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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Chapter 4

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Location: 1-B Classroom

Tori: Hmhh~m ♪

Mitsuru: Hime-chan, you’re in a good mood. Did something nice happen?

Same here. I got lots of New Year’s money and my purse is all warm1, so I went i~mpulse shopping!

Tori: Even if you say New Year’s money, it’s a meager sum, isn’t it? I’m troubled because I got so much money that I don’t know how to use it all~, hhm. Aren’t you jealous ♪

Mitsuru: That’s because you’re rich, Hime-chan. I’m mini-rich~♪

Tori: Nobody told you to be clever..... We got our allowances at the beginning of the year, I don’t understand why you’re dragging the topic out until no~w

Mitsuru: Ah, so that’s not the reason? Then, I want Hime-chan to tell me why he’s happy!

Hime-chan is my friend; of course I’d want to know more about my friend~☆

Tori: Hmph, just because we’re friends, it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to pry about every detail

Well, it’s not like I’m hiding it, so I guess I can tell you. Um, you see, I’m making a paper airplane

Mitsuru: Eh, it’s a paper airplane!? I mistook it for a paper crane

You’re supposed to make paper cranes when you visit sick people, in hopes of their recovery2

But, Hime-chan was smiling, so I thought it was weir~d

If it’s a paper plane, everything makes sense ☆ If you’re a man, you must’ve admired “airplanes” at least once; pilots are super cool~♪

Tori: It’s not like I admire airplanes, you know?

“fine” is planning a live performance soon, so I tried making a paper plane to get a grasp of the theme

Mitsuru: Hime-chan, you’re going to do a live? I’ll rush there to cheer you on ☆

But, was there a grand-scale DreamFes around this time of year? Maybe I’m just forgetting about it

I used my brain during the “Mystery Stage” so I’m tired of problem solving. It’s best to be simple and clear~♪

Tori: You aren’t very good at using your brain, after all

The DreamFes we’re planning is an “S3”; it’s the same rank as the “Mystery Stage” you guys performed in

Mitsuru: I see; ever since the “S3” was made, the school’s social networking sites have been full of announcements about it

Nii~chan also told me, “if you have any requests, consult me~”

So long as everyone is having fun and smiling, I’m fine with anything!

It’s our job as idols to deliver dreams to our audience; if we look down, our audiences’ faces are also going to get cloudy!

Tori: Hmph, that’s a respectable statement for a commoner

The DreamFes we’re currently planning is supposed to be enjoyable for both our audience and us

We’re going to take everyone on an overseas trip ♪

Mitsuru: Eh, if it’s an overseas trip, you need a passport. If I ask nii~chan and nee~chan3 and use the money I got on New Year’s, I wonder if I’ll be able to go?

I also need to be able to speak English, the prospects are grim4~.....?

Tori: Where did you learn such a difficult phrase? Even when people teach you words, you tend to use them improperly

Mitsuru: Nii~chan mentioned it before; that’s how I remembered it!

I’m not smart, so I won’t understand you if you say difficult things, but I’ll look stuff up later and learn from that

Tori: I see, you’re making an effort in your own way. I guess I can’t lose to you...?

Also, you mentioned speaking English, but overseas travel is just the theme; we’re not actually going on an overseas trip

I could easily take our audience on an overseas trip if I use my New Year’s allowance, but it would be bad if they became wary of us because “nothing is scarier than something free”....

Mitsuru: I’m relieved! If we were going overseas, I was about to lose all my money, including my New Year’s allowances! I’ll invite Hajime-chan along with me ☆

Tori: Eh, Hajime is coming too? Then, I’ll be even more enthusiastic...

N-no, I’m not happy that my friends are coming to watch me, not at all, okay?

Mitsuru: Yup, yup. If it seems like I can invite other people along with Hajime-chan, I’ll bring them too, so keep your hopes up ☆

Hime-chan, you made a paper airplane, so let’s try throwing it ♪ It’s a race to see who can throw better!

Tori: How insolent of you to challenge me; you’re going to regret this~?

Nobles always stand graceful and composed; I’ll let you go first, so be grateful~♪

Mitsuru: Okay then, I’ll go first! The~re.....☆

Ahaha, it flew so far! It zoomed and flew so fast! Wow, wow!

Tori: You’re getting too excited~? I can make mine fly just as far; actually, watch me casually overwrite your record~♪


Mitsuru: Hime-chan? The airplane isn’t going to fly if you just stare at it; you’ve got to make it fly, like, zoo~m

If you don’t know how to throw it, I’ll teach you ☆

Tori: Don’t make light of me; who do you think I am? Stand back!

Th, The~re.....

Mitsuru: Ahaha, you’re all weak-kneed! That’s no good, it’s not going to fly straight if you throw it like that

If you don’t use your wrist, it’ll fly pretty far. Copy me, Hime-chan~


Yay, a new record! At this rate, I might be able to reach the hallway?

Tori: Kuu..... Your good mood will only last for so long; I’ll shock you with my glorious technique any second now!

....hh, there ☆

Mitsuru: Oo, you did it, Hime-chan! It flew properly, I believed that Hime-chan could do it! Congrats~♪

Tori: Ehehe, this is nothing. But, your plane flew a little bit farther than mine, didn’t it?

Muh. I’ve been challenged to a battle; if I stay a loser, it goes against my dignity. Next time, I’ll def~initiely win♪

But first, we’ve got to collect the paper airplanes we threw. We put effort into making them; it would be sad if they got mistaken for trash and thrown away

Mitsuru: Wait here, Hime-chan. I’ll go dash and collect them, dash dash~☆

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1. This is supposed to sound silly, because Mitsuru uses an idiom but gets it just a little wrong
2. “Senbazuru” = a thousand paper cranes. Translated literally, this sentence says, "You're supposed to make senbazuru for [hospital] visits." I kept the original word and added a brief explanation for better flow.
3. Mitsuru uses the same word he uses for Nazuna ("niichan"), but he's talking about his actual older siblings here
4. Mitsuru says “前途多難” (zento tanan), which means "many difficulties await in the future." This is the "difficult phrase" Tori is referencing.