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Mine Lady | Chapter 5

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Location: Tori’s house (drawing room)

Tori: Hmh~hhm ♪

Make sure you watch my manners as a servant closely, Anzu... ♪

Anzu, you’re supposed to be a “guest,” so you’re not allowed to work, okay? I’m going to show you how to do everything!

I want to repay you for always taking care of me, too....

If I make a mistake, don’t say or do anything; that’s when you have to be open-minded and pretend you didn’t see anything—that’s the way of a noble ♪

Ehehe. Yuzuru also made lots of careless mistakes when he was little~

He acts like a perfect butler now, but he was often scolded and secretly cried in the shadows....♪

Yuzuru: Tori. Do not make unnecessary comments when serving our guest

Tori: Eh, why no honorifics....? Sorry, Yuzuru, are you mad?

Yuzuru: Fufufu. You are currently a “servant,” are you not? You are in the same position as me. If I called you bocchama, that would cause a contradiction in our set-up

Tori: Ah, that’s how it is... This is surprising; you’re going to go along with my game?

Yuzuru: Being pushed around on a master’s whims is also a servant’s job

Well, of course there are limits, but... To some extent, I too understand what fun is

You must not play too much. But we would be just like machines if we simply worked seriously and indifferently

You would also have more fun with me if I acted joyously.... Like Hibiki-sama, would you not ♪

Tori: No, honestly, that kind of Yuzuru would be pretty creepy, but... Well, whatever, let’s work instead of talking

Don’t interrupt me too much, Yuzuru; I’m going to do everything

Yuzuru: Yes, yes. You always get everything to yourself, Tori

Tori: Of course! Who do you think I am; I’m Himemiya Tori-sama! Make way for me~♪

Yuzuru: You are too haughty

Tori: Ouch!? Eh, why did you hit me with a harisen1... Yuzuru?

Yuzuru: Do not make me repeat myself. You are currently a servant, are you not?

Do not act so proud. The retainer supplanting his lord is an evil custom of the old era; the proper way to treat a master is to stand three steps back and bow your head low

Tori: U, uuuu~.... You could just tell me, there’s no need to hit me..... But, well, you are right! I’ll work properly, okay?

Thanks for waiting, Anzu. Ehehe, how would you like me to serve you? I’ll do anything ♪

Yuzuru: Now, that is unacceptable

Tori: I said it hurts!? Give me a verbal warning, don’t punish me every time....!

Yuzuru: You won’t remember unless it hurts.... Rather, I would like to ask why you stretched yourself out on Anzu-san’s lap

Tori: Eh.... But, this is my definite victory pattern.... I lie down on someone’s lap, and ask them to spoil me with upturned eyes....

If I do this, people usually do whatever I tell them?

Yuzuru: That is not the manner of a servant. Are you a baby kitten or something?

Tori: U~.... I get it, I’ll do it properly. I’ll change my way of thinking, and try to act like a “servant!” That’s good, right, Yuzuru?

Cough cough (clears throat). Would you like me to do anything for you, master ♪


Eh, nothing? Anzu is happy if I’m smiling?

I see~.... That makes me happy, but you should order me to do something; it’s boring just standing around and smiling

Yuzuru: Fufu. Anzu-san is probably unaccustomed to being served. She looks like she does not know what to do

Also, Tori, it is a third-rate practice to ask your master, “Would you like me to do anything for you?”

A true servant ought to understand their master’s feelings and serve them without being told what to do

Your imagination and the capacity to perform any task perfectly are of utmost importance

Tori: You’re noisy~! Don’t yap on and on from the sidelines, it’s making me lose focus!

Yuzuru: Fufu. By using Tori as a bad example, and pointing out his errors... I thought I could help Anzu-san learn what it means to be a servant ♪

Tori: Ah, so that’s what it was... It does make sense; Anzu, you can take notes if you want, okay?

N~, ah! I’ll prepare some tea ♪ Anzu.... I mean, master, you must be thirsty from working hard since the morning~?

(Hhmph ♪ How’s that, Yuzuru? I’m acting like a servant, aren’t I?)

Yuzuru: ....Work efficiently instead of making eye contact with me at every move

Tori: Sure thing~. I mean, I understand! Wait a few moments, Anzu!

I’ll brew some tea; there should also be madeleines, so I’ll bring those~♪

Yuzuru: Do not run around making stomping noises

....Goodness. I am sorry, Anzu-san

Fufu. “It’s fine, I’m having a lot of fun”—that is splendid

Well, since it is bocchama we are talking about, he will probably get bored soon... So please imagine this as a change of pace, and cooperate for just a bit longer

Making bocchama happy by letting him do as he pleases... This is also an important part of a servant’s job ♪

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1. A giant paper fan often used as a slapstick prop in comedy