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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Chapter 8

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Location: Student Council Room

Eichi: Oh. So you’re still going to hear me out if it’s about a job? You really are a serious child

You know that we’re planning a “S3”... “Dream Travel,” right? I’d like to ask you to produce it

But we’ve already ordered our outfits from “fine’s” special designer, and the Student Council has already arranged the live stage

In fact, there’s nothing left for Anzu-chan to do

Yes, of course you’d be confused. After all, I told you I wanted you to produce us, and then said there’s nothing for you to do

We’ve entrusted you with an abundant number of DreamFes performances up till now

You’ve absorbed knowledge like a sponge; now, you are incredibly popular among various “units” that want you to work as their “producer”

How wonderful! I will applaud you; you’ve accomplished something that incredible. There’s no need to shy away; hold your head up high

This isn’t something I should say after praising you like that, but it seems like Anzu-chan’s DreamFes plans are always lacking in several areas

Those blemishes have been minor enough that everyone’s effort together can cover for them; that’s why there have been no public issues

Some people say that that [looseness] is good; after all, if something is too perfect, you tend to feel suffocated

The DreamFes performances you plan are pieced together by everyone

If you alone took care of absolutely everything, Anzu-chan, you’d be overworking yourself, and if the main pillar collapses, everything will fall apart

You were already working at the beginning of the year as the general manager of the “Daikagura.” In addition, because of the newly established “S3,” DreamFes performances are held much more frequently

The “Mystery Stage” just the other day was also “S3”

The “Produce department” will really start up next school year; both your burden and the Student Council’s burden will diminish then

You only have to persevere until then; but I also want you to help out with raising our juniors

You should take a break, and study by watching a DreamFes performance that you did not plan

That’s what I meant when I said “there’s nothing for Anzu-chan to do”

Fufu. I’m sorry for surprising you. This DreamFes is very personal, so we have no plans to make goods

You just need to watch over us from the audience, Anzu-chan

Knowing you, Anzu-chan, you must’ve been working over New Year’s break as well, right?

Oh, why are you looking away? I wonder if you feel awkward because I hit the nail on the head, fufufu....♪

Yuzuru: I apologize for being late. Fushimi Yuzuru has arrived

Eichi: There’s no need for you to apologize. You told me ahead of time that you were going to be late because you would be at the archery club; was Keito doing well?

Yuzuru: You would know better than me, President-sama. Vice President-sama accompanied you to the social function, after all

Eichi: Keito is a worrier. My physical condition is unstable during the winter, so he kept a watchful eye out because it would cause a scene if I collapsed at the social function

He sure is a troubled childhood friend; his face was even bluer than mine

When I staggered just a bit, he said, “I’m going to call an ambulance,” and pulled out his smartphone....

I laughed when he panicked so much that he dropped it out of his hands

Yuzuru: I understand Vice President-sama’s feelings painfully well. I was anxious the entire time that bocchama might say or do something impolite

Vice President-sama must have felt more dead than alive; I truly feel for him

Tori: I said this during hatsumoude, too, but I’m not an infant! Geez, you’re way too rude for a slave~!

Yuzuru: I am not a slave, but a butler. You keep making the same mistake over and over again; at this rate, I will have to force it into your head~?

Tori: Ow, ow, don’t rub my head like that!? Help me~, President! Anzu~!

Eichi: Skinship is one form of affection, Tori. Yuzuru must be filling in the distance between your hearts through physical contact

But even without that, the bond between you two is already unshakable

Rather, it just keeps getting deeper?

Wataru: ~.......♪

Eichi: Wataru. You’ve covered the floor with so many roses that there’s hardly any space to stand; are you bored?

The smell of roses has filled up the room; I’m getting the illusion that we’re on the garden terrace

Wataru: I was lonely!

No matter where I am, I am a presence that cannot be ignored; yet, I was ignored like an ornament so I had to appeal that “I am here!”☆

Eichi: You’re a surprisingly lonely person, Wataru. But this is a large-scale magic trick for just the purpose of gaining attention. Who’s going to clean this up?

Yuzuru: President-sama, if it’s cleaning, leave it to me. Cleaning gives me joy. It is my life. Aah, I feel like humming a tune....♪

Eichi: Yes, it’s bad to steal other people’s fun. Yuzuru, I’ll leave the rest to you

The tea has gone cold now; I’ll brew it again

Tori: Ah, President! I’ll brew it, so stay seated~, I want President to drink the tea that I made with love

Eh? Anzu, you’re going to help too? You’re like a guest, Anzu, you can stay seated

But, I do feel good having Anzu all to myself ♪

Wataru: Himegimi is happily preparing tea with Anzu-san, so the two of us should be friendly with each other, too ☆

Eichi: Well, I had assumed we were friendly with each other. Should I take it that—I wasn’t enough to keep you fixed to this world?

Wataru: No, Eichi. I am grateful that someone like you appeared before me

I am standing on this earth with my own two feet. As of now, it doesn’t seem like I’ll get bored, either

Eichi: Fufu. Then, I guess I’ll have to keep you fastened so you won’t get bored. You are free, and yet, I’m going to put a chain on you; I guess I might be arrogant, after all?

Chapter 7 << | index | >> Chapter 9

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