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Daikagura! Celebratory New Year’s Live | First Sunrise - 6

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Location: School grounds

Subaru: One, two, three, four! Fight~o, “Trickstar” ♪

Hyahoo~ ☆ It feels so good to move my body~, I was standing stiff during the entire schoolwide assembly, so my body wants to move around!

I’m going to sweat tons~, ahahahaha!

Hokuto: You sure are energetic, Akehoshi. As expected of a sports club member. At this rate, it seems like you can complete the “Daikagura” without a problem

The “Daikagura” will be a battle of stamina. I was worried about what would happen if you’d gotten all rusty over New Year’s break

Since, in addition to the usual dances and songs, we’ve got to show our “party tricks”

Makoto: Hii, fuu…. I-it’s tough to run around when I’m sleep deprived~. I’m feeling faint

Well, it seems like I’ve gained a little weight because of New Year’s, so I’ll think of this as a diet too, and work hard ♪

Hokuto: Don’t force yourself, Yuuki. There’s no point if you run out of energy during warm-up

Akehoshi, too, don’t go too far ahead, make sure you keep the pace

Subaru: Yes, yes~! But I’m so happy to run around with everyone!

Aah, I feel revived, Happy New Yea~r! Ahahaha ☆

Hokuto: Didn’t I just say not to run ahead on your own…. Gosh, what a troublesome guy

Mao: ………

Hokuto: Isara? Are you all right, you look sick… Should we take a break?

Mao: Uu~..... I’m fine, I’m just reflecting on how I couldn’t give a good speech at the schoolwide assembly

I’m not really the type to let these sorts of things drag me down, but~, for once, I’m feeling a little down

Hokuto: Is that so? It was a pretty excellent speech; I was a little moved

Makoto: Yes, yes! You were cool~, Isara-kun ♪ I was captivated by how dignified you were~, and I was happy that you talked about us!

Mao: Yeah, thanks. But, how should I put it, I feel like I got too full of myself and said some pretty self-important things…

Thinking about it ki~nda makes me squirm. Aaah, this is so embarrassing

I’m amazed at how President and Vice President manage to make speeches so confidently every single time

I’ve got to learn from them~.... During the latter half, my mind went blank, and I spoke mostly in ad-lib

Truthfully, it would have been a hundred times easier to dance and sing up on stage

So. I’ll put my feelings behind me, and focus on the “Daikagura

This time, the other members of the Student Council and Yuzuru are going to work on the management, so….

I won’t have to worry about preparations and stuff, and it seems like I can focus on the performance

I don’t want to stumble on the first step of the new year, so let’s work enthusiastically

Hokuto: Of course, Isara

By the way. Today, after we finish basic training like jogging, we will double check the performances of the “Daikagura” while we eat lunch

We’ll finalize our schedule leading up to the performance, and, if necessary, make small adjustments

Starting tomorrow, we’ll have joint lessons with “Akatsuki”

Perhaps it’s because of the “S1” back in April, but we don’t really pair up with them often, so it might be difficult to get in sync. In truth, they are our old enemies

It would be helpful if Isara, as a member of the Student Council, could act as a mediator, since he gets along well with the boss of “Akatsuki,” the Vice President.

I feel like I’ll wind up carelessly picking a fight with him, so I’ll keep my distance

Mao: Hokuto and Vice President are actually quite similar, you know~. On the contrary, maybe that’s why you guys aren’t compatible

But if we need a mediator, I’d want our ever-reliable “Producer” to break the ice1 for us

Hokuto: Yes. It seems like Anzu produces “Akatsuki” often, too. It seems she’s been working hard on the “Daikagura” as the general manager this time, too

Let us rely on her, our goddess of victory

Mao: Though this time, we can’t have her favor just us, you know

The “Daikagura” is set up in a style similar to that of a live showdown, so it will stir up bitter feelings if she supports just one side

Makoto: Eh, it’s a live showdown? We’re going to fight “Akatsuki,” huh~.... I don’t want to, I’m scared

I still get the impression that they’re a powerful foe that we can’t compete with unless a miracle happens

Hokuto: Be more confident, Yuuki. During the “S1,” we made a sneak attack and borrowed the help of another unit, but we still picked up a victory

If it’s us now, we should be able to put up a good, legitimate fight

Makoto: I wonder…. I guess so. Yeah. Let’s try our best, this time, it’ll be a straightforward fight

Hokuto: Yes. Though, as you can tell from the incorporation of “party tricks,” this DreamFes format is special; it is somewhat different from our usual

Truthfully, I have no idea how this will go

It’s also difficult to build a strategy. The Vice President is a tactician, so he will probably be fully prepared, but

Let us closely observe their actions during our joint practices… and prepare ourselves

The battle has already begun. Let us win this time, too

That is when we will truly be able to hold our heads high. We will be proud of that revolution, from our hearts

Kuro: Sooryah….!

Hokuto: Woah!? Wh, what? An enemy? Are we the ones under a surprise attack this time….!?

Mao: Calm down~. Nnm, I heard a loud voice and a strange sound from the dojo? Like the sound of something breaking…. I wo~nder what that was, it kinda bothers me?

Subaru: Let’s go check it out! That voice right now was probably Kiryu-senpai’s, right? If I recall, he and Anzu should be making the “Daikagura” outfits together!

I want to see how our outfits fit anyway, so let’s go give our new year’s greetings to Kiryu-senpai~ ♪

Hokuto: That is true. I would feel bad if we disturbed his work, but he is someone we’re going to perform a live with… A greeting is necessary; there is etiquette even on the battlefield

Subaru: Kirrryu~senpaaaai! Happy New Yeaaaaaar ☆

Hokuto: Akehoshi, that guy, he’s even more pumped up than usual today. Honestly, I can’t keep up

Mao: Ahaha. He must be truly happy that he can run around with everyone. That side of him is a little cute, you know… he’s like a puppy ♪

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1. The literal expression that Mao uses is “break a bone”