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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Epilogue - 4

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Location: Setsubun Stage

Rei: No need for thanks. Did I not say that it was simply an old man’s meddling1?

With graduation ahead of me, I got a little sentimental, and wanted to bequeath something upon you two

If I was able to nurse a bud of fortune within you two, even just a little....

Then it was worth romping around unsuitably for my age; I cannot do any more than this, though

The rest is up to you. Old soldiers never die; they merely fade away2

My beloved children.... Please overcome your hardships; grow up sturdy, strong, and healthy

You are extremely good children, after all. Do become happy

Hinata: Yes. We’ll talk to each other lots and lots, and have everyone around us help.....

And we promise that one day, we’ll be able to hold our heads high and say, “We’re happy!”

Yuuta: Ahaha, we’ll probably fight lots and lots too, but. Even if we hurt each other and spill blood, we can transfuse blood to each other, so

We’ll learn from our undying senpai, and live sturdy, strong, and healthy lives

No matter how unfriendly we get, we’ll use the “Sakuma brothers” as an example, and make up

Rei: Yes; you should learn from us and become friendly, lovey-dovey brothers ♪

Ritsu: There are all sorts of things I want to say, but....

Anija, you’re going to graduate this year? Thank goodness~, if you repeated another year, we would’ve ended up in the same grade

Rei: So you intend to move up a grade as well; good, good

As an upperclassman, support your underclassmen in need. The same way you did today

Sprinkle kindness and love like a gentle rain, and make a myriad of flowers blossom in this Yumenosaki Academy ♪

Ritsu: With Ma~kun and Anzu and the others, of course. Well, I’ll do as much as I can do

Anyway. The song’s introduction already started; is this “2wink’s” repertoire?

I don’t know it too well, so I’ll just match the rhythm and dance along, okay?

Rei: Yes. The main actors are “2wink”; let us liven up the atmosphere without getting in their way

“Switch” should also appear soon, so the stage will become more crowded

It is the way of setsubun to chase out demons, but.... My beloved children invited me, so no matter how many stones or beans are thrown at me, I will stay here

I will become the shield that protects my beloved children, the flowers that decorate their departure into a new life, and the sign that points to their future

That is my happiness; that is the fortune that has existed within my heart since I was born

Aren’t we happy, Ritsu? Even in the daytime world, there are plenty of rare treasures ♪

Out with demons~, in with fortune~.....♪

Ritsu: Out with demons, in with fortune. Well, it’s true—I guess it was worth waking up early

It’s surprisingly not a bad feeling at all.... Do you think you can exorcise the demon in your heart as well, Yuuta-kun?

Yuuta: Ahaha, I don’t know just yet, but. Look at my aniki; doesn’t he have a good smile on his face?

That person is like my mirror, so, I’m probably making a happy smile as well ♪


Hinata: “♪~♪~♪~”

Yuuta: “Out with demons, in with fortune~♪ To everyone here: welcome to the ‘Setsubun Festival’ stage!

We’re the two-in-one twin idols, ‘2wink’!”

Hinata: “To those who already know us, and to those who don’t: please remember us, always!

One day we’ll definitely be famous, so if you know us early on, you can brag about it then!

Please, favor us for years to come! Stop by and take a look!

Since ancient times, twins have been symbols of good fortune! Everyone who watches us will become happy, so please enjoy ‘2wink’s’ live~♪”

Hinata・Yuuta: “Out with demons, in with fortune~.....♪”

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1. This is the same idiom Rei uses in Fumbling in the Dark - 1 about elderly people bathing in cold water, i.e., someone doing things they should not be doing
2. He’s quoting General Douglas MacArthur