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Daikagura! Celebratory New Year’s Live | Epilogue - 2

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Location: Daikagura stage

Yuzuru: “Thank you for waiting! I shall announce the results~♪”

The results are--though the difference in score was very small--this “Daikagura” is “Akatsuki’s” victory!

“Trickstar” was one step short; the juniors were unable to overthrow their seniors!”

Subaru: No way!? Damn it~, we lost! I’m so disappointed!

Hokuto: Yes. But we gave it our all, and these are the results; I have no regrets

Mao: Ahaha. You’re gnashing your teeth, Hokuto. You are disappointed, aren’t you~, but strangely enough, I feel refreshed ♪

These are the results of fighting fair and square, head-on, with our all

Keito: Hahahah! Look at that, you brats; it’s ten years too early for you to defeat us, “Akatsuki”! This result is as expected, how joyous, how joyous ♪

Souma: Fufu. Yet, till the moment the results were announced, you had the face of a general ready to commit seppuku….

Well well, we were able to win. Truthfully, I had no idea how the results would turn out this time around

Usually, we stand calmly while waiting for the results to be announced

Yuzuru: “Fufu. Indeed--if things were carried out as they usually are, the difference in score was small enough to send us into an extra round

But this time, there are many busy people here, like the people of station in the seats of honor… so there will be no extra round

These results, this victory and this loss, will be the final results. Thank you for your hard work, everybody”

Kuro: Ou. You too, nice work. Guess we were able to save face as the higher-rank team

Mao: It feels like a difference in dignified presence. But these results are what they are because there was a special aspect to this performance; if we performed our usual lives, who knows how it would have turned out?

Keito: How impertinent…. Challenge us as many times as you like, in any kind of battle. We’ll kick you aside

Anyhow. Usually, the victor is given the honor of performing one last song as an encore, but….

Since there is no extra round, does that mean we’re omitting the encore as well?

Yuzuru: “No. We’ve included time for the encore in our program

I ask our victors, the members of “Akatsuki,” to perform their encore song for us ♪”

Keito: Understood.... Now, I’d like “Trickstar” to stay on stage, as well

Since we are the victors, we will perform the song and dance, but I’d like you all to enliven the stage with your “party tricks”

Mao: Oh, it’s rare for “Akatsuki” to invite other “units” to share the stage during their encore

I mean, we would like to show our tricks at least one last time, since we worked hard to learn them

Keito: Hmph. Monkey-dancing, kasamawashi, Nankin tamasudare1….

These are tricks that one would only perform on New Year’s; it would be a “waste” to shut away such treasures until next year

This is a joyous time. Let us celebrate the new year; let us all have more fun together

“Everyone. Once again, I wish you all a Happy New Year

Please favor us, the idols of Yumenosaki Academy, in this upcoming year as well

Every student here always pours his heart and soul into singing and dancing for you

That is our joy; that is our reason for living. These are our unconcealed words from the heart

I am glad that I met you; I am glad that I was born

I am happy. Truly, a Happy New Year to you all


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1. Nankin tamasudare involves a performer transforming a bamboo screen into all sorts of shapes while chanting a poem