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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Fumbling in the Dark - 2

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Location: Hallway

Mao: How was it, Anzu? What did Sakuma-senpai say?

Muh. Seems like he evaded the question, huh; that person is Ritsu’s older brother—he’s a glib talker

Like, they’re talkative, but it’s difficult to grasp the truth [behind what they’re saying]

Ah, don’t make that sort of face. It’s all right.... Do you really think that he’s an evil person trying to ensnare us?

Even if that were the case, the value of everything he’s done for us up till now won’t change

That person is our benefactor; he’s one of the distinguished people who created this peaceful era

If he’s an insensible, evil person trying to crush that with his own hands, then.... We should knock him away and defeat him; “out with the demons~,” you know ♪

Hm. Sakuma-san said something like, “decipher my true intentions”? Then, let’s do that

Looking back at things, that person was always like that, wasn’t he. He helped us so that we wouldn’t stop thinking or stand still

He never tried to force us to do his bidding, or use us like his pawns

He made us think for ourselves; let us grow and gain muscle, so that we could face all sorts of difficulties

It’s probably the same this time too. He’s acting like a villain and giving us a trial to make us stronger

But he’s not going to treat us like beginners anymore, huh... This is a difficult stage with no guidance ♪

Sora: HaHa~♪ Are we talking about games?

Mao: Woah!? You surprised me; when did you get so close!?

Sora: I wore an invisibility cloak! This is a joke, is it amusing?

If it is amusing, you laugh! HaHiHuHeHo~.....☆

Mao: You’re Harukawa, of “Switch”.....

Ah, this guy’s a “demon”! He hasn’t been hit by beans yet, so he’s not on the staff side!

Let’s hit him with beans! Out with demons~, in with fortune~!

Sora: HiHi~♪ Your aim is on point~, good, good ☆

When you see an excellent trick, you clap! Clap Clap.... But, it’s too on point, making it easy to avoid~?

Mao: Woah, what’s with him!? I’m throwing beans from this close, but he avoided all of them!

This, this guy! Moving around restlessly....!

Sora: HuHu~♪ I’m good at this sort of thing! Demon, come this way, catch me; I’m clapping my hands1~☆

Mao: This, you!! Stop evading~!

Sora: (Muh? This is troubling! I have something to do beyond this corridor, but “Sari-san” is in the way, so I can’t get by?)

(Should I make a detour? No, this way is faster!)

HeHe~♪ I’m sorry, pardon Sora for a bit!

Mao: Ooh!? You.... that’s dangerous, don’t jump out the window! This is the second floor; if you fall, you’ll really hurt yourself!

Sora: It’s no problem! To Sora, the walls and the ground are the same! Nobody, nothing can stop Sora~♪

Tōryanse, tōryanse2~♪ HaHiHuHeHo~.....☆

Mao: Ooh? That guy, he’s moving along the building walls so easily~! What is he, a ninja!?

Anzu, we’ll chase after him! Actually, let’s head to the ground ahead of him, and stuff it with cushions just in case he falls!

Natsume (offscreen for this entire chapter): “Fufufu. There’s no need for thaT, Sari-kun ♪”

Mao: Nwoah!? What is it now, my heart hurts from getting surprised over and over again! Also, I’m running out of breath from making too many tsukkomi3....!

Natsume: “Ahaha. Glad you seem to be having fun, Sari-kun ♪”

Mao: This voice, you’re Sakasaki from class A, huh? Where are you!?

Natsume: “Hm.... Unlike Baru-kun and Hokke-kun, you don’t retort, saying ‘don’t call me Sari-,” I seE

You’re the same as little kitten; the type who isn’t easily affected by magiC

I suppose that’s why you can hang out with things like vampireS, as if it is normaL ♪”

Mao: What are you talking about? Actually, it’s no time for leisurely chatting! Th-this kid named Harukawa, from your unit, just jumped out the window!

Natsume: “That’s no probleM. Sora is nimbLE; he once made it to the top of a high-rise building by climbing up the wallS

Even in the worst case scenariO, at this height, if he falls, he can land without injurY”

Mao: You’ve got to be kidding? Actually, seriously, where has this voice been coming from?

Natsume: “Is it a liE? Is it the trutH? It’s no fun if that’s obvious; the space between lies and truth is precisely where joy exists ♪”

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1. A line from a nursery rhyme, chanted during children’s play
2. Another rhyme for children; this one may be more recognizable
3. The "straight man" of a manzai comedy routine. (In Trickstar, Subaru and Makoto often play boke, the “idiot”)