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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Fumbling in the Dark - 5

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Location: Underground Library

Hinata: Glance, glance

Yup, seems like nobody is here. Come on out, come on out, Sakuma-senpai

Rei: When called, I jump out, and1~....hm? Is nobody there; how odd? Then, what was that noise we heard earlier?

Hinata: N~.... We heard something being dragged, and people speaking, right?

I wonder what that was; it’s kind of like a horror movie! Ahaha ♪

Rei: Hm. In truth, people rarely approach this area. It is strange that we heard anything at all; we need to be on alert

Let us stealthily observe the situation outside once, and...


Sora: Hina-cha~n! There’s trouble trouble, trouble~!?

Hinata: Waoh!? Wh-what happened, Sora-kun? Don’t jump on me like that~, I thought I was going to fall!

Sora: HaHa~♪ I’m sorry! When you bother someone, you apologize!

Rei: Now there, ochibi-chan. What do you mean by “trouble”? What happened; could you teach grandpa?

Sora: Yes! I will be gentle with grandpas!

Rei: Good child. Hm... Sakasaki-kun is not with you, I see?

Sora: HiHi~♪ Shisho~ was hit by beans, just like in our “plan,” so he’s no longer a “demon”~? He is now our enemy!

Shisho~, when he’s an enemy, he’s troublesome~?

Hinata: Wait, what’s this “plan”? Sakasaki-senpai... was he defeated on purpose?

Rei: Yes... But this is earlier than planned; we should move on to plan B

Sora: Yes! Plan B it is~♪

Hinata: Um, what do you mean by plan B? Geez, don’t leave me out!

Ritsu: Fufufu. Out with demons~, in with fortune~......♪

One, two, three roaches lurking in the shadows..... How convenient; the “demons” we’re hunting have all collected, I can round them up all at once ♪

Rei: Roaches, huh, that’s quite extreme..... Ritsu~, what are you doing. You look like you are wearing the “Setsubun Festival” uniform outfit, but

Hahaa, I know. Isara-kun is the supervisor of this “Setsubun Fes,” is he not? You’re helping him out, aren’t you?

Making an effort for the sake of your friend; Ritsu is a kind, good child ♪

Ritsu: Only for Ma~kun. Anyway, don’t resist; give up, raise both your arms, and slowly come out of there, anija

It’s difficult to kill you if you’re hiding in the shadows like that, you know?

Rei: You say such horrifying things in an adorable manner..... Is that so, is that so, does Ritsu want to see my face that much?

No! You came to meet your beloved onii-chan, right? I am happy ♪

Come here, come here, Ritsu~! I will hug you tightly....☆

Ritsu: ...........

Hinata: Watch out!? Wai—Ritsu-senpai threw beans instead of wasting his breath! With such force that it seems like it’d kill you if it hit you....!

Sakuma-senpai, does your younger brother still dislike you? You should learn from us, and be friendly with each other~♪

Rei: People would not consider you two “friendly.” The crucial point of this entire ruckus is for you to realize that.....

Well, in any case

Let us run. Ritsu seems like he is cooperating with the staff and hunting “demons.” It feels like we will be turned into beehives2 if we idle around

I would be truly satisfied if Ritsu killed me, but it would be pathetic for the murder weapon to be beans, you know?

Ritsu: Stop muttering, and come on o~ut? You “demons” have been completely surrounded ♪

Yuuta-kun, approach from the right side. I’ll approach from the left

The enemy has no means of retaliation, so there’s no need to be cautious. Just make sure you don’t let them go

It’s already checkmate, anija. Don’t pointlessly resist; come on ou~t....♪

Hinata: Eh, Yuuta-kun? Yuuta-kun is here?

Sora: Hina-chan! It’s dangerous if you show your face~?

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1. The full phrase is “呼ばれて飛び出てジャジャジャジャーン,” “(When) called, I jump out—jajajaja—n”
2. “Turned into beehives,” as in, “get riddled by bullets”