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Mine Lady | Chapter 1

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Location: Tori’s House (outside)

Tori: ~.....♪

Come here, come here, King! The weather’s nice today too~, perfect for a walk ♪

Wau!? Wai-hey, King!

Don’t jump on me like that~, you weigh about as much as I do, you know? I’ll get blown away, so don’t fool around!

Yup, there there, there there ♪ You’re always full of energy~; live long like that, okay?

Woah.... Hey, don’t eat the shrubbery

The gardener’s going to get mad~; if you eat a rose, its thorns are going to make the insides of your mouth all bloody, you know?

You’re surprisingly “mischievous,” aren’t you

I wonder if it’s because I spoiled you while raising you~; I’m going to make you tonight’s dinner unless you behave~? You’re going to become dog stew~?

Ehehe.... I’m kidding, were you surprised?

In other words, you’re not allowed to disobey me! So long as you’re obedient, I’ll let you taste the most wonderful happiness ♪

Ahaha. Yup, we’re covered in mud. Let’s take a shower together before breakfast. Yuzuru’s going to get mad if we’re not clean

Yuzuru:Bocchama’s mornings start early

This might come as a surprise, but bocchama lives a well-regulated life. Yes, it is the fruit of my teachings ♪

Early to bed and early to rise—that is the secret to living a long, healthy life

Well, as you can see, bocchama is a child, so he gets sleepy quickly at night

Fufu. However, he has trouble getting up in the morning, so I knock him out of bed

He wakes up with time to spare, and lately he properly changes his clothes on his own

And, as you can see, bocchama takes his dog... King, out for a walk in the morning

The outside world is full of dangers, so his routine is to take a safe walk around the Himemiya mansion’s gardens

On the occasion that he goes further out, I accompany him from the shadows

You might think I am being overprotective, but the Himemiya family is a nouveau riche.... Excuse me. It has many enemies, so I must always be prepared

Fufu, even though it is but a walk... That dog is poorly trained, or, should I say, it is impertinent like its owner, so he seems to be having some trouble

Well, they do say that children do not understand the hearts of their parents1, so....

It would be splendid if he could get a taste of my troubles through King toying around with him and making fun of him

Live and learn. All sorts of experiences will raise bocchama as the future head of the Himemiya family.... And they will help him shine; Yuzuru believes that”

Tori: .....What in the world have you been doing, Yuzuru?

Yuzuru: Oh my, you had noticed

Tori: There’s no way I wouldn’t notice~, stop making light of me, okay?

You’ve been following me from a distance ever since I woke up this morning, right?

What is it? Honestly, you’re an eyesore, or should I say, I can’t get you off my mind...

You have your work as a butler, like cleaning, right? Are you done with that?

Yuzuru: Yes. I woke up early today and “secretly” took care of all miscellaneous duties so that nobody would wake up

Since there were all sorts of other things I had to do

Tori: What do you mean... Anyway, Yuzuru, have you been secretly filming me this whole time? You’re narrating something into a microphone, too~?

Could it be that you’re plotting to film and nationally broadcast my adorable figure to increase my fanbase?

Hmph, I must say, that’s a nice plan....☆

But don’t film me now; I just got up, so my face is ugly, you know~?

If you’re going to film me, tell me in advance; I need to make preparations, too

Yuzuru: Fufu. There is no need to adorn yourself, bocchama—you are always the most adorable person in this world

Look this way, bocchama~, smile, smile ♪ Pea~ce ☆

Tori: Uu~? You just threw in a random compliment to avoid the question, didn’t you? Don’t reply evasively every time~, I’m not going to be fooled again!

I don’t really understand what’s going on, but, it’s sooo annoying! I’m an idol, too, so I’m used to being filmed, but this feels creepy because I don’t know your intentions!

Yuzuru: Fufu. Please do not let it concern you too much. There is one greater objective, and one smaller one, but....

As of now, bocchama, they are unrelated to you ♪

Tori: No, it’s bothering me. What is it.... Don’t phrase things so mysteriously~; it makes me uneasy

I’m your master; you should report things to me properly

If you make me too unhappy, I’ll unleash King on you. You don’t like dogs, right? Come here, King~, tonight’s dinner is butler meat....♪

Yuzuru: Ah, how playful.... Please, spare me just that, bocchama

....Oh, it seems we have a guest. I will go respond

Excuse me for now~; let us meet again at breakfast time ♪

Tori: N~.... What’s for breakfast today?

I’m tired of bagel sandwiches, so make it something else, okay? Yuzuru, you always try to make me confront my least favorite foods by sticking them into bagels~?

Yuzuru: .........

Tori: Huh? He~y, Yuzuru! Geez, at least respond!

.....He left. I wonder what’s up with him. We’ve known each other for quite a while, but sometimes, I still have no idea what he’s thinking

Even though we’re pretty much family. It’s distant~, don’t you think so, King.....?

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1. This is an idiom usually means “children don't know how much their parents love them,” but in context it only works when translated literally