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A Sun in the Palm of Your Hand | Epilogue 3

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Location: Outdoor stage

Kuro: ...........

Tetora: Owaoh!? A sudden front kick, without a single warning.....!?

I-if I didn’t dodge it, I feel like my neck would’ve been blown off... You’re serious, aren’t you, taishou. Uu, that was a narrow escape, I fell on my bottom

Kuro: Hmph. Everyone needs to stop it with all this big talk.... Real men should stay silent, and speak with their fists instead of yapping

But. Good job dodging, Tetsu. It’s because you were properly prepared and aware that you were standing on the battlefield

Seems like you really aren’t all talk.... No, prove it to me

If you’re successful, I’ll pat you on the head ♪

Tetora: Stop! Treating me like a kiiiiiiiiiid......!

Kuro: Haha. Your punches, kicks, and leg movements are all straight out of the copybook....

You won’t hit me like that, because I’m the one who taught you karate. I know exactly how you’re gonna move

Use your brain. Get smart, so you won’t end up like me

Tetora: Because I wanted to be like you! I always....!

Hinata: “Wa-wait, don’t ignore the moderator and start the battle~? What’s going on, I get that this is an unofficial battle, but you’re a little too free here!”

Koga: Haha ♪ The “Ryuuousen” sure is fun to watch from afar!

Go get him~! Hit him! That’s what we call youth, right, gyahahahaha ☆

Hinata: “Ogami-senpai, your heckling is loud! Uuum, things are proceeding irregularly, but is it safe to say that it’s currently Kiryu-senpai’s turn~!?

During the time that Kiryu-senpai performs one song, Tetsu-kun is allowed to perform violence!

It’s a KO win if you knock the opponent out of bounds or render them incapable of movement, and a TKO win if you knock them down for ten counts!

If you can’t defeat them, we will determine the winner by vote, as usual!

Well, the only person here who can vote is Anzu-san, but, geez, everything was poorly prepared from start to finish this time!

Isn’t the “Ryuuousen” supposed to be a one-on-one battle, anyway~?

If this is supposed to be a match between Ogami-senpai and Kiryu-senpai, it’s like, Tetsu-kun, why in the world are you on stage!?”

Kuro: That’s fine. I’ll take on any number of challengers

Ogami, don’t give up after just one turn. I’ll fight you for as long as my stamina lasts, so.... Once you’re rested, come back up on stage

Truth be told, Ogami, it’s just as you said.... I planned to lose on purpose, and hand over the title of “Yumenosaki’s strongest”

That way, during the next school year... Tetsu could fight Ogami, to win back the “strongest” title

He’d have a goal—that was supposed to be my last gift to him

That’s what this “Ryuuousen” was for. But I guess I don’t have the power to spin stories the way Hasumi does

Nobody listens to me, and even without my extra attention, you guys grow up on your own....

That’s what happens when you try to do something you’re not used to. Hasumi sure works hard

But. Even if I don’t dangle a goal in front of you, Tetsu, you’re not a baby who can’t even open his eyes, so....

You can find it on your own, right?

You can decide what to grasp in your hand

According to Morisawa, it seems like Tetsu is going to support “Ryuseitai” from now on, so.... I shouldn’t burden you with excessive garments—you wouldn’t be able to move

Dressing you up in pretty clothes to keep you safe and decorate you... that’s a little overprotective. Right, Tetsu?

Haha. Looks like I was the one who couldn’t let go of my kid. Then, I guess it can’t be helped. If you say that you’re not a baby—that you’re a grown man—then

It’s rude to go easy on you. I’ll confront you head on

If I lose and get kicked off the throne, or if you guys can’t move or give in, then that’s the end

That should be good, right? If I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna be thorough ♪

Hinata: “Woah~, Kiryu-senpai is also in high spirits!

I understand, then, please do things that way~! It’s a bother for me to hang around for too long, so end things quickly, okay!?”

Tetora: Ahaha. I’ll try my best—that’s my only merit, after all

Ossu! I’ll show taishou my burning fighting spirit, dirtied with mud.....!

Kuro: Yeah. Show me all of the treasures you’ve obtained this past year. With the same old brilliant eyes

Every day, every single day, I... looked forward to seeing you like that

Tetsu. Clumsy, blundering Tetsu. You fell over and over again, and got covered in mud—yet your eyes were always shining

Even though I was worn out and tired.... I feel like I could shine a little this past year by reflecting that light

I could stand proud, thinking, I’m glad to be alive

You are my sun. No... become someone even greater than that

Become a great man who can hold the sun in the palm of his hand

That way. I’m sure I can find you, no matter how distant we are

Tetora: Ossu! In the depths of the black lava, there’s always a fire swirling! A bright red fire, the same color as taishou!

It’s going to erupt soon, and release scorching-hot magma that will reach even the heavens!

If you see that somewhere, please casually call out to me! “Hey, seems like you’re energetic as always, Tetsu”~!

Just like always! Just like you have up till now!

Taishou! My beloved taishou! Thank you for taking care of me this whole year....!

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