2017-09-29 07:49 pm

Bad Boy Portrait | Chapter 6: One Touch Explosion

"One Touch Explosion" refers to a super tense situation; essentially, a bomb that could be set off with a single wrong move.

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2017-09-29 06:00 pm

Bad Boy Portrait | Index

Translator’s notes:

First and foremost: please listen along to the audio! It’ll make your experience a thousand times better. There’s so much that can’t be conveyed with just the text alone. You can listen in-game. Ranking up will unlock new chapters, and the chapters of Bad Boy Portrait are unlocked at Rank 30~44.

This translation will account for tone and context more than exact meaning. Because the main story of A3 is fully voiced, the conversations flow like… well, actual conversations. (If you’ve read our Ensemble Stars stuff, you might know that we were more rigid with getting the exact meaning down.)

We’ll also be a bit more flexible with profane language, since the Autumn Troupe has a handful of “bad boys.” (Though it’s mostly Banri and Juza.) There’s no real way to accurately translate profanity from Japanese to English, so apologies in advance if that turns out to be off-putting.

Finally, the main character will be referred to by her default name, Izumi.

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