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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Fumbling in the Dark - 1

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“Fumbling in the dark,” another 4-character idiom. Anchuu = in the dark, mosaku = groping/fumbling/etc. The meaning of this phrase is basically to search for a solution to a problem, usually blindly through trial and error.

Location: Secret Room

Rei: Hm. It seems it has been a few hours since the “Setsubun Festival” started

I would not say that everything is going perfectly, but things are generally progressing as planned

It seems that there weren’t enough staff members, so they only defeated a few “demons” with the beans they threw, but....

As time progresses, the number of victims increases

The “demons” who are constantly pressed and fleeing become exhausted

On top of that, once struck by a bean, the hunted become the hunters; therefore, the number of “demon” victims will only keep increasing at an accelerated rate

Well, this is predetermined harmony. It would be a problem if things finished up too early, so I have been getting in touch with some cornered “demons”, letting them know where to run

You can grasp the general situation if you look at the surveillance cameras set up in various places around the school, or the videos being filmed for the “In-School TV Program”

Getting in touch can be done by smartphone

Moshi-moshi. Yes, a group of staff members are headed your way. The connecting corridor should be shorthanded, so you should either force your way through, or escape to another floor

That should do it. The “demons” are all running away individually, so it is difficult to keep track of their locations and movements

It should be about time for the staff side to suspect the “demons’” unnatural movements, but

I had my spies mix in with the staff members; they will probably confuse them well

They have been sending me secretly-filmed videos this way, and reporting on the situation in great detail. There is not a single oversight ♪

For a little while longer, everything will play out atop the palm of my hand

Hinata: You sure are lively~, Sakuma-senpai

Rei: Kukuku. Hinata-kun, you should also watch me carefully and learn

I do not really want to teach these sort of immoral tactics—or should I say, underhanded tricks, to the children of “UNDEAD,” so

I want those children to live honestly, following the path lit by the sun. They are all tremendously good children, after all; I want them to confidently walk along the proper path

The once-dead become the undead, and, one day, they will become the living. They will get involved with this world, and live a straightforward life

I wish to watch that proudly from under the grave

Those children have not committed any crimes. They are unsoiled, mere babies who were left behind in the graveyard by chance

I wanted to raise them—just as in The Peony Lantern1

Most ghost stories end with a tragedy-like conclusion, but I should be allowed to dream that much

My affection for them lingers; at the very least, I want to give the children who looked up to me a brilliant future

That is why. Let me teach my wily ways to Hinata-kun

The evil wiles of one the former monstrous2 “Five Oddballs”... ♪

Hinata: Mumu... Going by the flow of things, that makes me sound like a bad child?

Rei: You are a good child; so much so that it is eerie. A mysterious, orphic child of monsters needs a suitable education, don’t you think?

I was not able to give you two much, after all....

Graduation is near, and I was possessed with a feeling of deep reluctance

Child, adorable child.... To make a dotard like me, with so few regrets left in this life, harbor such feelings

How terrifying; you’re a small monster ♪

Hinata: What are you talking about.... You’ve been saying “monster,” “monster,” but I do consider myself human, you know

Rei: Those around you do not think so. Are you not aware of your distorted way of being?

Monsters are not born as monsters; they become monsters when they are named that way. This goes for vampires, werewolves, ghosts, devils, and, of course, demons as well ♪

It is setsubun. If you don’t return to being a human soon, you will be chased away, “out with demons~.” My beloved children who should be able to embrace happiness within...♪

I will not teach you everything step by step

Lions kick their adorable children down the depths of a bottomless ravine; by showing them how to hunt, they help them realize how to live

Child with the name of sunlight. Watch, to the full extent, the way a monster of the dark night lives

Hinata: .............

Rei: Muh, a phone call from little miss Anzu

Moshi-mo~shi? Little miss? Kukuku, I have gotten a little more familiar with using my smartphone, have I not?

Hibiki-kun and Sakasaki-kun explained it to me the other day ♪

Yes. I knew little miss would contact me; you are faster than I expected. Good child, good child ♪

Fuhahaha, “What are you plotting”...? That is not a question you should ask me; think for yourself ♪

Hey now, little miss Anzu.... You seem to be misunderstanding; though, this happens with me all the time

For some reason, people think I am good and kind, acting for the sake of others

We are in love with humans, so, we do tend to work ourselves to the bone for their sake, but

That does not mean that I am always on your side; it would be troublesome for me if you assumed that

Little miss, who do you think I am? I am the boss of the “Five Oddballs,” figures who devastated Yumenosaki Academy and were celebrated as the embodiment of disorder

If you think this Sakuma Rei is a good-willed person, I feel sorry for you, but it is more than just a misunderstanding

Re-examine your thoughts, throw aside your rose-colored lenses, and decipher my intentions

If it is you, little miss, you can do it. You who, even within hell, were not tainted with malice, and drew close to the stars of hope

Yes. This time, I am your enemy, so. You should prepare yourself before challenging me; when I play an evil role, I am quite a difficult opponent ♪

I wish you the best of luck. Run around as much as possible, little miss... No, “Producer,” who guides idols to their brilliant futures

See you, then, little miss. It seems like things are going to get a little lively, so I will end this call

....Fufu. I wonder if I troubled her; it makes me feel a little guilty to toy around with an innocent girl

Now then.... This is not something an old man should do3, but I will go wild for the first time in a while ♪

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1. The Peony Lantern is a ghost story (kaidan) which features “love from beyond the grave”—the ghost of a woman continues to visit the man she loves after her death. By making this reference, Rei is likely speaking of himself as if he were dead, and expressing his desire to love UNDEAD from his grave
2. “Monstrous”—the actual phrasing of this sentence goes “...the former ‘Five Oddballs’ who were called like monsters,” meaning that the “monster” appellation was given to them rather than inherent
3. This idiom goes, “an elderly person bathing in cold water...”