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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Fumbling in the Dark - 3

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Location: Hallway

Mao: ....You’re saying pointless things to stall for time, aren’t you?

Is your goal to let that kid named Harukawa escape while we talk?

Natsume: “I wondeR; maybe I’m simply toying around with yoU?

After all, you are a detestable person who fit right into the spot meant for mE, Magician Sari-kun ♪

Mao: Seriously, what are you talking about....

Anzu, please check around you! It seems like he left his smartphone somewhere, and is relaying his voice through that!

Natsume: “It functions as a surveillance device as weLL. It’s not against the rules, is iT; I just happened to forget my smartphone there by chancE ♪”

Mao: Is that so. Then, we’ll throw it into the lost-and-found box in the Student Council room, so come pick it up later, all right?

Oh? Anzu, you found the smartphone? You’re pretty sharp-eyed, aren’t you ♪

Natsume: “...I’m warning you for your own sakE, but if someone other than me touches that smartphone, it will emit a high-voltage currenT

If you don’t want to get burned, you shouldn’t touch iT, you knoW?”

Mao: Woah!? Are you serious? Are you okay, Anzu? You dropped the smartphone, did it really emit a current.....?

Sakasaki, you! There are things you can do and things you shouldn’t do, you know!

Natsume: Of course I can discerN [between the two]. I just used a chemical that causes a little shock if you touch iT; rest assured, it causes no harm to the human bodY

By the waY, the impact of hitting the ground triggers the smartphone to destroy itself from the insidE

So it’s impossible to use it to figure out where I am and sucH, ahaha ♪

This is fuN; I feel like I’ve become an irregular criminal or monsteR ♪”

Mao: You.... Cut it out, do you really like making fun of people that much!?

Natsume: “Ahaha, I’m happy that I could make you maD

But if someone like me can trifle with yoU, you definitely can’t deal with Rei-niisan ♪

Now theN.... Seems like Sora has safely arrived at an area free from dangeR; everything is going according to plaN. Let us talk agaiN, both of yoU ♪

Bye-by~e ♪”

Mao: Ah, I can’t hear his voice anymore! Did the smartphone really break....?

What’s going on, dammit! Seriously, they’re making us run around in confusion this time~? At this rate, Vice President is going to lecture me later!

Keito (offscreen): Did you mention me, Isara?

Mao: Hm? This voice... is it Vice President? I can hear Vice President’s voice from around the corner?

Keito: Hmph.... I don’t know what happened, but calm down, Isara. Always respond to the situation calmly and coolly. That is how Student Council members ought to act

By the way, I came to check on the situation because the school was so noisy

I was resting in the infirmary because I didn’t feel well, but I couldn’t possibly stay asleep when things are this rowdy

Mao: Ah, because you ate those soybeans and you were exhausted....


Natsume (model appears): Hey there ♪ Did you think I was the Vice President? Too baD, it’s Sakasaki Natsume ♪

Mao: Eh, but right now, I heard Vice President’s voice....?

Natsume: I can do vocal mimicrY; though my skill is not as refined as Wataru-niisan’S

It’s noisy everywhere, and difficult to catch what people are sayinG; plus, you’re worked up, so it’s easy to fool yoU ♪

Mao: F-for what purpose....?

Actually, you know what, you’re not getting away this time1! It’ll be easier if I just ask you; I’m gonna catch you and make you to tell us what Sakuma-senpai is thinking!

Natsume: WaO, how violenT..... But I already guessed you’d make that sort of a movE ♪

Click, Click, Click....♪

[Hallway background turns dark.]

Mao: Woah!? It got pitch black all of a sudden, did the power go out?

No, did you do something again.... Sakasaki!?

Natsume: Ahaha. If it’s this darK, even if you throw beans, they won’t hit, will theY?

I’m a magiciaN, so I’m not good with direct combat; that’s why I messed with your sighT ♪

In ancient times, magic entailed this sort of tricK, not showy things like releasing flameS

Even now, what we call “magic2”.... Techniques like these remain a part of magic tricks

It’s not a skill necessary for an idoL, but they do say that tricks may help you in times of need, don’t theY3

Mao: Ah, I can’t see him too clearly, but his voice is moving further away! Do you plan on running, Sakasaki!?

He’s probably this way! Let’s chase after him, Anzu!

Wait u~p, you! Don’t take the Student Council so lightly.....!?

You thought you’d got us? The~re you are! Have some beans....!

Natsume: Nn!? H-how did you know where I waS? You shouldn’t be able to see anything, righT?

Mao: Who do you think I am? I’m Ritsu’s childhood friend. He’s always asleep in pitch-black places, so I’m used to looking for him

You made your voice smaller and smaller, making it seem like you were fleeing far away, right? And then you took that opportunity to secretly hide in an empty classroom!

If you can mimic voices, then you should be able to stage that sort of trick as well. I couldn’t hear any footsteps, so I thought something was weird~

....I told you not to take me too lightly, you bastard4

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1. This idiom translates literally to: “I've met you at last, (once) in a hundred years,” meaning, “I've finally found you and am not letting you go”
2. He uses the katakana for “magic,” マジック, as opposed to 魔法 in the previous sentence. "Magic tricks" = 手品
3. This idiom goes, “tricks will help you out”—the meaning is as translated in the text
4. Translator’s opinion on “bastard”: there's really no equivalent to what Mao calls Natsume in English, so the translation probably comes off as a little more rude than intended. (Mao calls Natsume “konnyaro” a number of times, but it mostly means “you (this dude)”; you might also see it translated as something like “this guy,” which sounds odd in most contexts...)