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Daikagura! Celebratory New Year’s Live | Stars of Hope - 4

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Location: Daikagura stage

Keito: “♪~♪~♪”

Kuro: “♪~♪~♪”

Souma: “♪~♪~♪”

Keito: (Hm. This is good; we start off by drawing in the audience with a proper, pleasant, and smart program)

(Fushimi created a nice, delightful atmosphere, so let us make use of that)

(We will gradually increase the audience’s excitement by introducing gratifying dances and songs at a good pace)

(It was possible to start off with a bang)

(We could have shocked the audience with Kiryu’s and Kanzaki’s dynamic and acrobatic movements, but...)

(But if we started like that, the audience probably would have just been taken aback)

(Plus, we cannot match the impact of “Trickstar,” who present one surprise after another)

(Rather than that, we will secure a good foothold, and prove our stability and capacity)

(Humans get used to surprises. Even if “Trickstar” sporadically spreads “Amazing1” tricks, the audience will gradually accustom themselves)

(It will be a steady and slow decline)

(We, however, carefully create a fort from the base up; we lure in our enemies and guests, and quietly release the most effective and resonating blow)

(In the end, we will win because we looked at the general situation. That is the sort of strategy I made)

(There is no need to sweat it. We are Yumenosaki Academy’s No. 2 “unit”)

(We will completely force out “Trickstar”; no, we will make use of them, and incorporate them as part of our program)

(This “Daikagura” stage is ours)

(I will never get caught off guard again. Even if we are put under surprise attack, we will drive them back. So long as we calmly deal with the situation, our victory will be unwavering)

(Let us prove the difference in our strength to these young upstarts)

(I will believe in myself; I will believe in us, “Akatsuki,”--fully prepared, we will solemnly grasp victory)

“♪~ ♪~ ♪”

Mao: (Wow. I can’t help but look; they draw your attention. It’s quite a lot of pressure to present our program after this, but...)

(Our team is full of guys who don’t really mind that kind of thing)

Subaru: Wow, pretty~.... ☆ They’re sparkling; we sure can’t copy that sort of style~?

Hokuto: Yes. Shall we call it unconventional--there’s a refined beauty to it

Mao: (Seems like Hokuto and Subaru are composed enough to calmly chat)

(Makoto also changed a little after experiencing the “SS”.... He seems nervous, but he has a good expression)

Makoto: ......♪

Mao: (Ahaha. His expression says, “I can’t wait; let’s hurry up and rampage on stage”)

(In order to make sure I’m not left behind by my reliable comrades... I’ve got to pull myself together and try hard ♪)

Hokuto: It’s almost our turn, Isara. Are you fully prepared?

Normally, there’s an interval between the two lives, but this “Daikagura” uses that time to show the “party tricks”

We’re going to be running non-stop to the end; it’s going to be a busy performance

We’ll have no time to space out, though I guess I don’t need to say this to you

Mao: I know, Hokuto. But this is gonna be a busy stage for both us and the audience, huh

Hokuto: Yes. Now, this is crucial: we’re going to perform our “party tricks” right when our enemy’s votes are being collected and counted

....We’ve gone over our strategy beforehand, but let me tell you one more time

We’re going to take advantage of how busy this “Daikagura” gets

Mao: We’ll make the audience, who are hyped up by the enemy’s dance and song, into our own fans, right?

“Akatsuki” will warm up the stage for us; we’ll take over that entire stage, and make it our own territory

Hokuto: Yes. The first step is vital; we’re going to hit them hard as soon as we start

If all goes well, before the votes are counted.... The audience, having seen us perform, might lower their scores for “Akatsuki”

We’re going to aim for that short span of time--at most, it’ll be a few minutes

Mao: It’s not like we’re breaking the rules; this is part of our strategy. But if we sweat it and mess up, then we’re getting our priorities wrong, so let’s aim for it only if it seems possible

Hokuto: No. We’ve got to go in with a “we’ll definitely make this succeed” kind of attitude, or else we can’t defeat Akatsuki

We cannot reach their height even if we use artifice, prepare to our fullest, and make the utmost of our abilities

That is “Akatsuki.” The No. 2 “unit” in Yumenosaki Academy. I’ve never seen them as an easy opponent; unless we make a miracle happen, there’s no way we can win

But we, “Trickstar,” have made miracles happen many times up till now

Subaru: Exactly ☆ Now, now, things are getting exciting~!

....Oh, looks like it’s our turn already! “Akatsuki” is returning to the stage wing, this event sure does move fast! Zaki-san, nice work~ ♪

Souma: Yes! You, too, give it your best, Akehoshi-dono ♪

Keito: There’s no need to withdraw so quickly, Kanzaki. Let’s walk slowly. I’ve figured out the gist of their strategy; so you did come up with a cunning scheme, after all

Mao: Ahaha. You can tell, can’t you?

Keito: If I look at that “thing” you’ve prepared, yes. That “thing” alone is not enough to be called a “trick” on its own; therefore... using that line of reason, even a monkey would be able to figure it out

I see. That’s an idea I didn’t have; I’ll praise you honestly for that. But they also say that the crafty schemer drowns in his own scheme

Mao: When Vice President says that, it feels heavy.... Well, we’re just going to do what we can do with all our might ♪

Keito: Yes. Give it your best effort; don’t be unsightly

This is “Akatsuki’s” stage as well; if you make dispirited tricks, we’re also going to be embarrassed

Mao: I’ll take that to heart. Here we go, guys! It’s our turn now ♪

Subaru: Yep, Sari~! Let’s go~, all the way to the top of the sky ☆

“Happy New Year! Happy New Year, this is “Trickstar” ☆

Thank you for coming to meet us today....!”

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1. Keito’s “Amazing” is a direct reference to Wataru’s “Amazing”--capitalized and written out in English.