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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Deep Love - 2

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Location: Connecting Corridor (1F)

Yuuta: Um, even if you say that..... I’m also confused

This sort of thing has never happened. So, I don’t know what to do.....

Aniki is my mirror; if he’s not by my side, I don’t know what kind of face I’m making

Up till now, aniki showed me the path to travel, and taught me what to do, step by step, but. Recently, we’ve haven’t been meeting up, so

It hurts, and I don’t like it, but... I don’t understand why we became like this

As “2wink,” things are going well; we’ve left real results, gained more fans, and moved forward

Our lives are always a huge success. That’s why this is fine

I’ve always said that I want to be a successful idol, that I want “2wink” to be hugely active, just like everyone else

Without considering my position, I said so many selfish things

That’s why I’m not allowed to say, “This is different from what I expected,” now

Because—in order to grant my wish, he worked himself to pieces, running around....

It would be rude to [say that to] aniki, who devoted himself and gave up everything for my sake

Location: In front of the fountain

Hinata: Phew! I guess we somehow managed to run away....?

I’m pretty confident about my stamina, but this is rough!

As time goes by, more “demons” are defeated by beans, and become the enemy.... They join the staff side, after all?

Our pursuers just keep increasing; running around is too exhausting. Really, it’s just like a super-huge game of tag

Sora: HaHa~♪ Hina-chan, you seem like you’re good at things like tag?

Hinata: No~, these sorts of children’s games are surprisingly my weak point1. When I was little, I rarely played around with kids my age, so

I hardly have any experience. Tag, hide-and-seek, playing house.... Those sorts of games that everyone played when they were little

So, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do... Should I say, I can’t judge what the right answer is from experience

Really, when I was a child, all I did was play “games for just two” with Yuuta-kun

Games that only the two of us could enjoy; mysterious games, with rules that nobody else could understand

Sora: HiHi~♪ Is Hina-chan happy, just being “two”?

Sora always played games alone at home, so~?

Hinata: I see. It would have been nice if I met Sora-kun when we were little children

Then, maybe we would have been able to grow up a little more like people

Like normal people, you know, not out of place, not even knowing how to enjoy a game of tag....

I wonder if we could have been the same as any other young boys who exist anywhere

Sora: HuHu~♪ If that had happened, Hina-chan probably wouldn’t have become friends with Sora~?

Because we were out of place, we met at a strange place, came to know each other, and became friends

We experienced things that other people couldn’t experience, and saw things that they couldn’t see

That’s why Sora doesn’t think that... it would have been nice to meet Hina-chan, back when I was lonely

Because we met now, and became friends

Sora doesn’t know which would have been happier, but

Sora is happy now! Every day, every day is so fun that it makes me want to dance~♪

Is it different for Hina-chan?

Is Hina-chan happy?

If you are not happy, I want to do something for you~..... That’s what “magic” is for; it is a way of life that I learned from shisho~

No, Sora is Hina-chan’s friend

That’s why. I don’t want to see Hina-chan make such a sad “color”

Hinata: Um.... How do I look to Sora-kun?

Sora: HeHe~♪ It’s difficult to explain with words; that’s why Sora always acts! I run around, jump up and down, and express myself with my body!

I will ask the opposite question! How does Sora look to Hina-chan?

Hinata: N~.... You always look like you’re happy and having fun; so much so that I’m jealous. Just looking at you makes me happy, too

Sora: HoHo~♪ That is Sora’s “magic”!

It’s not just Sora; everyone sees things and senses them entirely differently

Each and every one of us has a different world. You can’t change that from the outside

If it hurts, if it feels uncomfortable, Hina-chan himself has to change!

Sora and Hina-chan are similar, so if you observe Sora, it should be a good example~?

Just as Sora was able to become happy, Hina-chan can also become happy

I want to help with that. Sora can’t use many types of “magic” yet, but

I will smile! When you see someone smiling, it naturally makes you happy~?

That is also “magic”; that is why Sora will smile lots and lots in front of Hina-chan!

Smile, sing, and dance! I would be happy if Hina-chan sees that and thinks it is somehow heartwarming~?

Fortune comes to those who smile! HaHiHuHeHo~......♪

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1. The term for “weak point” is “鬼門”—the “demon's gate”