can say to you is “don’t force yourself”

Eichi: Rest assured, there are many things left for me to do. If I die here, I’ll come back as a ghost

Though possessing you does seem fun, Keito, and haunting people, saying “feel my vengeance~3,” fufu ♪

Keito: That’s nothing to laugh about, Eichi. Are you really going to be all right? I’m worried, so I’ll be there on the day of the performance. My decision is absolute; I’m not going to back down regardless of what you say

Eichi: Eh~.... You can come watch, but I have no intention of making goods, so you don’t have to help out or anything, okay

If you promise to enjoy the show as an audience member, feel free to come

Keito: Yes, I promise. Fushimi, please look after Eichi’s condition as well. Though, knowing you, you’ll probably support him without being told to do so....♪

Yuzuru: Fufu, I understand. I shall prepare a special seat for you

I heard from bocchama that his schoolmates were coming to watch the live as well; it seems like it will be a lively one

Vacations are meant to make the heart bounce, after all; I, too, will use my experiences during the school trip to fully enjoy this event...♪

Chapter 9 << | index | >> Epilogue 1

1. The literal translation of this idiom is, “I intended to do the laundry while the oni was away”—meaning you’re going to do whatever you want while whoever is in charge isn’t watching
2. That little childish fight...
3. "Urameshiya" is the standard phrase for ghosts—kind of like "boo!"

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