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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Deep Love - 3

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Location: Infirmary

Ritsu: Excuse me~

There, anija, we’ve arrived at the infirmary. Actually, walk on your own; anija, you’re needlessly huge and difficult to carry.....

Don’t make your younger brother take care of you; I’m going to charge you

Rei: Sob sob. How cruel; whose fault do you think it is that I am in such a tattered state

It is because a certain somebody brought out a murderous weapon, and shot it needlessly

Ritsu: You avoided and blocked all the ones that were seriously dangerous. Ah, this is frustrating, I wanted to make you suffer even more

Rei: Fufufu. You say such harsh things, but carry me gently so that I won’t get hurt; I love that sort of Ritsu.....♪

It even seems like you left my coffin in a convenient place in the underground library, so that I could use it as a shield

That noise I heard beforehand, something being dragged—that is what it was, was it not?

How considerate, it makes me happy; you did not want onii-chan to get hurt ♪

You are a good, kind child after all, Ritsu~! I also love you more than anything else in the universe ♪

Ritsu: I’ll kill you. Look, the bed is empty, so sleep there

Rei: Wawah, do not treat me roughly

I understand; you are concealing your embarrassment, right? You actually love onii-chan, but you just cannot be honest, right?

If I think that, then I can forgive you for acting like an evil spirit—grabbing onii-chan by the collar and throwing him into the bed!

No, it actually makes you “incredibly endearing1”.....♪

Ritsu~, adorable Ritsu ♪ Please sleep by my side, just as we did when we were little children.....☆

Ritsu: .................

Rei: Ah, no? I did not say “I want you to step on me”; Ritsu, did your hearing also grow distant?

Ouch, ouch, it seriously hurts.....! Please take care of this oldster~!

Ritsu: You’re getting too full of yourself recently. I don’t want to say this, because it sounds like Secchan’s habit rubbed off on me, but, you’re so~ annoying

Keito: Don’t make too much of a ruckus in the infirmary, you two

Rei: Oh my, Hasumi-kun.... We were able to meet in the infirmary, just as planned ♪

Hinata-kun was with me the entire time, so I had trouble figuring out when to get away from him....

Thanks to Ritsu’s clever actions, I was able to come to the infirmary

Keito: Hmph.... Your drawback is that you spoil your juniors, or, should I say, you can’t shake them off when they cling to you. Well, I’m in no position to criticize

Anyhow, you two do as you please; I can’t move too freely. Isara sent in a request for help, so I need to take care of that

....Judging from Isara’s attitude on the phone, he likely sees through your plot to some extent. It’s not clear how much he has pieced together, but

But, I doubt that even Isara... suspects the connection between me and you

I’ve gotten rid of as much information about “Dead Man’s” as possible, after all

That [unit] was only active for a brief moment, and, on the surface, hardly left any impressionable results. Now, I suppose hardly anyone remembers its existence

Rei: That is quite unlike you, Hasumi-kun. Even if you erase records of the past, memories will not disappear

Keito: I understand. But if people discovered that I, who named you one of “The Five Oddballs” and suppressed you, was once your associate, it would put us in a bind

That was an ephemeral dream2. To join hands with you, who I knew before coming to this school, and become the leaders that revolutionized this Yumenosaki Academy....

Because of various factors, that sort of future collapsed

Also, I simply want to forget about “Dead Man’s.” It’s embarrassing

Rei: Well, during that period, an infinite number of various “units” were born, like bamboo shoots after rain.....

Mixed in with all that, the name “Dead Man’s” has also been buried in the darkness

It’s possible that... even wanko, who should have been a member, doesn’t remember it

Keito: That one’s an animal, after all. He’s constantly looking forward and living in the present; so much so that it almost makes me jealous

Aren’t you saved by “that part” of him?

Rei: Kukuku. Isara-kun, on the other hand, seems like he’ll be in a position where you can’t just tell him, “I forgot about it, I didn’t know about it~,” hm?

Keito: I understand. I will tell him everything eventually; we are standing atop the strata of the past

If we pretend that all of that “never happened,” we cannot even walk

But, now is not the time for that. Isara is still a baby learning to walk. If we burden him with too heavy a load all at once, he will die from the pressure

My heart hurts, because it feels like I’m deceiving the pure Isara—no, because I’m afraid he will dislike me, but

Well, that’s fine; someone needs to play the villain. This is also an investment for the future. Things such as aggravation, frustration, and a sense of inferiority can become driving forces that move you forward

There are times where you cannot get by by simply distancing yourself from your negative emotions, “out with demons”

Rei: Kukuku. Isara-kun will definitely never resent you, though. He is a straightforward child, after all; like the sunlight....♪

Keito: What do you know about Isara?

Ritsu: What does someone like you know about Ma~kun?

Rei: Huh, I am being attacked from all sides..... Isara-kun certainly is popular

Keito: Of course he is. He is going to be the next Student Council President; a statesman needs to have a unifying force

If one loses the trust of the people, the only solution is to force them into subservience through violence or the like, and such actions easily give birth to dictatorships

I don’t want to drag him into the path to hell that we passed through. They say that history repeats itself, but the first time as tragedy, the second as farce3

He is the protagonist of a comedy. I want him to live happily, in the midst of a slapstick, youthful comedy; in the midst of peaceful, ordinary days

This “Setsubun Festival” will be the commendable first act of that stage

Ritsu: ......Can I go help out Ma~kun? He’s a beginner, so he needs an assistant

Ma~kun is skilfull, but he’s really still a child, so he needs a guardian ♪

Rei: Do as you wish. Once I rest, I will start working on the final act of this “Setsubun Festival” with Hasumi-kun

Work hard for the sake of those beloved to you, but do not turn the game board upside-down

Now now, will a demon emerge, or a snake4....? It is setsubun; it would be wonderful if one could draw good fortune ♪

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1. “いとおかし” is an archaic phrase from Classical Japanese (as opposed to standard Japanese). The most famous example of its use would be from Sei Shonagon's “The Pillow Book.” “Ito” means “very;” “okashi” has several meanings, such as refined, interesting, suitable, intriguing, adorable, precious, beautiful, beloved... in other words, depending on the situation, the phrase can take on a different meaning
2. A dream of foam; something that disappears easily, like bubbles in a river
3. He’s quoting Marx
4. An idiom that means "you never know what (kind of terrible thing) might happen."