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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Fumbling in the Dark - 4

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Location: Hallway

Natsume: Well done ♪ You didn’t overlook any hintS; if this were the simple-minded Baru-kun, he would definitely have been trickeD

You really are my natural enemY, Sari-kun ♪

I’ll say this just in case, buT, the beans definitely hit me, sO. I am no longer a “demon,” I am on your sidE

Don’t keep attacking mE; I request reception as a captivE ♪

Mao: That still might be a lie, so I’m going to hit you with the beans one more time just in case. Out with demons~.... There, now we can rest assured ♪

Natsume: You are astutE. Ah, that was fuN; moving around once in a while isn’t too baD ♪

Mao: You were hit by the beans pretty easily.... Did you never plan on running away in the first place? Actually, you were caught on purpose, right?

Natsume: You were excellent; that’s aLL. This might sound like an excusE, but this time, I didn’t really intend to win, anywaY

Of coursE, I didn’t intend to drop out this early, buT

If everything goes as Rei-niisan planS, there should be no problemS ♪

Mao: Tell me what that Sakuma-senpai’s goals are. Somehow, I just don’t feel satisfied..... There’s probably no point saying this to you, but don’t lie, please

Natsume: Ahaha. If you don’t want me to liE, you need to at least cut off my tongue or somethinG

But, weLL, I’ll teach you a little piece of the truth to reward you for your effortS.... If possibLE, I want you two to help out, anywaY

“That child” is Sora’s precious frienD, after aLL. In order to help solve his probleM, I’m truly here to to help, out of goodwiLL

Mao: “That child”....?

Natsume: You know, don’t yoU? It’s setsubun; the “demon” is the leading actoR

This timE, the unfortunate demon children who happened to be born into the world of humans.... “2wink” are the protagonists of this storY

Location: Secret Room

Rei: (....Muh, Sakasaki-kun contacted me)

(He got in touch via school SNS using the smartphone that seems like it self-destructed.... huh)

(As usual, he does things in a complicated way)

Hinata-kun. We’re going to move, so get ready

Hinata: Eh? I understand, but did something happen? Did the staff find out that we’re hiding in this “Secret Room”?

Rei: It seems like it is only a matter of time [until we’re found]

Apparently, Sakasaki-kun was hit by beans and became our enemy

He strictly abides by the rules of games, after all. Now that he is in the opposition, he will relentlessly come to crush us

This “Secret Room” is Sakasaki-kun’s territory, after all; it would be dangerous to stay here for long, would it not?

Hinata: That’s true.... What should we do now? Look for another hiding place?

We don’t have any method of attack; all we do is run around.... In truth, there’s nothing we can do but fool the eyes of our pursuers and move from hiding place to hiding place

Rei: It is as if we are spies during wartime. Though I suppose that is what it is like for demons in the world of humans

....Muh, do you not hear an ominous noise?

Hinata: Nn? Ah, you’re right, is that the sound of something being dragged....?

Footsteps, too! Oh no, maybe the pursuers are already here! What should we do; this is a solitary room, so if they enter, there’s no place to escape!

Rei: Hm.... There is a library outside this room. The only method of escape seems to be to jump out on the count of three, and hide behind a bookshelf to block the beans

One of us might be sacrificed, but if that happens, run away—even if it means abandoning the other. They’re just beans; even if they hit you you won’t die

We entered the “Setsubun Fes” as individuals. We moved together due to ambiguous circumstances1, but know that in the end you can only trust yourself

Hinata: All right, I’m really good at running away~. Sakuma-senpai, you have a huge frame, so it’ll probably be difficult for you to avoid all the beans ♪

Rei: I might not look it, but am actually quite nimble. But because the sun has yet to set, I am a little listless

The plan is set, then. Let us avoid idling around and flee

One, two, threee..... Let’s go2

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1. Not necessary to understanding the story but (maybe) interesting: "nashikuzushi" is a word that means "little by little"; however, the incorrect use of the word became popularized and Rei is using in here in this way
2. "れっつらごお、じゃあ"—Rei says, "Let's (la) go" in hiragana. (It's usually written in katakana because it comes from English)