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Daikagura! Celebratory New Year’s Live | Stars of Hope - 2

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Location: Daikagura stage

Keito: Ahem. I understand that you could talk forever, but I’d like you to concentrate on the stage in front of us

We’ve all examined the progress chart beforehand, and have met several times already, but if there’s anything that makes you uneasy, say it now

There are things that you only understand when you make it to the site, after all

Subaru: Ah, yeah, so I heard…. That at this “Daikagura,” there are seats for guests of honor, where Yumenosaki’s investors and the like are seated

Keito: Yes. Akehoshi… I’ve said this for a while now, but I’d like you to speak in polite speech1

At least up on the stage. This time, because of those seats for the guests of honor, we have to be somewhat considerate

I don’t want to force manners upon you, but this time, I want you to endure it

Because we don’t want the higher-ups to endlessly nag us about how our “students don’t have proper manners~” or the like

Subaru: Ah, understoo~d2, it’s honestly not as if I don’t respect Vice President or “Akatsuki,” so

I just never got into the habit of speaking in polite speech~, like, I can’t get used to it

Keito: Yes. Anyhow, what about those seats of honor?

Oh, is it bothering you that Eichi is in the audience as the representative of the Tenshouin zaibatsu3? If he’s an eyesore, we’ll isolate him in a separate room

Subaru: No no, it’s like an honor to have Eichi-senpai watching us

But if we’re talking about Yumenosaki’s investors, then, there might be people who know about my dad

I don’t want… Everyone in “Trickstar” to be looked at with prejudice, or to be heckled all weirdly because of that, because of me

Since similar sorts of things happened at the “SS”

Keito: I see…. I understand, I’ll talk to Eichi about that

The Tenshouin zaibatsu is Yumenosaki’s greatest and most influential investor… it is particularly influential towards financial investors

If he warns them, nobody should act so foolishly. Because nobody wants to incur the Tenshouin zaibatsu’s displeasure

Unlike the “SS,” where idols from other schools and agencies from all over the country convened, this event is entirely limited to our school

If they consider their futures, nobody will stir up an unnecessary ruckus

There are likely people who are quietly plotting, but on the surface, we should be able to move things forward smoothly

You were able to challenge Eichi because you were ignorant and therefore reckless; but in truth, in the world of finance, he is in a position equivalent to that of a god

Such bothersome political tactics are Eichi’s specialty, and he will likely empathize and cooperate with you

He will show no mercy towards those who make fun of your father, of idols, of us

Subaru: That would be great… Truly, thank you

Keito: Don’t mind it. Our mission is essentially to protect our students. Under most circumstances, the Student Council is your ally

...Isara, make sure to properly support your comrade

Mao: I understand. I can’t do everything, but at the very least, I will do what I can with all my might

Just as you did, Vice President, I will protect what is important to me with my life

Keito: That’s the spirit… You all will, for better or worse, become one of the pillars that supports Yumenosaki Academy in the coming year

Be aware of that, and devote yourselves to the fullest

No. I pray that this “Daikagura” will be a meaningful step that paints your brilliant start upon this path

Let us try our best today, “Trickstar”

Subaru: Likewise, “Akatsuki”

Ahaha, what a stra~nge feeling

A little while back, I couldn’t have imagined this: shaking hands with “Akatsuki,” and wishing each other the best of luck

We can’t change the past, where we loathed and fought each other, but if we try our hardest now, we can change the future

Isn’t that right, Sari~, Hokke~, Ukki~.... ♪

Makoto: Eh, wait, Akehoshi-kun, help me! For some reason a monkey, a monkey is attacking me….!?

Subaru: What do you mean!? Ahaha, Ukki~ truly is amusing~ ☆

Hokuto: Ah, it’s the monkey we’re going to use in our “party trick,” the monkey dance4. Buchou lent us a well-trained monkey that even beginners could control, but why is it behaving wildly?

Subaru: Maybe it’s hungry? Does someone have a banana!?

Keito: Huh? I-it’s attacking me too…..!?

Subaru: I see, it’s the glasses! It’s aiming for the glasses!

Mao: Ah, they do say monkeys aim for shiny objects~.... I guess it got excited because of the light reflecting off of the shining glasses

Calm down, monkey~, there, there ♪

Souma: A-are you safe, Hasumi-dono!? Damn you monkey5, I shall punish you….!

Keito: Calm down, Kanzaki. I’m fine, so don’t draw your sword

I can hear loud laughter from the audience, so it’s probably Hibiki, who prepared the monkey, just toying around with us

Kuro: Hm, the audience is already getting seated, huh. Let’s stop romping around and get to our places; we’ve got to compose our feelings before we face the stage

We don’t want to start the new year by exposing any disgraceful behavior

Let me know if the monkey ruined your outfit or hairstyle

Mao: Understood~. Oh, the monkey got surprisingly calm. I guess Hibiki-senpai was jestfully making it act all violently…

I was terrified, seriously

Souma: Hhm. This time, we kept our “party tricks” secret from one another, but

Because of an unforeseen accident, one of your tricks has already been uncovered ♪

Subaru: Ahaha~. We do have the monkey duo, Ukki~ and Sari~, after all; we thought monkey dancing would be “perfect”~ ♪

Playing around with animals is a little idol-like, too

...But, while I understand that it’s normal to hide our “hidden tricks,” I’m a worried that our tricks might overlap

Keito: Well, our performance styles are different, so I think we’ll be fine

Monkey dancing, huh… I’m surprised that you intend to do such a professional trick. You’re truly “thorough” when you try

I think highly of that trait of yours. I suppose we, too, cannot let our guard down

Mao: Ahaha. There are lots of times when we challenge ourselves to do the impossible, run into walls, and fall upside down, but…

We have always climbed over those walls and moved forward

We won’t lose~! Let’s give the “Daikagura” our all ♪

Keito: Yes, hurrah ♪ It is entertainment; let us enjoy it to our fullest

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1. “Keigo
2. Here Subaru uses “~desu”; he switches to (rather casual) keigo, similar to the way Mao speaks
3. A term used to refer to large Japanese-run businesses; the word has its origins in industrial and financial business conglomerates from the Meiji era
4. Sarumawashi
5. Souma uses a different word for monkey ("etekou") but it still just means monkey