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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Fumbling in the Dark - 6

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Location: Underground Library

Rei: Now....! Hinata-kun, ochibi-chan! The opponent is careless—they are in a safe position, about to finish us off!

I will draw their attention, so you two should catch them off guard and escape!

Hinata: Eh, eh, but...?

Sora: Hina-chan, you don’t have time to be indecisive~? Follow me, there’s a secret path this way!

Rei: I will leave him to you. Now, I suppose it’s time to overcome this crisis ♪

Ritsu: Did you think I’d let you go....?

Rei: I am good at running around~. And Hinata-kun likely is, too

So long as you want to show only your cool side to your “younger brother”....

The sides that you can show keep decreasing; and in the end, you lose even your common ground

Even though you are family; it is sad to completely disappear from each other’s worlds

There is a lonely peacefulness once you have escaped, but. That sort of thing cannot compare to the warmth of holding hands1

Hinata-kun. So that you do not repeat my folly: listen attentively, look closely, and face reality

Unlike me, you should still have time

Hinata: ...........

Ritsu: Spouting a jumble of nonsense—you’re clearly just stalling for time....

I don’t want you to resist too much, because it’s a pain

Yuuta-kun, I’m going to focus my attention on finishing off anija for sure. You make sure your “onii-chan” doesn’t take another breath

Yuuta: No, I don’t think being hit by beans will stop anyone’s breath, but

....Aniki~, what should I do?

Aniki, you’re aiming to win this “Setsubun Festival,” right? Because if you do, you can perform a live on a big stage or something?

That’s why you’re working hard for “2wink’s” sake, right?

Then, should I cooperate with you, as part of “2wink”? But, I’m a staff member, so....?

Hinata: Yu-Yuuta-kun should do what he wants to do~? So long as Yuuta-kun is enjoying his life, onii-chan will be satisfied ♪

Onii-chan will take care of everything troublesome.....♪

Yuuta: Where and when did anyone ask aniki to do something like that....?

Ritsu: ....Yuuta-kun. If you don’t intend to fight, get out of the way. It’s bothersome to take them on one at a time, so I’ll get rid of them all at once

Using the “Setsubun Festival” staff’s ultimate weapon, the “Fukumame gatling gun”....☆

Yuuta: Eh, you’re seriously going to use “that”? It’s too dangerous, you know~.....?

Rei: Ooh, there is an ostentatious atmosphere of sorts. What is that, a firearm?

It looks familiar. If I recall correctly, Sakasaki-kun created it during the conflict era to harass Hasumi-kun, who is not good with soybeans... a weapon that shoots beans

Now that Sakasaki-kun is our enemy, it would make sense to bring out such outrageous weapons—relics of the past

Ritsu: Fufufu. The “Setsubun Festival” rules make no specification on how the beans must hit [the opponent]

You can throw them, drop them from above, or release them from this sort of weapon—anything goes

This “Fukumame gatling gun” releases six hundred beans per minute at high speed!

If it hits, “ouch” won’t cut it, so you should brace yourself.... A・ni・ja

Rei: Oh, adorable Ritsu is coming to kill onii-chan with a wonderful smile that I’ve never seen before~. There is no decency left in this world; it is making me cry. Sob, sob

Ritsu: Your fake crying is annoying. Just die, okay~, babababababam....☆

Rei: Gyaaaah!?

Hinata: Sa-Sakuma-senpai~! Are you all right!?

Rei: S-somehow I am safe. This underground library is quiet and calming, so I had carried this coffin, my sleeping place, down here

It was conveniently close by, so I used it as a shield to protect myself from the bean-fire ♪

Ritsu: Tch... As usual, he has the luck of the devil2; I couldn’t finish him

Hinata: Eh? But, was that coffin there before.....?

Rei: More importantly, do not mind me—flee!

Ritsu’s target is me; he is a kind child, after all.... He will not aim for you two with a gun!

Ritsu: I wonder~? I’ve changed quite a bit while anija averted his eyes, you know?

Well, that’s fine. I’ll just keep shooting and nail anija; all I need to do is leisurely approach him and finish him off

I can get rid of the biggest nuisance, anija, right here

What happens if all the “demons” are defeated before the allotted time? Did you properly imagine that situation? You’re never, ever thorough enough, anija....!

There, die, die, die! Out with demons~, in with fortune~........☆

Rei: Was setsubun like this? Was setsubun like this?

Please stop~, stop shooting! Onii-chan is sad! Uwaaan, please return to being the old, kind Ritsu~!?

Ritsu: Hah? You’re so arrogant; what do “older brothers” know about “younger brothers”?

Deciding all sorts of things—like that we’re nice, or whatever, all on their own! It’s infuriating.....!

Sora: Hina-chan, we will evacuate! This way, this way ♪

Hinata: Eh, uu~......? But, well, it’s not like we can do anything if we stay, so? Are you really all right, Sakuma-senpai?

Rei: Yes! My heart is sobbing in pain because my younger brother will not be kind to me, but for now, I am scratchless!

But I will not last for long, so if you are going to flee, flee quickly!

Ritsu: Yuuta-kun, chase after them, okay. I will settle things with anija

You should also confront your “onii-chan” face to face....♪

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1. This is more literally, “That sort of thing is not worth a millionth of the value of the warmth of holding hands.” That’s a lot of “of”s, so we chose this way to phrase it instead
2. “Akuun” = good luck in times of trouble; e.g. someone who avoids an accident because of good fortune