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A Sun in the Palm of Your Hand | Chapter 7

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Location: Outdoor stage

Koga: Oh? That’s pretty cocky of you, Tetsu-kun...

Even though you were just a twerp, a clingy little girl stuck to your “beloved taishou ♪” like a piece of shit hanging off a goldfish....

You’re an idiot—you acted like a spoiled brat, and didn’t even realize that your admiration weighed him down....

You say you’re gonna step all arrogantly onto this stage and fight man-to-man?

Watching you pisses me off. Even if you admire someone and copy them, you can’t actually become “them,” you know

You can never be the “real” thing

You’re plucking the brilliance off of the person you love and wasting their time; all you can do is steal, rampage, and make them fall

It’s annoying having such a bothersome, depressing brat hanging around by your side. Kiryu-senpai is kind, so it seems like he put up with it till now

Hinata: Fufufu, Ogami-senpai, I wonder who in the world you’re talking about~.....♪

Koga: You’re noisy.... Whatever, there’s no point in squabbling on and on when the person in question isn’t around

Where’s Kiryu-senpai, I don’t see him~?

Kuro: If you’re looking for me, I’m over here, Ogami

Koga: ....! Woah, since when did you get on the stage? I didn’t sense your presence at all!?

Tetora: Hhmph. A true master doesn’t recklessly let their murderous intent show—they appear natural, the same as everyone else

As expected of taishou, I admire you~♪

Kuro: Haha. Having no presence is a problem for an idol, but

This time, idols are second priority; this is a battle of stubbornness between men, right?

I dunno if it’s because everyone is afraid of catching the Student Council’s eye by watching a field battle, but there’s no audience. So there’s no real reason to act all friendly

Well, that’s fine. Let’s hurry up and get started before we’re interrupted again

This time, I’ll settle things for real—I’ll end this thoroughly so that I have no regrets—

The “Ryuuousen.” My youth, dirtied by mud and blood

Hinata: “Understood! Then, I’ll do my job as the moderator from here on out!

Mic test, mic test~, though there’s no reason to liven things up with no audience ♪”

Kuro: Little miss Anzu is here. If there’s even one guest, you should give it your all—that’s what idols do, right?

Tetora: Ooh, fantastic, taishou! So this is manly virtue....☆

Kuro: Stop praising me with every word, Tetsu. It makes me itch; I start feeling like you’re making a fool of me

Tetora: Auhh, I’m sorry!

Kuro: No need to apologize. But, this time, we’re enemies.... You need to respect your opponent, but you’re going too far

If you’re gonna lavish me with compliments even after the fight begins....

That means, somewhere in your heart, you’re hoping to make your opponent feel good about themselves, so they’ll go easy on you

It means you’re a spoiled brat with no right to stand on the battlefield. I’ll look down on you, Tetsu

No, Nagumo Tetora-kun. If you’ve got no guts to fight, then go home and suck mama’s nipples or something

I won’t make a fool of you for it, you know; I’m almost jealous

If you can spend your time peacefully smiling, then... that’s really all for the best

Tetora: .......

Kuro: Haha. If you don’t want that, then, get up on stage. Bring it on. Let’s seriously fight each other at least once

If you want me to spare you the pain and terror, I’ll kick you off the stage in no time. Just like always—gently, so that you won’t get hurt

Same goes your you, Ogami. Let’s make things crystal clear. I’ll play with you boys without holding back

Koga: I was waiting for those words~, Kiryu-senpai ♪

Ever since the “Ryuuousen” in the spring, I’ve been waiting to dispel the humiliation you engraved in me!

Let’s make this our revenge match~, I’ll sink my fangs into that windpipe of yours!

Hinata: “Oh? Ogami-senpai, when did you change?”

Koga: Haha, I can’t get fired up in my school uniform, so! I’ll fight you in my kind of battle gear, and shred you to pieces.....!

Kuro: Oh, looks cool. Where’s that from—was it an outfit for some stage?

Koga: Hhmph, it’s the outfit for “Rock Fes”

I’m not here to represent my “unit” today, so I thought it’d be wrong to wear “UNDEAD’s” uniform

That’s why I got this ready! This is the embodiment of my soul, the fur of a proud wolf! Rock ‘n’ roll....☆

Now, let’s get our all-out battle started!

We don’t need to wait for that brat to get ready. Let’s leave “slowpokes” behind and have fun on our own!

You’re gonna come first, taishou of the monkey mountain, before that Vampire guy!

I’m gonna crush everyone ahead of me, make them grovel at my feet, and aim for an even higher point!

With a roar that’ll reach beneath the earth, to the bottom of the grave! I’m gonna shake this world....!

I can't afford to stumble and waste time in a place like this!

Kuro: ....That so. Sakuma sure has a good kouhai; I’m envious

What are you gonna do, Tetsu?

This time, I’m not gonna guide you along every step, so think for yourself, decide on your own, and do what you wanna do

Put me at ease; otherwise, I can’t bear to die

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