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Daikagura! Celebratory New Year’s Live | Stars of Hope - 3

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Location: Daikagura stage

Yuzuru: “I hope everyone is in excellent spirits ♪ I wish you a happy new year!

Yes, yes. Thank you, everyone, for your warm cheers. I am Fushimi Yuzuru of “fine”!

To both those who know me and those who do not--I am pleased to make your acquaintance ♪

Today, I will be your moderator for Yumenosaki Academy’s annual event… “Geishun! A Festival of Party Tricks ☆” now known as “Daikagura”!

Thank you, thank you, for the applause

Fufu, this match will be a head-on battle between “Akatsuki,” Yumenosaki Academy’s leading performers, and

The up-and-coming “Trickstar,” the unit that made their name known to the entire world during the “SS” just a few days ago

I am in a carefree position; it does not matter to me who wins, who laughs, who cries, so….

I will observe the clash of these great units from that carefree stance

I hope everyone feels the same, and will enjoy themselves to the fullest ♪

They say that fortune comes to those who laugh; let us celebrate our departure into the new year with smiles! Everybody, please relax and smile as you enjoy the show ♪

Customers are gods1!

Thus I hereby announce the opening of the “Daikagura,” where idols will serve you, our gods, with a kagura2 dance…. ☆

Fufu, thank you, thank you for your applause and cheer”

Keito: (Hm. Fushimi is surprisingly skilled when he’s assigned this sort of job)

(He understands the spirit of hospitality, or, how should I put it, he picks up on the atmosphere of the audience and livens it up perfectly)

(Since both Isara and I are on stage during the “Daikagura,” I asked Fushimi to be the moderator on the spur of the moment, because I couldn’t think of anyone else, but….)

(It seems like I made the right choice, he is quite the host)

Yuzuru: “Now, Vice President…. Or rather, Hasumi-sama of “Akatsuki”! You must not make our customers wait

“Akatsuki” is up first, so hurry up and begin your performance!

If you’re slow, I shall deduct points ♪”

Keito: (He’s ruthless!? How incorrigible; well, it would be an issue if he favored me….?)

Yuzuru: (Fufu. I apologize, Vice President-sama. This is an event of high spirits and fun; if you had a scowl on your face, it would spoil the fun)

(Leave the proceedings to me, and do not make the foolish mistake of over-thinking and becoming dumbfounded)

(I may receive a scolding later, but I shall tease you to the fullest for now ♪)

(That is how I will liven up the audience. This is my role)

(Fufu. I invite laughter by toying with Vice President-sama, who clearly looks like a serious person)

(If we consider how doctors and politicians have been objects of satire since ancient times, this is but the obvious outcome)

(I can understand why President-sama and Hibiki-sama excessively involve themselves with Vice President-sama! Ah, this is somehow very delightful… ♪)

“Fufu. I casually mentioned deducting points, but

This “Daikagura” is an event where two “units,” “Akatsuki” and “Trickstar,” exhibit their performances, and compete for points

I think this hardly needs explanation to those familiar with this school’s DreamFes system, but

You can cast your votes by lighting up the glow sticks in your hands in various colors

For specific rules and guidelines on how to use the glow sticks, please reference the pamphlet we distributed at the entrance

I will cut the details and explain just the bare minimum

During this “Daikagura” the “units” will perform their usual lives--a performance of dance and song--twice, each

They will not perform at the same time, but one after the other

During the interlude between those two lives, they will perform their “party tricks,” a special characteristic of this “Daikagura

First, “Akatsuki” will perform their live; then, “Trickstar” will exhibit their “party tricks”

Then, “Trickstar” will perform their live, followed by “Akatsuki’s” “party trick…. This series of performances will then be repeated once more

I called them interludes earlier, but at the end, “Akatsuki” will conclude the event with their “party tricks”

In other words… Each unit will perform their lives and “party tricks” twice

We will have you, the audience, cast your votes during these “party tricks,” the same way you would during the live performances

If you think, “this is good, this is amusing,” please give them a high score

Of course, because we are idols… These “party tricks” will only be at an amateur level3

Therefore, we have set it up so that fewer votes can be obtained by “party tricks” compared to live performances

After all, the DreamFes is, at its core, meant to be a competition between idols

That being said, the scores [for the party tricks] are certainly not insignificant, so….

We expect that both sides have prepared spirited “party tricks”

They devote their minds and bodies to working hard every day, in order to make customers happy… these are “party tricks” by such idols

I think it is appropriate to evaluate their performances not by their skill, but by how much you enjoyed them ♪”

Keito: (He’s good; he set the bar high, and then lowered it. First, he makes you think, those are high expectations~... but then, he casually suggests to go easy on the performers)

(He is consistently fair, too; he really is quite something)

Yuzuru: “Fufu. I, too, will be evaluating the performances, so….

If you think it is too much work to evaluate a performance, please use my scores as examples ♪

I do not have a very good impression of Hasumi-sama, who has been looking at me and smiling eerily for a while now

I suppose I will give him five points, no, four points…. Three points ♪”

Keito: (Wait a second! …You’re trying to make me panic like that to make everyone laugh--this is that sort of tactic, right? I understand?)

(You’re definitely not having fun teasing me, right, Fushimi!?)

Yuzuru: “Fufu. The first move goes to “Akatsuki”; I hope you enjoy their songs and dance to your heart’s content

Please take a look at the first light of day that indicates beginnings: the brilliance of dawn4... ♪”

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1. This idiom means that "the customer is always right" or “the customer is king.” (“Customer” refers to a client or patron who comes for profit or business purposes.) This more literal translation best conveys the tone and remains cohesive with Yuzuru’s following line about the gods.
2. Part of a performance at a Shinto shrine (reference the note about daikagura at the beginning of the Prologue), a kaguramai is a dance performance for the gods
3. "Tricks" is a bit of a misleading translation, for 芸人 are professionals who perform these "tricks" for a living; Yuzuru is saying that the "tricks" at this Daikagura are not going to be of a professional level
4. A play on the unit name "Akatsuki," which means “dawn” when written with different kanji