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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Suspicion and Fears - 6

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Location: Fountain

Ritsu: Moshi-moshi1, Ma~kun?

Yup. I’m doing staff work with Yuuta-kun, just as I was told to do

Praise me~, because even though it’s a pain, I’m working for free

Yup. You and Anzu are headed towards the management headquarters for now, right?

Yup yup, understood.... If something happens, I’ll get in touch, so leave your smartphone on

Yuuta: Out with the demons, in with fortune~♪

Ritsu: Oouch.... Hey, don’t throw beans so haphazardly

It doesn’t hurt that much—they’re beans, after all—but it’s somehow irritating

Yuuta: Ahaha, Ritsu-senpai is a vampire, right? You’re a kind of “demon2,” so won’t you die if you get hit by beans?

Ritsu: Tch, tch, tch. In this context, “demons” refers to ghosts.... things that are ghostly entities or personifications of negative feelings, such as ill will and sorrow

It doesn’t refer to a species; so it’s all right

It’s like when a vampire is basked in sunlight—just because they’re hit by beans, it doesn’t mean their physical body will be destroyed

Only the negative feelings inside of me will be exorcised~, my logic is bulletproof ♪

Yuuta: What a glib talker; I really get the sense that you’re Sakuma-senpai’s younger brother~

Ritsu: Don’t compare me to that thing. Yuuta-kun, you would also get irritated if you were compared to your older brother, right? Anija is anija, and I am me~♪

Yuuta: N~.... I used to dislike it a little when people put me and aniki together, but. Recently, I don’t feel that way; actually, it might make me happy

Aniki, he’s amazing, you know. Even though we were born at the exact same moment into this world—in other words, even though we “took our marks” together...

He’s better than me at everything

Singing, dancing, everything—he’s at a higher level than me. He’s ahead of me, always. He’s sociable, and good at communicating, too....

I’m envious, or, should I say, it makes me jealous

Because he did everything for my sake, so that I wouldn’t be burdened.... That’s probably why he became better than me at everything

Rather. When I’m grouped together with that sort of aniki, I feel like I’m the one being overly praised

So recently, I’ve really been feeling humbled3

I’m always dragging him down. Really, even without me, aniki could have become anyone....

He’s the sort of person who can draw the most attention, no matter where he is

Rather, it might have been better if someone like me didn’t exist.... Ju~st kidding4

Ritsu: Yuuta-kun, you’ve got that wrong

Yuuta: Uhyah? Wh-what is it? Your face is close?

Ritsu: Let’s see, I’ll explain it so that even a foolish child can understand......

These living beings called “older brothers” have no value in life without the existence of their “younger brothers”

They’re pitiful creatures with no right to even intake oxygen and release carbon dioxide

Yuuta: Uuh....m? No, don’t they at least have basic human rights?

Ritsu: They don’t. There’s no way they would. They’re the slaves of “younger brothers”; mere appendages who can only live without embarrassment thanks to us “younger brothers”

That is the major premise; good? Got it?

Yuuta: Well, no, it’s not good, but....?

Ritsu: Therefore. There’s absolutely no need for us to feel apologetic

They are pitiful beings, whose roles are to live, work hard, cough up blood for the sake of their “younger brothers,” and die because of that

We just need to sit back, command them to “do this, do that,” and use them as we please...

We simply need to put up with accepting everything that our poor, foolish “older brothers” provide

Yuuta: Ritsu-senpai, you.... You’re brothers with an age gap, so. There’s definitely no way you’d understand my feelings

The fact that he, that aniki acts like an older brother is just by “chance,” so

By chance, he was taken out of our mother’s womb first

Even that’s not certain. When we heard about this later from our mother, aniki said, “Then I’m the older brother!”

That’s all; we don’t know the truth

I might have been the “older brother.” Because of a slight coincidence, because of a turn of events, I’m now the “younger brother,” but

I might have been the “older brother” and he might have been the “younger brother”

But. He dutifully acts like an “older brother,” giving me many, many things

Up till now, he gave me the good parts of everything

Even though I might have been the “onii-chan.” I might have stolen everything that he, “Hinata-kun” was supposed to obtain

If that’s the case.... then, I still feel sorry

Ritsu: (H~m. This problem is more deeply-rooted than I expected. What a pain....)

(It also bothered Anzu, and because anija consulted me all about it—even though I never asked him—I have a grasp of the situation, but)

(“They’re my beloved children, don’t you feel bad for them, won’t you help them out”.... Anija asked this of me, but)

(This seems impossible.... I’m not good at dealing with humans; I’m the same as anija)

(Well, I’ll do what I can. Since it’s an eyesore to have anija making a cloudy face at home all the time....)

(It’s better for brothers to get along, after all)

Yuuta: What’s wrong, Ritsu-senpai? I’m sorry for saying something strange....?

Ritsu: N~n [don’t mind it]. Anyhow, let’s move to the next location; we threw our beans, so we also have to replenish our supply

While we’re at it, I want to get my hands on a parasol; the direct sunlight is pretty harsh when we’re outside

Yuuta: Yes. I’m sorry for making you help out.... It seems like we’re short on staff members, so nothing is going smoothly

Ritsu: It’s fine. It’s Ma~kun’s request, and it’s a good way to kill time

It’s been a while since Ma~kun asked me to help him out with something, you know....

He does everything on his own, and nags [about it], but he rarely asks for help

Even though he’s younger than me; he should ask to be spoiled once in a while.... That’s why I was happy, and I’ll do what I can to help

Leave it to me~, I’m someone who can do it if I try ♪

Yuuta: Ahaha. So I’ve heard, from Sakuma-senpai ♪

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1. “Moshi-moshi” is how you greet someone on the phone
2. Vampire = 吸血"鬼"; Yuuta is pointing out how vampires are also oni (“鬼”)
3. “恐縮” is a weird word—it means "being grateful/humiliated/ashamed/obliged" etc.; but basically it’s a way of expressing thanks
4. "な〜んて" is a phrase that you attach to the end of a sentence when you want to lighten the mood; in other words, it's slang, and the closest equivalent in this context would be "just kidding" or "just saying~"