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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Chapter 9

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Location: Shopping district

Mitsuru: Hajime-chan, Shinobu-chan! It’s a day off, so the crowds are huge! Let’s all hold hands so that we don’t get separated~, gyu gyu ☆

Hajime: Wah, my hands might be sweaty

We visited all sorts of stores, so my body is all warm, but because of the temperature difference between inside and outside, it seems like my body isn’t properly adjusting....

Mitsuru: Nn~.... they’re not sticky. Actually, they feel really smooth, like nee-chan’s hands ♪

Hajime: I-is that so? I’m glad.....♪

Sengoku-kun, why did you stop?

Are you tired of walking? There’s a shop nearby that my senpai from the tea club speak of very highly. Let’s take a break there ♪

Ah, but, it’s quite pricy, so if we don’t have much money on hand, it might be difficult to enter....

The tea is so good that I ordered so many cups, and panicked when I saw the bill

Shinobu: No, it’s just that! I haven’t had many opportunities to hold hands with friends, so I was wondering how to deal with this matter

I’m not tired of walking; please rest assured ♪

To think that running into you and Mitsuru-kun would lead to him pulling my arm, saying, “Shinobu-chan, you should play with us too!”—I hardly had time to be surprised

Mitsuru-kun sure is assertive~? Ah, I don’t mean that in a bad way; I am not the type to jump into social circles on my own, after all

Because Mitsuru-kun looks after me, it is easier for me to enter your circle. Shino-dono is also a kind person; I am quite fortunate ♪

Hajime: Ehehe, I’m also happy that I got to know Sengoku-kun better....♪

Yuzuru: This month’s sales are also excellent. Danna-sama1 is considering opening another branch if sales continue in this way

You should keep working hard

It is somewhat primitive to think that results are everything, but it is the best way to prove your usefulness

Fufu. “I am grateful,” you say? I am but a servant

Truthfully, I am not in a position to reward you, but bocchama is terribly busy with DreamFes preparations and the like

He is excited to perform in a “fine”-only live, so I do not want to bother him with trivial matters

Oh, you look unamused. I wonder if calling this matter “trivial” got on your nerves. You are quite intolerant... Oh, my, that was a slip of the tongue

Christmas and New Year’s: the period when sales rise even if you simply sit around is over. So put together a strategy, and produce results that exceed expectations

Well then, I will leave now. Excuse me

Mitsuru: Yuzu-chan-senpai, hello! What a coincidence, meeting you at a place like this; if you have time, Yuzu-chan-senpai should play with us, too~♪

Yuzuru: Oh, Tenma-sama. Are you out with your schoolmates?

Mitsuru: Yup, what about Yuzu-chan-senpai? You came out of the toy shop; does that mean you were shopping?

I come here some~times when I get my allowance. I didn’t expect Yuzu-chan-senpai to like toys~?

Yuzuru: No no, I am here for work

Toys are meant for children; it would be immature for adults to intrude on that territory

It is fine to remember the heart of a child even when you grow up

After all, there are toys made for adults who feel nostalgic, too; that is also a necessary measure to make the industry more lively

My introductory remarks got quite long. Tenma-sama—you all—have taken care of bocchama, so let me repay you with a small token of my gratitude

Hajime: D-don’t! Tori-kun is really the one who takes care of me....

I’d be very grateful if he were friendly with me from now on as well ♪

Shinobu: I am of the same opinion as Shino-dono. Mitsuru-kun and my other classmates are all friendly to me

I am truly grateful and excited2 to be surrounded by such kind people ♪

Yuzuru: Sengoku-sama, you truly like ninja, don’t you. Are those ninja tool toys you have on hand?

Shinobu: Eh, um, yes, exactly but....? Fushimi-dono, do you like ninja as well?

As a token of our acquaintanceship, I will give you a rubber shuriken

Yuzuru: No, I am not that well-informed on ninja....

This is a toy, so it is probably far different from the real thing, but if that is all right with you, let me present you with this ninja outfit

If anyone else has something that they like, please let me know....♪

Mitsuru: Nn~, I’m fine with the same thing as Shinobu-chan! Ninja outfits are coo~l ♪ I’ve always wanted to try one on ☆

Hajime: My younger brother seems to like ninja... On our days off, he says, “let’s pretend to be ninjas”

So, if I show up wearing this ninja outfit, I think he’ll be really happy

I’m slow, so I can’t move around nimbly like a ninja can, but it would be very lovely if I could become a ninja just in spirit ♪

Yuzuru: Hm. So, everyone would like a ninja outfit? That is available in the toy store, so please wait a moment

Shinobu: You can’t underestimate ninja outfits nowadays, even if they are just toys. Of course, they are designed within reason, but they can be an introduction to ninjas

If more children become interested in ninjas from that, then what I am doing is not useless

Even if it’s difficult this school year, next year, somebody might knock on the doors of the Ninja Association

I will make sure the Ninja Association continues until that day comes!

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1. Tori’s father
2. Shinobu's line says "感謝感激、雨あられ” which translates to "gratitude, excitement, rain and hail"; the meaning is essentially, "I'm so grateful that there's a storm of emotions in my heart."