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Mine Lady | Epilogue 1

Chapter 6 << | index | >> Epilogue 2

Location: Tori’s house (drawing room)

Tsukasa: Fufufu.... Oh, excuse me, I couldn’t suppress my laughter

Tori: Hmph. When you laugh, your expression collapses and you look ugly—and you don’t even look that good in the first place

Tsukasa: Did you say something, servant ♪

Tori: ..........

Tsukasa: How inconsiderate. You should collect the plates right after I finish my sweets; also, may I have more tea?

Please, make it fast, Ser-va-nt....♪

Tori: .......

Tsukasa: Where is your reply? Smile now, and enthusiastically Repeat1 after me..... “Right away, honored guest ” ♪

Tori: Yuzuru~. Can we say that I’m an assassin who’s disguised as a servant in order to kill this guy?

Yuzuru: No. Tori, you are currently a “servant”; you must properly welcome our guest

Tsukasa-sama, I apologize for the rudeness of our newcomer ♪

Tsukasa: Fu, fufufu.... I do not really understand what is going on; why is Tori-kun acting as a “servant”?

Did he make an awful blunder? Has the Himemiya family fallen to ruin?

Marvelous! Ah, what a joyful day! To think that I could enjoy Tea Time with onee-sama and laugh at Tori-kun’s foolish state... ♪

I apologize, Fushimi-senpai. I underestimated the Himemiya family—I thought they were nouveau riche without a single praiseworthy trait, but I stand corrected

The servants are first-rate. To think that they would entertain their sudden guest so much.... ♪ Ahahahaha ☆

Tori: Suu~, haa~2..... Calm down. You can’t kill him; you’ll damage your family name

Tsukasa: Why are you uttering such disquieting things? Zip your mouth, and do your job... household servant ♪

Tori: ........

Yuzuru: Bocchama. You must not

Tori: Let me go, let me go, Yuzuru! I can’t stand being insulted any longer; this is a problem that involves my honor!

I’m going to invade the Suou’s miserable shack and burn it to the ground for revenge!

Tsukasa: Oh my, is it all right for you to be saying such things? If this were a different time period, a servant who paid such disrespect would be executed on the spot!

Fufu, fufufu......


Eichi: Why, hello there, Tsukasa-kun! You seem to be in quite a good mood ♪

Tori: E-ehhh-Eichi-sama......☆

Tsukasa: T-T-eee-Tenshouin onii-samaaaaaaaa!?

Eichi: Fufu. I’m sorry, Yuzuru. I couldn’t stand just watching the videos, so I had to drop by

Yuzuru: Hah.... I was starting to feel seriously sorry for bocchama, so your timing was appropriate

Eichi: Good to hear... By the by, Tsukasa-kun, you seem to be in quite a good mood, but. Did something entertaining happen? Would you mind telling me about it?

From what I see, you’ve been getting along well with “my adorable Tori,” but

That’s right. You two are the same age, and your social standings are close—your relationship is like that of childhood friends, right?

Precious, precious friends ♪

I couldn’t possibly imagine that Tsukasa-kun—of all people, the noble, military Suou’s Tsukasa-kun...

Has bad taste and enjoys bullying his friend, right ♪

Tsukasa: O-ooo-of course, onii-sama. Ah, yes, indeed, it is exactly as you say, onii-sama

Tori-kun and I are friends who get along, and we were gracefully enjoying our tea, onii-sama

Tori: Eichi-sama~♪ You came to help me with perfect timing; I’m happy! Thank you, I love you; Eichi-sama is my hero~.....☆

Eichi: Fufu. A hero—you’re making me blush

Yuzuru: There are many things I would like to say, but. Do you have any business with us, President-sa... Eichi-sama? Did you simply wish to join in on the fun?

Eichi: Well, that too, but. We’re out of time; we need to leave soon, or else we we’ll be late to the party

I prepared a car, so I’d like everyone to get in. We’re hosting at my place, after all; it’s efficient if I can drop you off and head home

Tsukasa-kun, you’re also attending the party, right?

Tsukasa: Ah, yes. I think every renowned family around here will attend; after all, it is a Party held by Tenshouin onii-sama

Eichi: Yes, that’s good to hear. Let us drop by everyone’s houses and make preparations, like changing. First, Tori, you change your clothes

Yuzuru, you should dress up once in a while as well..... I’ve prepared a dress for Anzu-chan, so let’s enjoy this party together ♪

Chapter 6 << | index | >> Epilogue 2

1. Tsukasa says some words in English, which we’ve chosen to leave capitalized
2. “Suu-haa” is the noise made when you take a deep breath