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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Epilogue - 1

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Location: Setsubun Stage

Mao: Phew..... Fi~nally, we can take a break

With this, the last stage is the only thing left of the “Setsubun Festival”

Keito: .........

Mao: You’re making a super bitter expression, Vice President. Uum, are you dissatisfied with something?

The “Setsubun Festival” was super chaotic, wasn’t it..... It was my responsibility as the supervisor; next time, I’ll do a better job, so please cut me some slack

Keito: Yes. You should try your best “next time.” This time, it couldn’t be helped, anyway; if Sakuma-san makes his move seriously, nobody can stop him

I am also responsible, because I withheld crucial information from you

There’s no need to worry too much, Isara. You too, Anzu; thank you all for your hard work today

And truth be told, the “Setsubun Festival” generally progressed according to the “Original Proposal”

We also collected plenty of material for the “In-School TV Program,” so we could call this a huge success

Ah, let me explain further. There was a hidden plot using the proposal that you two—or rather, that Anzu created as a base

This “Setsubun Festival” followed that script perfectly

Mao: So like a hidden proposal; that’s way too sketchy.....

Actually, why didn’t you say anything to me and Anzu? Thanks to that, we were running around all day

Keito: I’m sorry; however, I did leave hints for you here and there, and.... It’s your fault for not noticing the hidden proposal and failing to see through our true intentions

You never know what’s going to happen during a DreamFes; you need to constantly consider hidden motives, and prepare for anything

Didn’t you learn a good lesson this time, Isara? Do you fully understand your own inexperience and shallow thinking now?

I drank the same sort of bitter cup over and over again

I can sit back and behave arrogantly now because I suffered and grew from such experiences

Didn’t I say that mistake is the mother of success?

Mao: And necessity is the father of success, right? I’ll remember it we~ll, Vice President

One day, I’m going to understand that this was also a necessary experience, aren’t I?

Keito: Hhmph. You’re skilfull, so you tend to solve problems quickly, before things get serious

That’s not a bad thing, but you need to push your muscles to their limit in order to train them

Otherwise, you won’t grow. That’s why I tried being mean

Mao: So, the reason you used the excuse, “I feel bad because I ate soybeans,” and stayed in the infirmary.....

Was so that you wouldn’t unnecessarily help out, or spoil me—something like that?

Keito: No, I’m truly bad with beans. All sorts of things happened in the past....

Just like you, I was made to dance atop the palm of a vampire’s hand, and experienced enough embarrassment for a lifetime. Ah, how incorrigible

Mao: The mastermind of this “Setsubun Festival” is apparently Sakuma-senpai, after all

I wonder what that person really wanted to do~? It seems like he wanted to share the twins’ concerns with everyone else, but

If it’s Sakuma-senpai, couldn’t he have solved the twins’ concerns and saved them all on his own?

Keito: That person considers such acts prohibited

People tend to misunderstand him as a grand presence—he is called one of the “Five Oddballs,” after all—but Sakuma-san is not a hero who can save all of humanity

To demand such a role from one single person.... It’s cruel, don’t you think? I think so

No, if I had understood that from the beginning, things might have turned out differently

...Anyhow. I won’t meddle unnecessarily anymore. Everything from here on out is your job

The twins’ concern is certainly serious, but you should work together with everyone to help them solve it

Those children are also students and idols of Yumenosaki Academy. It’s the Student Council’s job to protect, support, and work with them, right?

Of course, that’s the “producer’s” role as well

So that young, talented people won’t be crushed so easily.... If a problem arises, consult me; I will do what I can to help

Mao: Yes..... Huh, where are you going, Vice President? Aren’t you going to watch the final stage of the “Setsubun Festival”?

Keito: I am interested, but I can simply watch the “In-School TV Program” broadcast later

I’m still not in good shape, so I’ll be resting in the infirmary... Ah, this is truly a vexing event

Mao: ....? Hn, something smells good! It’s the smell of soybeans~, is that why Vice President ran away?

Sora: HaHa~♪ Sari-san, and Anzu, too! Have some delicious sweets!

Mao: Woah? Don’t suddenly jump on me like that~, are you giving out sweets?

Natsume: To be precise, it’s not “you” but “you two”; I’m helping out, toO

Fufufu, you must know this already, buT.... We collected the beans scattered throughout the schooL, cleaned them thoroughlY, and made them into sweetS

You know, it’s that thing—“The staff enjoyed this food later on1” ♪

Only idols and staff members participated in bean-throwing inside the schooL, buT.....

Outside guests are here to watch the “Setsubun Festival” stagE, so we’re distributing these sweets for freE

It’s a “waste” to throw away food, anywaY; we’d be lucky if they could eat iT

The beans fell to the floor and grounD, but we’ve cleaned them properly, so there are no sanitary problemS

But selling them seems wronG, so we’re distributing them free of chargE. Of course, we explain that these beans were used during the event as weLL

GoodnesS. There were too few staff memberS, so I was also dragged into making sweetS

Cooking is also chemistrY, so it’s not something I’m bad at, buT

Mao: I see; thanks for your hard work

We idols are going to make chocolate during the upcoming “Chocolat Fes,” right; it’s good practice for that, don’t you think?

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1. On Japanese TV programs that feature food, this kind of subtitle frequently pops up to ensure the audience that the food is not being wasted (since most Japanese people consider wasting food a really bad thing); now, it's like a common catchphrase