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Daikagura! Celebratory New Year’s Live | First Sunrise - 7

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Location: Dojo

Kuro: Suuuuh....! Kooooh.....!


Fu~....! Hm? Oh, “Trickstar,” you’re all together; what business do you have at the dojo?

Subaru: Kiryu-senpai~, akeome! We’ve come to give our new year’s greetings~ ☆

Kuro: Is that so. Happy New Year to you, take care of me this year too

We’re going to start the new year off with a battle, but.... I’m not gonna go easy on you; I’ll knock you down a peg1

Subaru: Scaaary! But so cool, you’re a man among men.... ☆

Kuro: Are you supposed to be copying Tetsu? You’re even more full of energy than usual, huh

Mao: Hello, Kiryu-senpai! Ah, sorry for making a ruckus?

Kuro: Don’t mind it. Being energetic is what “Trickstar” is all about. In truth, you’re a group that really embodies the whole “Happy New Year” spirit

Hokuto: How embarrassing.... Happy New Year, Kiryuu-senpai

Kuro: Ou. You’re a polite one, second-year bozu2

We’re going to be fighting each other in the upcoming “Daikagura”; if you’re all goody-goody like that, it’s gonna make fighting you difficult for me

Makoto: Akeomedesu3~. Um, so it seems like “Akatsuki” hasn’t started lessons yet?

Kuro: Yeah. Today is the day for personal training, or rather, the preparatory day to clear up personal duties before we start our lessons

It might look like we’re taking it easy, but it can’t be helped

Hasumi-no-danna is super busy because the Student Council just resumed working4, and Kanzaki also has an errand he can’t refuse; something his family requested during the New Year’s holidays

Like, you know, his presence is requested of at all sorts of rituals5

I’m the only one without any plans... I actually finished making the outfits for the “Daikagura” during the New Year’s break, so

I’ve got no work to do, so honestly, I’m bored

I’m working out to pull my body together, since it’s gotten all lazy over the New Year’s break

While I’m at it, I’ve been practicing kawara6 breaking, because it might work as my “party trick”

Subaru: Tile breaking!? Wow, that sounds like a party trick! Actually, it sounds like something a Karate practitioner would say.... ☆

Kuro: I am a member of the Karate club. I guess it doesn’t look too attractive, it’s not really “Akatsuki’s” style....

Wonder if I should stick to something safe and New Year’s-like, like kasamawashi7

We use parasols on “Akatsuki’s” stage performances as props pretty often. I’ve picked up on parasol spinning

Though I’m still way inexperienced compared to actual performers

Makoto: You really are more dexterous than you seem, Kiryu-senpai... Ah, was that rude of me?

Kuro: Don’t mind it, nobody would think that a muscle-head like me could do quick tricks anyway

But that’s why it surprises people. Yeah, I guess it’s perfect for a “party trick” ♪

Subaru: This is what they call gap moe! But wow, Kiryu-senpai sure is amazing, you can break kawara!

Oo it’s hard, won’t punching something like this break your knuckles instead?

Kuro: There’s a trick to it. Didn’t you learn about it, stuff like the principle of leverage?

You’re not supposed to break it with strength; so long as you practice, even little miss Anzu could probably break it. ...Wanna try it out, little miss ♪

Subaru: Oh, Anzu is inside the dojo! Hey there~ ☆

Ah, here she is, here she is, Anzu~! I wanted to meet you..... ♪

Kuro: Don’t hug her. You’re a man and a woman; even if you guys don’t mind it, people around you are watching. ...You guys sure get along, huh

Subaru: Ahaha~, but Kiryu-senpai also gets along with Anzu? You’re always sewing together and stuff~ ♪

Kuro: Haha. I dunno if you’d say we get along, or if she’s just gotten attached to me, but. I’m grateful that that’s the case

But the bond that “Trickstar” and little miss share is still something special

It makes me envious. If only someone like little miss were by our side when we were your age....

Sometimes, I think things like that

Well, no point in asking for the impossible. There’s no use in looking back and regretting and mourning the past; let’s talk about the future

If it’s okay with you guys, let me join your lessons. I said this earlier, but I’ve been really bored…

It’s unproductive for me and little miss to just sit around blankly

Hokuto: We’d be glad to. Actually, we would love it if senpai could train us thoroughly

Kuro: Yeah. I won’t get in your way, so let me join you guys for a bit

Mao: ..........

Kuro: What’s wrong, Isara. I am gonna be your enemy during the “Daikagura”; do you object to working together?

Mao: No, no! Kiryuu-senpai, you mentioned it briefly earlier, that Vice President is super busy with Student Council work.... I hadn’t heard anything like that

That person, he.... I guess he took on the work himself so that I could focus on my lessons to the fullest

He’s always like that, the Vice President; how incorrigible

Kuro: Yeah, indeed. How incorrigible.... If it’s bothering you, go and help him out with his work, and complain to him

That dude, he’s stubborn, so he won’t listen to me even if I give him a good talking to

But if it’s a complaint from a cute kohai that he keeps an eye out for, it should be a little effective

....He talks about you often, Isara. Really happily, too~, so much so that it makes me a little jealous

Mao: Is that so.... If he has expectations of me, I’d like to live up to them

Alright, I feel extra motivated now! I’m gonna try my best~ ♪

Kuro: That’s the spirit. It’s best for young ones to be energized. No~w I’m getting all motivated, too

Let’s try our best at the “Daikagura.” I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of tricks you’re going to show us ♪

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1. The literal expression is "snap the tengu’s nose;" tengu have long noses and in this idiom are used to describe conceited people
2. “Kid,” “boy,” etc.
3. Subaru: "akeome" (informal and casual); Hokuto: "akemashite omedetou gozaimasu" (the proper way to greet someone; hence Kuro calling him “polite”); Makoto: "akeome" + "desu," (informal, but still barely keigo)
4. 仕事始め = resuming work after the new year
5. 神事 = shrine/Shinto rituals
6. Kawara breaking: a karate thing, essentially "brick breaking" but with roof tiles
7. A kasamawashi (spinning umbrella) performance involves balancing an object (usually a ball) upon a rotating Japanese parasol