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Daikagura! Celebratory New Year’s Live | Stars of Hope - 6

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Location: Daikagura stage

Makoto: “♪~♪~♪”

(Phew! Somehow, I made it through two “party trick” performances and one live! The “Daikagura” is in its final stages...!)

(I was ready for it to be exhausting, but this is tougher than I expected! We are dancing and singing while doing our “party tricks,” after all...?)

(It really drains your energy!)

(“Akatsuki” takes breaks amidst this busy stage by performing their “party tricks” one at a time, and changing the person at the center of their lives!)

(But we’re all pretty much running full throttle from start to finish! This sure is “Trickstar”-like, but I’m running out of breath....!)

(I really should have run and exercised more during New Year’s break!)

(But I didn’t want to head into the new year without clearing all of my uncleared games~?)

(After overcoming the “SS,” I wanted to face the new year with a brand new feeling!)

(I’ll leave the whining for later; I can’t afford to regret the path that I took! Let me give it my all, right now! I will--with everyone else....!)


Mao: (Good, good. I was going to warn Makoto that he was losing his concentration~, but he pulled himself together in an instant. I guess I’m worrying too much)

(Makoto is also growing at an incredible speed. I feel as if I’m gonna be left behind...)

(There’s no need for me to keep acting big to protect and support him)

(Because we’re equal comrades who nestle close and help each other out)

(I’ll trust him more, and focus on my own part. The “Daikagura” is already in its final stage)

(After this live of ours, “Akatsuki” will perform their closing “party trick,” and that will be the end of the game)

(Which means that this is our final moment on stage! I’ll stay focused, look forward, and give it my all so that I have no regrets!)

(That’s the only thing there is to do; I’ll burn so intensely that not even ashes will be left ♪)

(I’ll make it our greatest performance; a performance that will feel like a walk-off victory against “Akatsuki”... ☆)

(...Oh, Anzu is in the seats of honor. Wonder why; was she a high-class person?)

(No, when I dropped her off and picked her up [at her home], her family seemed to be middle-class?)

(Ah, I see, the seats of honor and the seats for official staff are all mixed up)

(Ahaha, Anzu seems uncomfortable surrounded by all those important-looking people~... Looks like she has to deal with the President, too, how unfortunate for her)

(But. She’s looking over here with gentle eyes. Like a mother....)

(She used to seem more nervous; she looked as if she were going to die every time, didn’t she)

(As if her heart were going to burst with uneasiness. She was always exhausted and blue, as if she were praying for the safety of her children, sent off to the battlefield)

(But now, she can watch us at ease. She’s watching over and trusting us idols. That makes me happy)

(Leave it to us; no matter who wins and who loses... we’ll make this the greatest stage)

(We’ve come far, haven’t we. Both me and you... Compared to when you first transferred, this all seems like a dream)

(Back then... You were terrified, holding your knees inside the kitchen of the garden terrace, weren’t you)

(I happened to come looking for you, found you like that, and reached out to you)

(You smiled. You were relieved; your cheeks were drenched with tears)

(That smile. I’ve always wanted to... to you, and to everyone else in the world)

(I hope to give it to you. No, that is my role)

(Watch over me, Anzu. Take care of us this year too, our “producer”)

Makoto: Isara-ku~n? Aren’t you losing focus, are you all right?

Mao: Hm? Yup, I’m fine, I’m fine... I’m more focused than ever before ♪

Makoto: I see. Isara-kun is amazing; my consciousness is flying away bit by bit

I’m reaching my limit, but I’m gonna pull through at any cost

Hokuto: That’s the spirit, Yuuki. This is our last spurt, let’s do our best

Subaru: Ahaha ☆ Even if someone falls behind, someone else will push at their back, so we can line up and run together anywhere!

That’s “Trickstar”; four glittering stars that fly around the galaxy.... ☆

Aaah, I’m happy! Yup, this is definitely the moment I feel happie~st ☆

Happy New Year! I’ll celebrate over and over again--until it almost gets annoying!


Hokuto: “♪~♪~♪”

Mao: (Ahaha, they really sing and dance like they’re having fun~. Just being with them makes me happy)

(I’m so glad to be together; take care of me from now on, too)

(Next year, I might become the Student Council President. Just looking at Vice President is enough to tell me what an exhausting post that is)

(I might not be able to spend as much time with them)

(I’ll have a position. I’ll have responsibilities. I don’t want to run away from those)

(Even if I’m a show-off and a people-pleaser, that’s who I am. That’s the kind of life I chose)

(That’s why. I want to treasure this time I spend by your sides. Even if it’s but a brief moment within a long lifetime)

(For me, it will become a blissful memory for eternity)

(It will become the reason I was born in this world)

(I’m glad I was able to meet you guys; to sing and dance with you... I’m glad I became an idol, that I became “Trickstar”)

(Painful and sad things happened, but the happiness we found far overweighs all of that)

(No, we can become happier and happier)

(This year, more than last year; next year, more than this year...)

(Tomorrow, more than today; the future, more than the past, is glittering--far more. Isn’t that right, everyone)

(I believe in that--that the stars of hope are always shining)

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